SELECTION: Seedling selection made at Wye College, England

GENUS: Humuls

SPECIES: lupulus


PEDIGREE: Wye Challenger (USDA 21043) x English male

PRIMARY SITE: USDA/OSU Hop Research Farm, East Farm, Corvallis, OR

ORIGIN: Wye College, England

DATE RECEIVED: spring 1992


AVAILBILITY: no restrictions

REFERENCES: Annual Report for Hop Research, USDA/ARS,1992 and later years

Neve, R.A. and P. Darby. New Hop Varieties. Wye Colege Annual Report for 1983 (published 1984)

MATURITY: medium

LEAF COLOR: dark green

SEX: female

DISEASES: Downy mildew: moderately resdistant

Powdery mildew: no information

Verticillium wilt: resistant

Viruses: free of all 5 hop viruses when received at Corvallis

VIGOR: fair to good

YIELD: fair to good at Corvallis test plots

SIDE ARM LENGTH: 12 to 24 inches, sometimes longer

ALPHA ACIDS: 9 - 10 %

BETA ACIDS: 3 - 4 %


STORAGE STABILITY: very good, retained 78% of its original alpha acids after 6 months room temperature storage

OIL: 1.72 ml/100g. Humulene 17%; caryophyllene 5 %; farnesene trace; myrcene 53%. H/C ratio = 3.38

MAJOR TRAITS: pleasant European aroma characteristics, resistant to verticillium wilt

OTHER INFORMATION: The yield performance of this hop even in England has been disappointing and it is not grown much despite its good verticillium record. This is one of the last hops developed and released by Dr. R.A. Neve, former head of the Hop Section at Wye College, England.