SELECTION: Seedling selection Nr. 8309-37 from cross Nr. 9, made at Corvallis, OR in 1983.

GENUS: Humulus

SPECIES: lupulus


PEDIGREE: USDA 21397 x USDA 21381M; Tetraploid Hallertauer mittelfrueh x (Cascade x USDA 65009-64034M)

PRIMARY SITE: USDA-OSU Experimental hop farm, East Farm, Corvallis, OR.

ORIGIN: Seedling selection from a controlled cross made by Dr. Alfred Haunold at Corvallis, OR in 1983.


METHOD RECEIVED: Seedling selection

AVAILABITLITY: no restrictions, publicly released hop variety

REFERENCES: USDA-ARS. Notice of Release of Crystal, a new aroma hop cultivar. Washington DC, July 1993.

Alfred Haunold, Gail B. Nickerson, Ulrich Gampert, Donna Kling, and Stephen T. Kenny. 1995. Liberty and Crystal - two new US-developed Aroma hops. J. Amer. Society of Brewing Chemists 53: 9 - 13. 1995.

MATURITY: medium late to late

LEAF COLOR: dark green

SEX: female

DISEASES: downy mildew: moderately susceptible

Verticillium wilt: resistant

Viruses: free of all major hop viruses at the time of its release

VIGOR: very good

YIELD: very good, 1,800 to 2,200 lbs/acre

SIDE ARM LENGTH: 24 to 48 inches

ALPHA ACIDS: 2.8 to 4.4%

BETA ACIDS: 5.8 to 7.0 %

COHUMULONE: 21 to 26%

STORAGE STABILITY: fair to good, lost an average of 35% of original alpha acids after 6 months room temperature storage

OIL: 0.82 ml/100 g. Humulene 26%, caryophyllene 7/7%, farnesene- trace, Myrcene 47%. Ratio of Humulene/Caryophyllene = 3.38

MAJOR TRAITS: Similar oil profile as Hallertauer mittelfrueh; pleasant continental-type aroma; suitable for flavoring beers and ales when Hallertaur-type aroma is desired.

OTHER INFORMATION: Crystal is a half-sister of Mt. Hood (USDA 21455), Liberty (USDA 21457), and Ultra (USDA 21484).