SELECTION: Seedling selection from a cross of Fuggle N (USDA 21016)-OP x Fuggle N-OP, made in South Africa by Barry M. Robinson, hop breeder

GENUS: Humulus

SPECIES: lupulus

CULTIVAR: Southern Brewer

Powdery Mildew: resistant

Verticillium Wilt: resistant

Viruses: unknown

VIGOR: Very good

YIELD: High, 1500-2000 lbs/acre, sometimes higher

SIDE ARM LENGTH: 20-40 inches

ALPHA ACIDS: 9.8% (5-year range: 5.6-12.0%)

BETA ACIDS: 4.4% (5-year range: 2.8-5.0%)

COHUMULONE: 40% (5-year range: 33-42%)

STORAGE STABILITY: Very good) retained 70% of original alpha acids after 6 months room temperature storage)

OIL: 0.94 ml/100 g (5-year range: 0.43-1.03)

MAJOR TRAITS: European aroma characteristics, high yield potential; loose cones which shatter upon machine picking, especially when grown seeded.

OTHER INFORMATION: Considered to be a high-alpha aroma hop; grown extensively in South Africa where it is the major hop variety and also in India; several African countries (Zimbabwe, Kenya) have experimented with this hop as a basis for their own hop industry although these countries are probably too close to the equator (short day length) to grow hops economically. Artificial extension of day length (100 watt bulbs spaced about 100 ft. apart above the trellis) has drastically increased cone production in areas where natural day length is too short. In 1978 about 1200 acres of Southern Brewer were grown commercially in South Africa, some under supplemental illumination. Not grown commercially in the United States.