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Codling Moth & Pome Fruit Pests
USDA Agricultural Research Services Web site on area wide suppression of fire ants.

Codling Moth and Pome Fruit Pests

  • Reduce broad spectrum neurotoxic insecticide use
  • maintain yields.


  • mating disruption
  • sanitation
  • natural enemies
  • early season Bt
  • sterile males
  • resistant cultivars

Extent of Implementation
Fiscal Years 1995-1999

  • 1995 - five sites (California, Oregon, Washington), 68 growers, 3,109 acres
  • 1999 - 22 sites, more than 600 growers, 21,000 acres in project
  • Fiscal Year 2000 Phase III support

Results to Date

  • Pesticide (azinphos-methyl) use declined.
  • Natural enemies increased.
  • Secondary pests declined.
  • Fruit damage below 0.1% economic threshold.
  • First generation moths were reduced more than 80%, then to almost undetectable levels.
  • Cost of control less than in orchards with conventional pesticides in final assessment.
  • Adoption to date amounts to about 75,000 acres.

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Last Modified: 7/26/2016
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