SELECTION: Seedling selection Nr. 8305-17 from cross 8305 made at Corvallis OR in 1983.

GENUS: Humulus

SPECIES: lupulus


PEDIGREE: USDA 21397 x 21373M; Tetraploid Hallertauer mittelfrueh x diploid Saazer- OP 4/6 Hallertauer mittelfrueh; 1/6 Saazer; 1/6 unknown

PRIMARY SITE: USDA-OSU experimental hop farm. East Farm, Corvallis OR.

ORIGIN: Cross 8305 made in1983. USDA Accession Nr. assigned in 1985


METHOD RECEIVED: seedling selection

AVAILABILITY: no restrictions, commercial cultivar released by USDA

REFERENCE: Alfred Haunold. Various USDA Annual reports starting in 1983.

Alfred Haunold. Various Reports to the Hop Research Council starting about 1988

A. Haunold, G.B. Nickerson, U. Gampert, and D.S. Kling. 1997. Registration of 'Ultra'Hop. Crop Science 37: 291 - 292. 1997.

MATURITY: medium late

LEAF COLOR: dark green

SEX: female

DISEASES: downwy mildew: moderately resistant

Verticillium wilt: moderately resistant

Viruses: free of all 5 major hop viruses at the time of its release (1995)

VIGOR: very good

YIELD: very good, 1,800 to 2,000 lbs/acre in Oregon and Washington; not adapted to southern Idaho.

SIDE-ARM LENGTH: 24 to 36 inches

ALPHA ACIDS: 3 to 5%

BETA ACIDS: 4 to 5%

COHUMULONE: 25 to 30%

STORAGE STABILITY: good, similar to Fuggle (USDA 48209) or Willamette (USDA 21041)

OIL: 1.3 to 1.5 ml/100 g, somewhat higher than Hallertauer mittelfrueh. 30 - 40% humulene, 30% myrcene, 12 - 14% caryophyllene, no farnesene. This oil composition is nearly identical to that of Hallertaur mittelfrueh

MAJOR TRAITS: similar aroma profile to Hallertauer mittelfrueh; high yield potential

OTHER INFORMATION: This hop is a triploid, 2n= 30 and is nearly seedless even when grown in the presence of fertile male hops. Ultra is prized by craft brewers because of its Hallertauer-like aroma and pleasant bitterness.