1995 USDFRC Research Summary
Table of Contents


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FEATURE: Protein Nutrition Research at the U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center


Recurrent Phenotypic Selection for Seed Size in Kura Clover
R.R. Smith
Germplasm Effects on Subsoil Nitrate Uptake by Alfalfa
J.M. Blumenthal, M.P. Russelle and J.F.S. Lamb
Fine Root Turnover in Alfalfa During Stand Establishment
G.D. Goins and M.P. Russelle
Yield and N Uptake of Strip-Intercropped, Rotated Corn in a Ridge-Tillage System
T.K. Iragavarapu, G.W. Randall and M.P. Russelle
Performance of Annual and Perennial Crops for Forage and Biomass Energy Production
I.C. Anderson, D.R. Buxton and A. Hallam
DAFOSYM for Windows
C.A. Rotz and U.S. Gupta
Economics of Grazing Alfalfa on Michigan Dairy Farms
C.A. Rotz
Simulation of Dairy Manure Management and Cropping Systems
T.M. Harrigan, W.G. Bickert and C.A. Rotz
Alfalfa and Corn Silage Systems Compared on Michigan Dairy Farms
L.R. Borton, C.A. Rotz, J.R. Black, M.S. Allen and J.W. Lloyd
A Simulation Model of Cold Hardiness and Freezing Injury in Alfalfa as a Function of Cultivar Type
V.R. Kanneganti, R.P. Walgenbach and C.A. Rotz


Intensive Mechanical Forage Conditioning: Relationship to Increased Animal Utilization
T.J. Kraus, R.G. Koegel and R.J. Straub
Wet Fractionation of Alfalfa Juice for Value-Added Products
R.G. Koegel and R.J. Straub
Ensilability of Whole-Plant Soybeans
R.E. Muck, R.R. Smith and T.E. Devine
Effects of Breeding for Quality on Alfalfa Ensilability
R.E. Muck and R.W. Hintz
Effect of Storage System and Dry Matter Content on Composition of Alfalfa Silage
N.D. Luchini, G.A. Broderick, R.E. Muck, R.L. Vetter and N.F. Makoni


Facile New Synthesis of Coniferyl and Sinapyl Alcohols
F.H. Ludley and J. Ralph
Synthesis of cis-Monolignols
Y. Zhang and J. Ralph
A Convenient Synthesis of Coniferyl Alcohol
F. Lu, F.H. Ludley and J. Ralph
Synthesis of p-Hydroxycinnamyl-p-Coumarate and Ferulate Mono- and Diglucopyranosides
F.H. Ludley and J. Ralph
Preparation and Value of Synthetic Lignins with NMR-Invisible Methoxyl Groups
J. Ralph, Y. Zhang and R.M. Ede
Incorporation of 5,5-Coupled Diferulate into Lignins
S. Quideau and J. Ralph
An Unusual Lignin From Kenaf
J. Ralph, R.D. Hatfield, H.G. Jung (and J.S. Han and S.A. Ralph, U.S. Forest Products Laboratory)
A New Method for Lignin Characterization (Preliminary Report)
F. Lu and J. Ralph
13C NMR Studies on a New Method for Lignin Characterization
F. Lu and J. Ralph
The Advantage of Fully Digital NMR and Pulsed Field Gradients
J. Ralph
Evidence for the Role of Sinapyl p-Coumarate in Maize Lignification
J.H. Grabber, S. Quideau and J. Ralph
Severe Inhibition of Fiber Degradation by Cinnamyl Adlehyde-Containing Lignins
J.H. Grabber, J. Ralph and R.D. Hatfield
Ferulate Polysaccharide Esters as Nucleation Sites for Lignification
J.H. Grabber and J. Ralph
Effect of Lignin Composition on Cell-Wall Degradability
H.G. Jung and C.C.S. Chapple
Alterations in Cell-Wall Composition of Transgenic Alfalfa Due to Expression of a Fungal Mn-Dependent Peroxidase Gene
H.G. Jung, S. Austin-Phillips and D.R. Mertens
Screening for Cell-Wall Mutants Deficient in Ferulate Ester Synthesis in Maize
W. Ni, R.L. Phillips and H.G. Jung
Lignin Analysis of Resistant and Susceptible Aspen Trees Wounded and Inoculated with Hypoxylon mammatum, the Causal Agent of Hypoxylon Canker
B. Bucciarelli, C.P. Vance and H.G. Jung
Characteristics of Cell Wall Polysaccharides Isolated From Different Cell Types of Grain Sorghum
R.D. Hatfield and J. Wilson
Determining the Role of Corn Wall Peroxidases in the Formation of Dehydrodiferulates That Cross-Link Arabinoxylans
R.D. Hatfield, B. Jones, J. Grabber and J. Ralph
Syringaldazine Oxidase and Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase Activities in Relation to Lignin Deposition in Legumes
J.E. Bidlack, D.R. Buxton, R.M. Shibles and I.C. Anderson
Cell-Wall Composition of Corn Internodes of Varying Maturity
T.A. Morrison, H.G. Jung, D.R. Buxton and R.D Hatfield


Competition Among Different Species of Ruminal Cellulolytic Bacteria in Cellobiose-Limited Chemostats
Y. Shi and P.J. Weimer
Competition Among Different Species of Ruminal Cellulolytic Bacteria in Cellulose- Limited Chemostats
Y. Shi and P.J. Weimer
Predicted Outcome of Competition Among Ruminal Cellulolytic Bacteria for Soluble Products of Cellulose Digestion
Y. Shi and P.J. Weimer
Direct Measurement of the Penetration of Ruminal Bacteria into the Lumina of Maize Sclerenchyma
P.J. Weimer
The Effect of Amino Nitrogen on the Energetics of Ruminal Bacteria and Its Impact on Energy Spilling
J.S. Van Kessel and J.B. Russell
A Ribosomal RNA Approach for Assessing the Role of Obligate Amino Acid-Fermenting Bacteria in Ruminal Amino Acid Deamination
D.O. Krause and J.B. Russell
The Cellular Location of the Prevotella ruminicola beta 1,4-D-Endoglucanase and Its Occurrence in Other Strains of Ruminal Bacteria
R.G. Gardner, J.E. Wells, J.B. Russell and D.B. Wilson
Near Infrared Spectroscopy to Estimate Microbial Dry Matter and Nitrogen Contamination of In Situ Forage Residues
V.D. Peltekova, G.A. Broderick, A. Alexandrov, S. Atanassova and N. Todorov


Comparing Forage Sources in Dairy Rations Containing Similar Neutral Detergent Fiber Concentrations
D.R. Mertens
Defining Effective Fiber and Fiber Recommendations for Dairy Cows
D.R. Mertens
Effect of Energy Supplementation of Alfalfa Hay or Alfalfa Silage on Protein Supply to Lactating Cows
D.B. Vagnoni and G.A. Broderick
Effect of Grinding High Moisture Corn on Its Utilization by Dairy Cows Fed Alfalfa Silage