SELECTION: no information

GENUS: Humulus

SPECIES: lupulus

CULTIVAR: Pacific Gem

PEDIGREE: tetraploid SmoothCone x OP; Tetraploid USDA 66056 x open pollinated

PRIMARY SITE: USDA/OSU Hop Research Farm, East Farm, Corvallis, OR

ORIGIN: DSRI Hop Research Center, Riwaka, Motueka, New Zealand

DATE RECEIVED: Spring 1990


AVAILBILITY: no restrictions, commercial cultivar

REFERENCES: Annual Reports of New Zealand Hop Research for 1987/88 and later reports. (author: Dr. Ron Beatson, Hop Breeder)

USDA/ARS Annual Reports on Hop Research starting page 95 and later reports.


LEAF COLOR: dark greeen

SEX: female

DISEASES: downy mildew: very susceptible

Verticillium wilt: moderately resistant

Viruses: free of major hop viruses at time of introduction

VIGOR: very good, excellent climber

YIELD: very good, usually over 2,000 lbs/acre when downy mildew is not a factor

SIDE ARM LENGTH: 30 – 40 inches

ALPHA ACIDS: 11.5 to 13.7% in Corvallis plots; about 15% in New Zealand

BETA ACIDS:5 – 7 %

COHUMULONE: 30 to 45 %

STORAGE STABILITY: very good, about 78% of original alpha remaining after 6 months room temperature storage

OIL: 1.77 ml/100g. Myrcene 60%; Humulene 15%, Caryophyllene 6%; farnesene trace; H/C ratio = 2.61

MAJOR TRAITS: high yield potential, high alpha acids potential

OTHER INFORMATION: This hop is a triploid, 2n = 30. It matures too late for US conditions but does very well in New Zealand. It is extremely susceptible to downy mildew.