SELECTION: Seedling selection 55187 made in 1956 at Corvallis, Oregon

GENUS: Humulus

SPECIES: lupulus


PEDIGREE: OP seed collected on USDA 19124 in 1955; [Fuggle x (Serebrianka-Fuggle S)] x OP

PRIMARY SITE: USDA World Hop Variety Collection, OSU East Farm

ORIGIN: Open pollinated seed collected in 1955, seedling selected in 1956 by S. N. Brooks.

DATE RECEIVED: Selected in 1956

METHOD RECEIVED: Seedling selection

AVAILABILITY: Commercial cultivar, no restrictions.

REFERENCES: Brooks, S. N., C. E. Homer, S. T. Likens, and C. E. Zimmermann. Registration of Cascade hop (Registration No. 1). Crop Sci. 12:394. 1972.

Homer, T. E., S. T. Likens, C. E. Zimmermann, and A. Haunold. Cascade, a new continental-type hop variety for the U.S. Brewer's Digest 47:56-62. 1972.

Romanko, R. R. In: Steiner's Guide to American Hops, 2nd. ed. 1986.

MATURITY: Medium to medium late

LEAF COLOR: Medium green to dark green

SEX: Female, occasionally produces a few sterile male

DISEASES: Downy Mildew: resistant in the crown, moderately susceptible in shoots and cones flowers

Verticillium wilt: moderately resistant

Viruses: initially infected with all hop viruses but cleaned up by meristem tip culture and heat treatment and re-released under the new Accession No. USDA 21092.

VIGOR: Very good

YIELD: Very good, 1800-2200 lbs/acre

SIDE ARM LENGTH: 24-30 inches

ALPHA ACIDS: 6.2% (ten year range: 5.1 to 8.5%)

BETA ACIDS: 5.0% (ten year range: 4.0 to 6.6%)



OIL: 1.27 ml/100 g (10 year range: 0.62 to 1.89)

MAJOR TRAITS: Crown resistance to Downy Mildew, ratio of alpha/beta similar to European aroma hops.

OTHER INFORMATION: Used as an aroma hop in certain brewery blends. In 1986, 2256 acres produced 4.43 mill. lbs, 9.0% of U.S. production; adapted to Oregon, Washington and Idaho. 1997 production: 2,003 million lbs on 1,037 acres, all in Washington.