SELECTION: Unknown, probably old German landrace

GENUS: Humulus

SPECIES: lupulus

CULTIVAR: Strisselspalter

PEDIGREE: Unknown, probably related to Hersbrucker

PRIMARY SITE: USDA World Hop Cultivar Collection, OSU East Farm

ORIGIN: Unknown, probably selection from an old landrace

DATE RECEIVED: Spring 1977


AVAILABILITY: No restrictions, commercial variety

REFERENCES: Wagner, T. 1978. Gene pools of Hop Countries. Institute for Hop Research, Zalec, Yugoslavia; p. 32.

MATURITY: Medium early to medium late

LEAF COLOR: Green to dark green

SEX: Female

DISEASES: Downy Mildew: moderately resistant

Verticillium wilt: tolerant to resistant

Viruses: unknown

VIGOR: Good to poor

YIELD: 800 lbs/acre near Corvallis, probably higher in the Alsace area of France where it is grown commercially

SIDEARM LENGTH: 12-24 inches

ALPHA ACIDS: 4.8% (8-year range 4.1-57%)

BETA ACIDS: 3.3% (8-year range 2.5-3.9%)


STORAGE STABILITY: Fair to good (retains 70% of original alpha acids after 6 months room temperature storage)

OIL: 0.9 ml/100 g, H/C = 2.80, humulene 28-32% of the oil

MAJOR TRAITS: Fine European type aroma, similar to hops from the Saaz group of varieties, but higher cohumulone content.

OTHER INFORMATION: May be related to the German Spalter, but the relationship is unclear. Grown commercial on limited acreage in the Alsace area of France, but acreage is declining due to low yields.