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17th update on African swine fever activities at FAO


Gap Analysis Report in Russian Gap Analysis Report in English Gap Analysis Report in Chinese 2018 Gap Analysis Report
  • Between 26 and 30 Oct, FAO and OIE will organize a series of webinars on ASF with simultaneous interpretation in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. Following the hyperlink, you’ll find the agenda and links to register.



  • FAO published “Addressing African Swine Fever: Laboratory protocols and algorithms” in collaboration with the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness (ACDP, formerly the Australian Animal Health Laboratories).


  • On 6-8 October, FAO conducted a workshop in Côte d'Ivoire to discuss the control of ASF in the Tchologo and Poro regions.
  • FAO project to Support for the sustainable management of pig farms and control of ASF outbreaks in Togo was approved, aiming at developing regulatory texts governing ASF control activities, carry out training and implementing urgent actions to revive the sector and secure the incomes of the stakeholders and communities dependent on the sector.


  • FAO will organize a workshop aimed at improving contingency plans against ASF with Latin Americas and Caribbean countries on 6 November.