SELECTION: seedling selection made in Japan

GENUS: Humulus

SPECIES: lupulus

CULTIVAR: Sorachi Ace

PEDIGREE: (Brewer's Gold x Saazer -OP) x Beikei No. 2 male; Note: The female parent is the Japanese seedling 70K-SH6 (USDA 21233) which was develioped by Dr. Mori sor Sapporo Breweries Co. Ltd.

PRIMARY SITE: USDA/OSU Hop Research Farm, Corvallis, OR. 97330

ORIGIN: Sapporo Breweries Ltd., Tokyo 150 , Japan

DATE RECEIVED: spring 1994


AVAILBILITY: no restrictions

REFERENCES: USDA/ARS Annual Report for Hop Research 1994, and later years

Mori, Yoshitada, 1988. Development of new hop varieties (Furano Ace and Sorachi Ace) of aroma- type in Japan. Sapporo Breweries Co. Ltd. , March 1988.

MATURITY: midseason

LEAF COLOR: dark green

SEX: female

DISEASES: Downy mildew: resistant (also resistant to botrytis)

Powdery mildew: no information

Verticillium wilt: no information

Virsues: No information

VIGOR: good

YIELD: fair to good, reportedly very good in Japan ( 8 - 10 bales/acre)

SIDE ARM LENGTH: 12 - 36 inches

ALPHA ACIDS: very high, reportedly up to 16% in Japan, but significantly lower in USDA test plots.

BETA ACIDS: non information


STORAGE STABILITY: no information

OIL: no information

MAJOR TRAITS: high yield potential; pleasant European aroma characteristics; high alpha acids potential

OTHER INFORMATION: Reportedly grown for several years at a Sapporo Breweries Hop Farm in China and exported to Japan and other countries. According to recent reports this hop is no longer grown commercially.