Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the
Foundation for Science and Disability

Washington, DC: February 19, 2000

1. Call to Order/Introductions

Richard Mankin led the introductions and distributed copies of the agenda, Treasurer's Report and Grants Committee Report. Present were: Ron Mitchell, President-elect; Virginia Stern, Board Member; Woody Anderson, Physics Section Representative; Laureen Summers; Caroline Miller; Erica Penn; Scott Hauger; Susan Stephenson; Michael Moore; Priscilla Reining, David James; and Richard Mankin, President. First-time attendees gave short discussions of their current activities.

2. Minutes - January 23, 1999 Meeting (Anaheim)

Richard Mankin discussed the minutes of the 1999 Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA. The minutes were accepted as written in the 1999 newsletter.

3. Treasurer's Report

Ed Keller, Treasurer, was unable to attend the meeting, but he sent this report:

Assets 1999 1998
Cash on Hand 222.90 886.18
Money Market Account 6281.42 6096.01
Total Assets 6504.32 6982.19

1999 1998
Dues 1251.90 1365.00
Contributions 180.00* 195.00
Interest 191.06 185.00
Total Income 1622.96 1745.00
Newsletters 412.60 655.45
Student Award 1000.00 1000.00
Miscellaneous 455.50** 50.00
Total Expenses 1868.10 1705.45

Net Income



**Includes fees to the Washington DC Treasurer

4. Election of Officers
Election Results:  Ron Mitchell President-Elect (2002-2003)

Note: The current officers are: Richard Mankin, President (2000-2001); Ron Mitchell, President-Elect (2002-2003); Ed Keller, Treasurer (1998-2001); Ginny Stern, Board Member (1997-2000); Cliff Rowley, Board Member (1998-2001); Ron Mitchell, Board Member (1999-2002)

The position of Secretary is vacant. Nominations are needed for the position of Secretary and for the position of Board Member (2000-2003).

5. Science Student Grant Committee Report

Richard Mankin, Chair, presented the following report:
DATE: February 16, 2000
SUBJECT: Report on Grants Committee Activities, February 1999 - 2000
TO: Foundation for Science and Disability Members
FROM: Richard Mankin
Grants Committee Chair
Kimiko Bowman, Ron Mitchell, Cliff Rowley

We had ~ 200 requests for information in 1999, 16 by email. The number of requests increased considerably last year and is becoming difficult to handle. We received 9 completed applications, but 5 had serious deficiencies and were not evaluated. The following applicants were evaluated:

Jennifer Last Ohio University Environmental Studies Hearing
Wilman Navarreto Long Island University Science Education  Vision
Shiro Iwae National College of Masters of Oriental Medicine Oriental Medicine  Vision
Larry Lamoureux UT-San Antonio Electrical Engineering Orthopedic

The committee recommended that Jennifer Last be awarded a $1,000 grant.

Jennifer is working on a Master's of Science in Environmental Studies at Ohio University, Athens Ohio. Her project title is: "The relative impact of acid mine drainage chemical contaminants and sedimentation on stream macroinvertebrates."

There was some discussion that the Foundation should disseminate more information about its grants, particularly to societies involved in the student's research area. The President will submit an announcement to one or more societies suggested by the student's research advisor.

6. Role Model Project

Ron Mitchell presented an update on the role model project. Four biographies are posted on the web site at: http://www.as.wvu.edu/~scidis/organize/fsdrole.html

7. New Business

There was concern about whether the Foundation had planned sufficiently for situations where an officer might become incapacitated and unable to carry out their duties. It was moved and passed that the President be authorized to carry out or constitute a committee to:

1. Obtain backup copies of the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, IRS tax-exempt records, etc.
2. Ensure that there are at least 2 signatures on all Foundation accounts.
3. Ensure that a Spring Newsletter is prepared and that Dues notices are mailed and/or posted.

There was some discussion of future activities of the Foundation. The members present were in unanimous agreement that the Foundation should update and expand its web site. Erica Penn volunteered to assist Richard Mankin in this process. Ideally we should move the Foundation site to a permanent location, rather than its presently free but relatively hidden position at West Virginia University.

Respectfully submitted,
Richard Mankin
February 29, 2000