Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the


 9:00 AM, Saturday, February 17, 2007

Union Square 3, San Francisco Hilton

333 O’Farrell Street , San Francisco, CA 94102

                   Call to Order/Introductions
 Attendees:  Bill Gerrey, Hale Zukas, Laureen Summers, Angelique Dorazio-Sanders, Betty Ingram, Virginia Stern, Robert Van Etten (Treasurer), Richard Mankin (President)
             The minutes from the February 18, 2006 (St. Louis, MO) meeting were reviewed and approved unanimously as posted at http://www.ars.usda.gov/sp2UserFiles/person/3559/annmeetminute06.html

Treasurer Report -- Robert Van Etten
The FSD bank account ($9,857.42) was transferred from Morgantown, WV to Bank Atlantic, Stuart, Florida to facilitate transactions.  We added $55 in dues and deducted $1000 for a travel grant to Melodi King (see below).  Our current balance is $9,912.42.
Science Student Grant Committee Report – Richard Mankin
Melodi King, a student in the chemical engineering program at the University of Arizona, received an award for travel involved with her studies on hydrogen studies for fuel cells. Melodi was in the American Association for the Advancement of Science Entry Point program, and participated in the 2006 and 2007AAAS Meeting Luncheons for Students with Disabilities.

!                                       Updates on Previous Student Grant Awardees

Cheryl Fogle, an anthropology student at the University of New Mexico received the 2005 FES student grant. Cheryl is working now as an archaeologist at the US Corps of Engineers.

            My Lien Nguyen, the 2002 awardee, sent us a report on her ethnobotanical research in Viet Nam. Ethnobotany is the study of dynamic relationships among peoples and their botanical resources. My Lien visited Ha Noi, Bien Hoa, and Ho Chi Minh City, collecting plants, interviewing families, and analyzing botanical specimens. She had some hints for persons using wheelchairs in a developing country, such as having a lightweight, folding chair, extra pairs of wheelchair gloves, a large bag to hold things on the back of your chair, and tools to fix the wheelchair when something breaks.

Cassandra Quave, 2001 award winner is finishing up a degree in ethnobotany at Florida International University. Cassandra did her research in Italy. She has posted a website at http://www.ethnobotanica.us/ .

New Business
Membership update- Ed Keller sent the list of current and past members to Robert Van Etten, who used it to send out the FSD newsletter.  Returns were requested for undelivered newsletters, so our list will be more up-to-date for the 2007 newsletter.

Web site update- Richard Mankin is working with Ed Keller to update the web site.  Hopefully, this will be accomplished by the time of the next meeting.  We thank Ed for maintaining the site all these years! 

!                   Adjournment