1996 USDFRC Research Summary
Table of Contents

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U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center Scientists


Evidence of Mycoleptodiscus Root Rot of Forages in Wisconsin
C.R. Grau, D.K. Sharpee and R.R. Smith
A Two Stage Selection Procedure for Resistance to Sclerotinia in Red Clover
R.R. Smith
Bromide as a Tracer for Nitrate Uptake in Alfalfa
D.M. Magarian, J.F.S. Lamb, M.P. Russelle and J.M. Blumenthal
Nutrient Management of Perennial Forages on Minnesota Dairy Farms
M.P. Russelle
Nitrate Uptake Kinetics of Ineffectively and Effectively Nodulated Alfalfa
J.M. Blumenthal, M.P. Russelle and C. Bernasconi
Nitrate Losses Through Subsurface Tile Drainage in CRP, Alfalfa, and Row Crop Systems
G.W. Randall, D.R. Huggins, M.P. Russelle, D.J. Fuchs, W.W. Nelson and J.L. Anderson
Forage Quality Characteristics of Inbred Corn Lines and Their Derived Hybrids
D.D. Redfearn, D.R. Buxton, A.R. Hallauer and J.R. George
Economic Feasibility of Growing Forage Biomass Crops in Iowa
A. Hallam, I.C. Anderson and D.R. Buxton
Residual Cropping Effects on Corn Grain Yield
I.C. Anderson, D.R. Buxton, D.L. Karlen and C. Cambardella
Performance of Sweet and Forage Sorghum Grown in Monoculture, Double Cropped with Winter Rye, or in Rotation with Soybean and Corn
D.R. Buxton, I.C. Anderson and A. Hallam
Management of Mixed Species Pastures Under Rotational Grazing: Forage Availability, Nutritional Quality and Species Composition
V.R. Kanneganti, R.P. Walgenbach and L.J. Massingill
Nitrogen Recovery by Orchardgrass From Dairy Manure
V.R. Kanneganti, S.D. Klausner and S.R. Kaffka
Impact of High and Low Forage Diets on Dairy Farms
C.A. Rotz
Costs of Forage Production
C.A. Rotz and T.M. Harrigan
Corn Silage Following First-Cut Alfalfa: A Forage Production Alternative?
J.C. Durling, Q.B. Hesterman and C.A. Rotz


Comparison of Respiration Losses in Intensively Conditioned and Unconditioned Alfalfa
T.J. Kraus, R.E. Muck and R.G. Koegel
Maceration of Alfalfa Hay and Silage Improves Milk Production
D.R. Mertens and R.G. Koegel
The Potential for Ethanol Production From Alfalfa Fiber Derived From Wet Fractionation
R.G. Koegel and R.J. Straub
Phytase From Transgenic Alfalfa for Supplementation of Poultry and Swine Rations
R.G. Koegel, S. Austin-Phillips, M.E. Cook and R.J. Straub
A Lactic Acid Bacterial Strain to Improve Aerobic Stability of Silages
R.E. Muck
Ensiling of Potato Vines
R.E. Muck, Z.G. Weinberg, D.I. Rouse and B.R. Igl
Proteolysis in Different Forage Silages
R.E. Muck, D.R. Mertens and R.P. Walgenbach
Round Bale Silage Storage Losses of Ryegrass and Legume-Grass Forages
R.L. Huhnke, R.E. Muck and M.E. Payton
Economics of Alternative Silage Systems
C.A. Rotz


Using Molecular Modeling to Predict Spectral Characteristics of Peroxidase Products
R.D. Hatfield Formation of Intramolecular Ferulate Dehydrodimers: A Molecular Modeling Approach
R.D. Hatfield and J. Ralph
Use of Calorimetry to Verify Lignin Concentration Estimates
H.G. Jung and V.H. Varel
Revising the Acetyl Bromide Assay to Optimize Lignin Determinations in Forage Plants
R.D. Hatfield, K. Brei and J.H. Grabber
The "DFRC" Method: a New Method for Structural Characterization of Lignins
F. Lu and J. Ralph
New Discoveries Relating to Diferulates
J. Ralph, J.H. Grabber, R.D. Hatfield and G. Wende
Diferulate Cross-Links Limit the Degradation Rate of Nonlignified Maize Walls by Fungal Hydrolases
J.H. Grabber, R.D. Hatfield and J. Ralph Preparation of Three Coniferaldehyde Dimers and a Trimer
F.H. Ludley and J. Ralph
Synthesis of 13 C-labeled Coniferaldehyde and Its Incorporation into Synthetic Lignins
F.H. Ludley and J. Ralph
Corn Cell Wall Peroxidases: Potential Role in the Lignification Process
R.D. Hatfield, C. Neumeier, J.H. Grabber and J. Ralph
Dibenzodioxocins in Forage Plant Lignins
J. Ralph
Chemical Composition and Degradability of Xylem and Nonxylem Walls Isolated From Alfalfa
J.H. Grabber, R.D. Hatfield, M. Panciera and P. Weinberg
Degradability of Cell-Wall Constituents in Corn Internodes During Stalk Development
T.A. Morrison, H.G. Jung and D.R. Buxton
Nonstructural Carbohydrates in Cool- and Warm-Season Perennial Grasses Adapted to Shaded Conditions
K.D. Kephart and D.R. Buxton
Alfalfa Cultivar Variation for Minerals Concentration
J. Guan, D.R. Buxton, J.P. Goff and R.L. Horst


The Effect of pH on Ruminal Methanogenesis
J.S. Van Kessel and J.B. Russell
Effect of Forage Quality and Monensin on the Ruminal Fermentation of Fistulated Cows Fed Continuously at a Constant Intake
R.P. Lana and J.B. Russell
The Lysis of Fibrobacter Succinogenes
J.E. Wells and J.B. Russell
Variation in Ruminal and Milk Parameters Among Cow-Diet Combinations: Results From a Baseline Study to Relate Digestion Kinetics and Microbial Population Data
P.J. Weimer, G.M. Waghorn and D.R. Mertens
Time-Dependent Shifts in Fermentation Endproduct Ratios: A Source of Bias in Estimation of Digestion Kinetics Via In Vitro Measurement of Gas Production
P.J. Weimer
Inocula Differences Affect In Vitro Fiber Digestion Kinetics
D.R. Mertens, P.J. Weimer and G.M. Waghorn


Comparing Systems of Ration Formulation for Dairy Cows
D.R. Mertens
Alfalfa Silage Versus Red Clover Silage or a Mixture of Alfalfa and Red Clover Silage as the Sole Forage for Lactating Dairy Cows
G.A. Broderick and S. Maignan
A Statistical Evaluation of Animal and Nutritional Factors Influencing Concentrations of Milk Urea Nitrogen
G.A. Broderick and M.K. Clayton
Effect of Replacing Alfalfa Silage with Red Clover Silage in the Diets of Lactating Dairy Cows
G.A. Broderick and E. Sterrenburg Production Response to Feed Supplementation of Dairy Cows in a Seasonal Calving and Grazing System
T.R. Dhiman, V.R. Kanneganti, R.P. Walgenbach, L.J. Massingill, M.C. Wiltbank, M.P. Russelle and L.D. Satter
Energy Supplementation Sources for Lush Pasture
A. Bach, I.K. Yoon, M.D. Stern, H.G. Jung, and H. Chester-Jones
Effects of Acidified Fermentation By-Products and Anionic Salts on Acid-Base Status of Non-Lactating Dairy Cows
D.B. Vagnoni and G.R. Oetzel


Annual Field Operations Report, January 1997
R.P. Walgenbach
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