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Imported Fire Ants
USDA Agricultural Research Services Web site on area wide suppression of fire ants.

close up of white pustules caused by fire ant stings.

Fire Ant Venom

  • Causes immediate pain

  • Alkaloid venom kills tissue

    • White pustule forms ~ 24 hours

    • Heals in 10 to 14 days

  • Composition

    • 95% alkaloids (6-n-alkyl or alkenyl, 2 methyl piperidines)

      • Potent necrotoxic effects (kill tissue and results in pustule formation)

      • Do not produce allergic effects in humans

    • 5% aqueous solution of proteins, peptides and small molecules

      • One protein (Sol i I) causes allergic responses in people allergic to bee and wasp venom

      • Three other proteins are not related to bee or wasp venom

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Last Modified: 9/5/2015
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