SELECTION: Obtained by mass selection in an existing commercial yard of Late Cluster in the Yakima Valley, Washington, by C.E. Skotland in the late 1950's.

GENUS: Humulus

SPECIES: lupulus

CULTIVAR: Late Cluster selection L16

PEDIGREE: Most likely a single plant selection from Late Cluster USDA 19208, grown commercially in the Yakima Valley.

PRIMARY SITE: USDA World Hop Cultivar Collection, OSU East Farm

ORIGIN: Single plant selection made at Prosser, WA in the late 1950's

DATE RECEIVED: 1957; USDA Accession No. assigned in 1969.

METHOD RECEIVED: Mass selection

AVAILABILITY: No restriction, commercial cultivar

REFERENCES: Skotland, C.B. Improvement of Cluster hops. Master Brewers Association of America (MBAA) Technical Quarterly 10(3): 119-122. 1973.

Romanko, R.R. In: Steiner's Guide to American Hops. S.S. Steiner Inc., New York, NY. 1973. Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 73-81457, pp. 25-27.

USDA-ARS Annual Report and Data Summary for Hop Res. 1969. pp. 7-8.


LEAF COLOR: Moderately dark green

SEX: Female

DISEASES: Downy Mildew: susceptible

Verticillium wilt: resistant

VIRUSES: unknown

VIGOR: Very good

YIELD: 1,800-2,200 lbs/acre

SIDEARM LENGTH: 15-36 inches

ALPHA ACIDS: 5.8% (10-year range 4.8-6.4%)

BETA ACIDS: 4.2% (10-year range 3.9-4.7%)


STORAGE STABILITY: Very good (retains 80-85% of original alpha acids after 6 months room temperature storage)

OIL: 0.5 ml/ 100 g

MAJOR TRAITS: high yield potential, very susceptible to downy mildew, excellent storage stability

OTHER INFORMATION: L 16 is one of several Cluster selections grown commercilly in the Yakima Valley, WA. Clusters are among the major hop cultivars grown in the United States, having excellent storage stability, good yield potential and medium alpha acids content. In recent years (1990s), Cluster acreage has declined in favor of super alpha hops, but Clusters are still a major export hop for American growers. This hop is a sister selection of L8 (USDA 65104), and Yakima Cluster (USDA 65102). All Cluster hops are interchangeable in brewing and quality.