Global Foot-and-Mouth Disease Research Alliance
G F R A Research Alliance

2017 GFRA Scientific Workshop

Seoul, Korea
October 25 - 27, 201

Day 1

Session: Global and Regional Disease Status Reports

1-1. World Reference Laboratory Global Update_Anna Ludi on behalf of Donald King

1-2. Current FMD Status in South-East Asia_Yu Qiu

1-3. Foot-And-Mouth Disease Control_Francisco D'Alessio

1-4. Update on the Implementation of the Global Strategy_Samia Metwally

2-1. Epidemiological investigation on FMD outbreaks in Republic of Korea_Wooseog Jeong

2-2. Understanding for the NSP incidence of pig farms in Korea_Jae-won Byun

2-3. FMD Control Measures through Nationwide Vaccination in Republic of Korea_Jaejo Kim

2-4. Characteristics of Recent FMD Outbreak in Korea_Hyunil Kim

Session: FMD Ecology and Epidemiology Differences in Africa and Asia

3-1. Evaluating cross_species transmission of FMD in rangelands shared by buffalo and cattle in Kenya_Kim VanderWaal

3-2. How Ecology and Epidemiology of FMDV in Sub-Saharan Africa governs control Strategies_Katherine Scott

3-3. Isolation of a new topotype of FMDV serotype SAT1 in cattle in Nigeria_Lefebvre David

3-4. Genetic Characterization of FMDV isolated during cross sectional surveillance study in cattle_Frank Mwiine

3-5. The determinants of FMDV circulation in livestock populations in northern Tanzania_Divine Ekwem

3-6. A Study of smallholder farms in Lao_Corissa Miller

3-7. FMD Control Implications_Jim Young

Session: Socio-Economics of FMD Endemic and Non-endemic Settings

4-1. Economic Impact of FMD in India_B.Ganesh Kumar

4-2. The socio-economic impact of FMD strategic vaccination program_S.Nampanya

4-3. Is FMD Biosecurity more effective than Vaccination of Pigs_Emeritus Peter Windsor


Day 2

Session: FMD Vaccines in the 21st Century

5-1. Full protection of swine against FMD by bivalent B-cell epitope dendrimer peptide vaccine_F. Sobrino

5-2. FMDV expressing chimeric capsid protein_Jitendra kumar Biswal

5-3. Emergency a Malaysi 97 vaccine protects against A.Asia.G-VII_Vosloo Wilna

5-4. Improved FMD vaccines for East Africa_Julian Seago

5-5. Rapid Engineering of FMD Vaccine and Challenge Viruses_Jong-Hyeon Park

Session: FMD in Swine Pathongensis and Immunology

6-1. Pathogenesis and Transmission of FMDV in pigs_Carolina Stenfeldt

6-2. FMDV Modulation of early innate immune response in Swine_Fayna Diaz-San Segundo

6-3. local and systemic immune responses in pig_Elma Tchilian

6-4. An experimental infection of pigs with a FMDV in Mongolia_Katsuhiko Fukai

Session: Vaccine Efficacy Potency Testing

7-1. Validation of serological potency estimation_A.Dekker

7-2. A Malaysia 12 protection against virulent challenge_Claude Hamers

7-3. Assessing protective antibody levels in buffaloes _Alejandra Capozzo

7-4. Vaccine matching studies of recent FMDV serotype_Singanallur Nagendrakumar

7-5. Immunogenic spectrum of FMD_Galdo Novo

7-6. In Vitro Potency Testing of FMD Vaccine_Regulier Emmanuel

Session: Vaccine Delivery Routes and Adjuvants

8-1. Improving FMDV potency by modification of vaccination protocols_Fayna Diaz San Segundo

8-2. Intradermal Application of FMDV_Erwin Van den Born

Session: Research on Diagnostics, including Sample Collection and Management and Disinfection

9-1. cELISA using a novel conserved 3B epitope for the serological diagnosis of FMD_Chung-Won Chung

9-2. The application of pooled milk for FMD surveillance_Bryony Armson

9-3. Use of lateral flow device for safe and cost-effective shipment of FMDV suspected samples

9-4. Development of rapid detection lateral flow strip kit for FMD_BOK KYUNG KU

Session: Intervention Strategies and Control Methods

10-1. Preparedness and control challenges for an FMD outbreak in the U.S._Jim Roth

10-2. Evaluation of mass systematic vaccination against FMD in Argentina_Francisco D'Alessio

10-3. Evaluating FMD vaccination strategies_Country comparison study_Robert Sanson

10-4. Recent progress in prevention and control of FMD in China_Wei Xuefeng

10-5. Systemic antibodies administered by passive immunization prevent Generalization of the infection_Perez-Filgueira

10-6. Developments in FMD Training and for improved emergency response_Keith Sumption


Day 3

Session: FMD Modeling Connecting Theory, Experiments, and Reality

11-1. Indicators of infectiousness and the effects of incubation phase tansmission for modeling of FMDV in pigs_Amy Delgado

11-2. Evaluation of FMD outbreak transmission models_Simon Firestone

11-3. Using diversity-based methods to estimate true epidemic sizes from sampled outbreaks_Sonia Mitchell

Session: Pesistent FMD Old Problem - New Knowledge

12-1. Transmission of FMD via oropharyngeal fluid_Jonathan Arzt

12-2. Clearance of persistent FMDV infection requires enhanced pro-apoptotic and cellular immune responses_ Carolina Stenfeldt

12-4. Evolutionary dynamics of FMDV in buffalo_Luca Ferretti

12-5. FMDV persistence in healthy Asian buffaloes_Farooq Umer

Session: Research Gaps, Conclusion, Awards

Award slide

Opening model network for GFRA

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