Read Me First - Macintosh

'PriProbit.exe' is a statistical program which analyses the dose-response relationships of preference data, such as choice between the sample and control, as well as the ordinal 'all or nothing' phenomena such as mortality. Moreover, in a parallel line assay mode, it enables statistically meaningful comparison of potencies between samples by simply loading multiple data sets. For details on the method and operation of the program, please consult Manual.html in the MANUAL folder.

To download the program, click on the Probit.sit.hqx link on the previous page. Probit.sit.hqx will appear on the desktop or in browser's folder. In case of Error -43, save it anyway. Then double-click on the Probit.sit.hqx icon to unstuff it to a PROBIT folder. PriProbit, PriProbitNM, Manual and sample Data folders will be found in the folder. If unstuffing was not successful, please download and install a Stuffit Expander on your Macintosh, and then try it again. The free downloading site of Aladdin Systems is:

Before use, it is highly recommended that you read the Basic Operation and [Example 1] sections in Manual.html. You can press the Ctrl and Q keys at any time to exit the program. Sample data are in a Data folder. You can find the data files by double-clicking on the Data folder icon.

Masayuki SAKUMA
Laboratory of Insect Physiology
Division of Applied Biosciences
Graduate School of Agriculture
Kyoto University