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Adult Management of Corn Rootworms
USDA Agricultural Research Services Web site on area wide suppression of fire ants.

Adult Management of Corn Rootworms

  • Reduce soil insecticide use and area treated.
  • Maintain yields.
  • Reduce pest populations.


  • Semiochemical bait (includes tiny amounts of carbaryl, fipronil and red dye being tested as replacements)
  • semiochemical traps and monitoring
  • transgenic corn possible (larvae)

Extent of Implementation
Fiscal Years 1996-2000

  • 1997-5 sites (South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Illinois/Indiana), 143 growers, 24,580 acres
  • Four sites in Texas added, 24 growers, 10,000 acres
  • Total of 34,580 acres and 167 growers

Results to Date

  • In general, all field sites have a two to three fold reduction in adult rootworm populations (1997-98).
  • In 1999 adult populations were higher than expected, but in all instances less than 10% of all fields in each area had economic damage from larval feeding in 1999.
  • Substantial economic root protection with the bait method. No impact on natural enemies.

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Last Modified: 7/30/2016
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