Global Foot-and-Mouth Disease Research Alliance
G F R A Research Alliance

2015 GFRA Scientific Workshop

Hanoi, Vietnam
October 20 - 22, 2015




Day 1:

Theme: Epidemiology, Transmission of FMD Ecology

SESSION I: Global and regional disease status reports

Addressing FMDV global diversity with new developments and applications of diagnostic tools: Don King

Status of FMD in South East Asia: Somjai Kamolsiripichaiporn

Status Of Global FMD Control Programs: Samia Metwally

SESSION II: Regional epidemiology - disease status reports

A study on animal movement and Foot and Mouth Disease in Central Vietnam from March to August 2014 - regional overview - : Nguyen Van Long and Phan Quang Minh

Experience on outbreaks and controlling FMD in Korea raised a requirement of major modification to establish effective measures to FMD: Young S. Lyoo

Risk Analysis Of Large Ruminant Movements In The Mekong: Historical Case Study From Laos: Young, J.

An Epidemiological Investigation of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus Carriers in Vietnam: Do Huu Dung and Jonathan Arzt

SESSION III: Epidemiological studies in SEA , Asian buffalo

Understanding The Life Cycle Of FMDV In Endemic Settings: Rodriguez, L.

Establishing the role of healthy Asian buffaloes in persistence of foot-and-mouth disease virus: Farooq, U.

The Possible Role And Significance Of Asian Swamp Buffalo In The Transmission Of Foot And Mouth Disease In South East Asia (SEA): Verin, B.

Detection of FMDV in Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis) Population in Three Provinces of Pakistan: Waheed, U.

eSpatio-Temporal Clustering Of Foot And Mouth Disease In Thailand, 2011- 2014:Chaidate, I.

Identification of risk factors for the recent Foot-and-Mouth disease outbreak in Sri Lanka:Gunasekera, U. C.

Understanding FMD Viral Ecology and Landscape Epidemiology Towards Control and Eradication of FMD in India: Ranjan, R.


SESSION IV Epidemiological studies - South Asia, Africa, other regions

Evidence for multiple recombination events within genomes of FMDVs circulating in West Eurasia: Jamal, S.

Genetic Characterization of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus isolated during cross sectional surveillance studies in Cattle from Uganda during 2014: Mwiine, F.


Day 2:

Theme: Immunological Responses, Pathogenesis, Vaccines

SESSION V: Immune Response, Pathogenesis, Vaccines

The current state of knowledge on passive and adaptive responses during FMDV infection: Dr. Bryan Charleston

Optimizing and harmonizing challenge methods to evaluate FMD vaccines in cattle and swine: Dr. Jonathan Arzt

Exploring the FMDV Carrier State Divergence in Vaccinated and Naïve Cattle: Stenfeldt, C.

Follicular dendritic cell (FDC): a key player in the persistence of footand-mouth disease virus: Habiela, M.

SESSION VI Title: Immune Response, Pathogenesis, Vaccines

FMD Vaccine Manufacture Controls and Constraints: Dr. Tim Doel

A novel FMD vaccine production platform: Rieder, E.

Engineering tailor made FMD vaccines for Africa with increased thermostability: Scott, K.

Efficacy of Foot-and-Mouth disease vaccines A22 Iraq 64 and a Maylaysia 97 against challenge with a recent South East Asian serotype A field strain in cattle and sheep: Horsington, J.

Control Strategy Of FMD In Libya And Post-Vaccination Monitoring: Eldaghayes, I.

Enhanced Protection with Inactivated Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus Purified by Tagged-Maker Expressing on Virus Surface: Park, J-H.

Vaccine matching and genetic characterization of FMDV serotype A and O isolates in South-East Asia: Singanallur, N.

Improved prediction of antigenic relationships between Foot-and-Mouth disease viruses: Harvey, WT.

SESSION VII Title: Immune Response, Pathogenesis, Vaccines

Determining the Epitope Dominance of FMDV Serotype O Circulating in India by Site-Directed Mutagenesis: Biswal, J.

Deceptive Imprinting of FMDV: Mapping of Capsid Hyper-Variable Regions Between Two Disparate SAT2 Strains: Ramulongo, TD.

Defining Requirements and Execution of International Field Trials for Next Generation Foot-and-Mouth Disease Vaccines and Diagnostics: Motroni, R.

SESSION VIII Title: Surveillance and Diagnostics

Replacement of FMDV cattle tongue titration by in-vitro titration: Dekker, A.

Genetic Analysis of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Serotypes A/O/SAT2 in Egypt during 2013-2014: El-Ashmawi, W.

Serological Surveillance and Molecular Epidemiology of Foot-And-Mouth Disease in North Region of Cameroon: Dickmu, S.

Diagnostic observations with PAN-FMDV and serotype-specific Realtime RT-PCR protocols on Kenyan field samples: Sangula, A.

Foot and Mouth Disease: Vaccine, Vaccination, Monitoring and challenges for control in India: Singh, SN.

FMD-Uganda: Development of Improved Diagnostics Tools for a Comprehensive Surveillance Program - longitudinal surveillance study in four Selected Districts: Lutwama, J.

Insights into the epidemiology of FMD in East Africa provides opportunities for targeted control: Lembo, T.

Use of lateral flow device for safe and low cost shipment of FMDV suspected samples: Bakkali-Kassimi, L.

Detection of vesicular disease viruses in swine oral fluids: Nfon, C.

Laboratory validation of two real time RT-PCR methods for foot-and mouth disease virus with an increased diagnostic specificity: Lefebvre, D.

Isolation of Camelid Nanobodies for Economical and Effective Diagnostics of FMDV in Uganda: Lobel, L.

Day 3

Theme: Research Gaps For The Control Of FMD

Session IX

Towards Openfmd, A Bioinformatic Resource To Support The Genetic, Antigenic And Epidemiological Features Of Foot And Mouth Disease Viruses: Dauphin, G.

The Right Option at the Right Time: Decision Support for Foot and Mouth Disease vaccination campaigns: King, A.

Foot and Mouth Disease Control Option in Parts of West Africa: Wungak, YS.

FMD Serological survey in Libya and the circulating viruses: Dayhum, A.

Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Animal Health Surveillance and Control: The Case of Foot and Mouth Disease Surveillance in Vietnam: Pham, TTH.

Improving quality assurance along the FMD vaccine production and supply chain: Seago, J.

Session X

Panel discussion - Policy Meets Research Towards FMD Control