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  • Acoustic Detection of Otiorhynchus sulcatus Larval Infestations in Nursery Containers (North American Root Weevil Workshop, November 1-2, 2001)  (for more information, see, Link to ../../../public/publications/jeev93p1173.pdf, and
  • Acoustic Detection and Monitoring of Cephus cinctus in wheat stems and Metamasius callizona in bromeliads (International Congress of Entomology, August 20-26, 2000)
  • New Methods of Detecting Subterranean Pests (University of Puerto Rico Symposium, April 12, 2000)
  • Acoustic Detection of Termite Infestations (DoD seminar, February 2000)
  • Surveying Diaprepes in Citrus Groves (Diaprepes Task Force meeting, January, 2000)

  • Before 2000

  • Acoustic Detection of Diaprepes abbreviatus at Naturally Infested Sites in Puerto Rico (Florida Entomological Society, August, 1999)
  • Acoustic Detection of Turf Insect Pests (Acoustical Society of America, June 1998, and others)
  • Acoustic Detection of Diaprepes in Citrus Groves (Florida Entomological Society, August 1998 and others)
  • Student Experience in the Research Laboratory (Florida Entomological Society, August 1998)



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