SELECTION: Seedling selection 7005-194 from cross 7005 made in 1970 at Corvallis, Oregon

GENUS: Humulus

SPECIES: lupulus


PEDIGREE: USDA 65009 x 63015M; 5/8 Brewer's Gold, 1/8 Early Green, 1/16 East Kent Golding, 1/32 Bavarian, 5/32 Unknown.

PRIMARY SITE: USDA World Hop Variety Collection, OSU East Farm.

ORIGIN: Cross made at Corvallis, Oregon, in 1970

DATE RECEIVED: Selected as seedling 7005-194, USDA Accession No. 21193 assigned in 1978.

METHOD RECEIVED: Seedling selection

AVAILABILITY: Commercial cultivar, no restrictions.

REFERENCES: Haunold, A. A., S. T. Likens, G. B. Nickerson, and R. O. Hampton. Registration of Nugget Hop (Registration No. 13). Crop Sci. 24:618. 1984.

Haunold, A. A., S. T. Likens, G. B. Nickerson, and S. T. Kenny. Nugget, a new hop cultivar with high alpha acid potential. J. Am. Soc. Brew. Chem. 42:62-64. 1984.

Romanko, R. R. In: Steiner's Guide to American Hops, 2nd. ed. 1986.

MATURITY: Medium late to late

LEAF COLOR: Medium green to light green

SEX: Female

DISEASES: Downy Mildew: resistant

Verticillium wilt: resistant

Viruses: free of all major hop viruses

VIGOR: Very good

YIELD: Excellent, 1800-2400 lbs/acre

SIDE ARM LENGTH: 20-40 inches

ALPHA ACIDS: 13.5% (10 year range: 9.4 to 17.3%)

BETA ACIDS: 4.6% (10 year range: 2.5 to 5.9%)



OIL: 1.56 ml/100 9 (10 year range 0.8 to 2.57)

MAJOR TRAITS: Very high alpha acids and low beta acids content, low cohumulone content, compact cone, excellent pickability.

OTHER INFORMATION: Considered to be a super alpha hop by the trade. Adapted to Washington, Oregon and Idaho. In 1986, 2861 acres produced 6.1 mill. lbs of hops, 12.5% of total U.S. production. 1991 Production: 9.72 mill. lbs, representing 14.1% of total US hop production 1997 production: 17.90 mill. Lbs. Also grown in Germany, Bulgaria and other countries.