Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Foundation for Science and Disability

San Francisco, CA: February 17, 2001

1. Call to Order / Introductions

Richard Mankin led the introductions and distributed copies of the agenda, Treasurer's Report and Grants Committee Report. Present were: Virginia Stern, Board Member; Laureen Summers; Vanessa Richardson, Ed Misquez, Bill Gerrey, Hale Zukas, and Richard Mankin, President.

2. Minutes - February 19, 2000 Meeting (Washington, DC)

Richard Mankin discussed the minutes of the 2000 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. The minutes were accepted as written in the 2000 newsletter.

3. Treasurer's Report

Ed Keller, Treasurer, was unable to attend the meeting, but he sent this report:
Assets 2000 1999
Cash on Hand 1995.14 222.90
Money Market Account 6472.48 6281.42
Total Assets 8467.62 6504.32
2000 1999
Dues 1415.00* 1251.90
Contributions 215.00* 180.00*
Interest 191.06 191.06
Total Income 1821.06 1622.96
Newsletters 82.50 412.60
Student Award 1000.00 1000.00
Miscellaneous 0. 455.50**
Total Expenses 1082.50 1868.10

Net Income
738.56 (245.14)

**Includes fees to the Washington DC Treasurer

4. Election of Officers

Election Results:

Erica Penn Secretary (2001-2004)

Note: The current officers are: Richard Mankin, President (2000-2001); Ed Keller, Treasurer (1998-2001); Erica Penn, Secretary (2001-2004), Ginny Stern, Board Member (2001-2004); Cliff Rowley, Board Member (2002-2005); Ron Mitchell, Board Member (1999-2002)

The positions of Treasurer and President Elect are vacant. Nominations are needed for these positions.
Note: By unanimous consent, Erica Penn was elected secretary and Richard Mankin as Acting Treasurer.

5. Science Student Grant Committee Report

The committee submitted the following report::

DATE:         February 16, 2001

SUBJECT: Report on Grants Committee Activities, February 1999 - 2000

TO:              Foundation for Science and Disability Members

FROM:        Richard Mankin
                    Grants Committee Chair
                    Cliff Rowley
                    Erica Penn
                    Ed Misquez

We had ~ 400 requests for information in 2000, ~50 by email. We received 18 completed applications, but 8 had serious deficiencies and were not evaluated. The following applicants were finalists (Full names available only to Foundation membership):
L B Antioch Clinical Psychology Legally Blind
LC Poncé Medical School Medicine Ileostomy and Prostectomy
BC MIT Linguistics ADHD
JD University of Illinois Kinesiology Generalized Dystonia
JF University of Florida Medical Physics Hearing
YL Georgia Southwestern Computer Science Hearing
JO Loma Linda University Nutrition & Dietetics Depression, ADD, Eating Disorder
FP University of Maryland Environmental Science Amputee (Left Hand)
CQ Emory University Medical Anthropology Amputee (Right Leg)
LR Saginaw Valley State Univ. Computer Science Post Acute Disseminating Encephalomylitis

The committee recommended that Cassandra Quave and Jenelle Dorner be awarded $1000 grants.
The decision of the committee was unanimously approved.

Several applications were of extremely high quality this year, and Virginia Stern volunteered to help develop a brochure about our grants program based on the applications and the reports of previous grantees. In addition, it was suggested that we modify the application form to include a permanent address and phone number because we have been losing contact with previous awardees.

6. Other Old Business

A rough draft of a new brochure was distributed and discussed.

7. New Business

Ron Mitchell has submitted his resignation as President-elect. We are seeking nominations for the position.

There was discussion about problems of incompatibility of assistive devices for students taking classes in different departments at a university. This may be a policy issue that the Foundation should address.

Submitted by,
Richard Mankin
March 17, 2001