Crop Sequence Calculator (Phase III)

Crop Sequence Calculator Version 3.1 (Phase III)

An interactive program for viewing crop sequencing information and calculating returns based on no-till field research conducted at the Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory Mandan, ND.

The content and data were provided by Drs. David Archer, Jon Hanson, Joe Krupinsky, Mark Liebig, Steve Merrill, Kris Nichols, and Don Tanaka (ARS, Mandan, ND) as well as Randy Anderson (ARS, Brookings, SD), Larry Charlet (ARS, Fargo, ND), and Janet Knodel (NDSU, Fargo, ND). Program updates were provided by Lori Wanner. Previous program versions were developed by Dr. Jeffrey Fehmi (Univ. of Arizona), Martin E. Miller, and John R. Engelman.

Information in this program is based on data through 2005, applicable to environmental conditions representative of the semiarid northern Great Plains. Mean annual precipitation and temperature at the research site is 17 in (43 cm) and 41ºF (5ºC). Crop sequences were evaluated using no-till production practices. Additional information may be included as data becomes available.

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This program and the underlying data were generated with the supplemental support of the Area IV Soil Conservation Districts, National Sunflower Association, North Dakota Oilseed Council, Northern Canola Growers Association and North Dakota Dry Pea and Lentil Association.

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