SELECTION: no information

GENUS: Humulus

SPECIES: lupulus

CULTIVAR: Lubelska, virus free

PEDIGREE: no information

PRIMARY SITE: USDA/OSU Hop Research Farm, Corvallis, OR

ORIGIN: Prosser , WA from heat treated and meristem tip cultured Lubelska, USDA 21113

DATE RECEIVED: spring 1988

METHOD RECEIVED: potted soft wood cuttings

AVAILBILITY: no restrictions

REFERENCES: USDA Annual Report of Hop Research, 1988 and later years


LEAF COLOR: dark green

SEX: female

DISEASES: Downy mildew: modertely resistant

Powdery mildew: no information

Verticillium wilt: tolerant

Viruses: Free of PNRV and Apple Mosaic virus at time or receipt

VIGOR: fair to poor

YIELD: poor

SIDE ARM LENGTH: 12 to 20 inches

ALPHA ACIDS: 5 - 7 %

BETA ACIDS: 3 - 5 %

COHUMULONE: 23 - 25 %

STORAGE STABILITY: poor, retained about 55% of original alpha acids after 6 months storage at room temperature

OIL: 0.88 ml/100 g. Humulene 14%; caryophyllene 4 - 6%; Farnesene 12%; Myrcene 52%. H/C ratio = 3.88

MAJOR TRAITS: Pleasant European aroma characteristics

OTHER INFORMATION: This hops most likeley is a Saazer that was brought to Poland some years ago and was give the name of the locality where it was grown (near Pulawy, Poland. It is also closely related to Nadwislanska (USDA 21114) and is sometimes marketed together with this hop as "Lubelski". There is little difference in yield performance between virus free and virus infected clones.