1998 USDFRC Research Summary
Table of Contents

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Yield and Nitrogen Fixation of Annual Medics
Y. Zhu, C. Sheaffer, M. Russelle and C. Vance
Fertilizer N and Inoculation Effects on Annual Medics
Y. Zhu, C.C. Sheaffer, C.P. Vance, P.H. Graham, M.P. Russelle and C. Montealegre
15N Labeling of Dairy Feces and Urine for Nutrient Cycling Studies
J.M. Powell and Z. Wu
Reaction of Red Clover and Birdsfoot Trefoil Cultivars and Germplasm to Mycoleptodiscus terrestris
R.R. Smith and C.R. Grau
Selection for Resistance to Mycoleptodiscus in Red Clover and Trefoil
R.R. Smith and C.R. Grau
Selection for Resistance to the Northern Root-Knot Nematode in Red Clover
R.R. Smith, C.R.Grau and D.K. Sharpee
Selection for Divergent Ferulate Cross-Linking and Klason Lignin Concentrations in Smooth Bromegrass
M.D. Casler and H.G. Jung
Quantitative Trait Loci for Cell-Wall Traits in Corn
W. Ni, H.G. Jung and R.L. Phillips


Phytase Feed Supplements from Transgenic Alfalfa
R.G. Koegel, S. Austin-Phillips and R.J. Straub
Feeding Trials Involving Transgenic Alfalfa Phytase
R.G. Koegel, M.E. Cook, T.D. Crenshaw, S. Austin-Phillips and R.J. Straub
Separation and Concentration of Alfalfa Juice Components by Dynamic Membrane Filtration
C. O'Donnell, R.G. Koegel and R.J. Straub
Production of Lactic Acid From Alfalfa Fibrous Fraction
R.G. Koegel, H.K. Sreenath and R.J. Straub
Factors Affecting Bunker Silo Densities
R.E. Muck and B.J. Holmes
Modified Atmosphere to Reduce Proteolysis in Alfalfa Silage
C. O'Donnell and R.E. Muck


Red Clover PPO: PPO Activity in Different Tissues
R.D Hatfield, C. Neumier and K. Rueden
Variations in Lignin: What do Recent Studies on Lignin-Biosynthetic-Pathway Mutants and Transgenics Reveal about Lignification?
J. Ralph, R.D. Hatfield, R.R. Sederoff and J.J. MacKay
Order and Randomness in Lignin and Lignification: Is a New Paradigm for Lignification Required?
J. Ralph, R.D. Hatfield, R.R. Sederoff and J.J. MacKay
Are Lignins Optically Active?
J. Ralph, J. Peng, F. Lu and R.D. Hatfield
Isochroman Structures in Lignin: a New beta-1 Pathway
J. Ralph, J. Peng and F. Lu
The DFRC Method for Lignin Analysis: Detection and Determination of Acetylated Units in Lignins
J. Ralph and F. Lu
The DFRC Method for Lignin Analysis: The Behavior of Cinnamyl End-groups
F. Lu and J. Ralph
3D NMR Experiments for Use in Cell Wall Research
J. Ralph


Inoculum Preparation Affects In Vitro Gas Production During Early Fermentation
D.R. Mertens
Interactions Among Ruminal Cellulolytic Bacteria in Defined Cocultures Under Cellobiose Limitation
J. Chen and P.J. Weimer
Comparative Growth of the Ruminal Bacteria Fibrobacter succinogenes and Ruminococcus flavefaciens on Cellulose and Cellobiose: Analyzing the Cost and Benefit of a Cellulolytic Mode of Growth
P.J. Weimer
Grain-Feeding and the Dissemination of Acid-Resistant Escherichia coli From Cattle
F. Diez-Gonzalez, T.R. Callaway, M.G. Kizoulis and J.B. Russell
The Importance of pH in the Regulation of Ruminal Acetate to Propionate Ratio and Methane Production In Vitro
J.B. Russell
The Relationship Between Intracellular Phosphate, Protonmotive Force, and the Energy Spilling Rate of Streptococcus bovis JB1
D.R. Bond and J.B. Russell


Effect of Method Variation on the Determination of aNDF Using the ANKOM Filter Bag System
D.R. Mertens
Dietary Characteristics Affecting Ruminal Acidosis
D. Sauvant and D.R. Mertens


Effect of Replacing Alfalfa Silage With High Moisture Corn on Nutrient Utilization and Milk Production
S.C. Valadares Filho, G.A. Broderick, R.F.D. Valadares and M.K. Clayton
Effect of Replacing Alfalfa Silage With High Moisture Corn on Ruminal Protein Synthesis Estimated From Urinary Excretion of Purine Derivatives
R.F.D. Valadares, G.A. Broderick, S.C. Valadares Filho and M.K. Clayton
Potential of Biochlor and Fermenten for Improving Nitrogen Utilization in Lactating Dairy Cows
G.A. Broderick and N. De Leon Gatti
Summary of the Effects of Feeding Macerated Alfalfa Silage to Lactating Dairy Cows
G.A. Broderick, R.G. Koegel and T.J. Kraus
Milk Production During the Complete Lactation of Dairy Cows Fed Diets Containing Different Amounts of Protein
Z.Wu and L.D. Satter
Effect of Corn Particle Size, Moisture Level and Frequency of Feeding on Performance and Nutrient Utilization by Lactating Dairy Cows
F. San Emeterio, R.B. Reis, W.E. Campos and L.D. Satter
Increased Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in Milk Fat of Grazing Cows is not Explained by More CLA Production in the Rumen
Z. Wu, M.N. Lahlou, L.D. Satter, L. Massingill and M.W. Pariza
Milk Production of Fall Calved Cows Fed Total Mixed Rations in Early and Mid/Lactation Followed by Grazing Grass or Grass-Clover Pastures in Late Lactation
Z. Wu, L. Massingill, V.R. Kanneganti, L.D. Satter, R.P. Walgenbach and M.C. Wiltbank
Milk Production and Reproductive Performance of Dairy Cows Fed Low or Normal Phosphorus Diets: Year Two
Z. Wu and L.D. Satter
Effect of Mechanical Processing on the Utilization of Whole-Plant Corn Silage