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WEPS - Researcher, Developer, Public Release

WEPS – The Wind Erosion Prediction System, is a tool for predicting the effects of management (practices and cropping rotations) on the wind erosion potential for a selected field site. WEPS simulates daily wind erosion processes based on weather, management crop rotations and soil conditions. The researcher, developer, public configuration allows full use of experimental methods available in WEPS for research, development and public purposes domestically and internationally.

WEPS - NRCS, TSP Configuration

WEPS (NRCS TSP Configuration)– This configuration of WEPS (Wind Erosion Prediction System) is required for use by NRCS TSP (Technical Service Provider) contractors when conducting NRCS official business. NRCS contact is Joel Poore, NRCS Wind Erosion Specialist at or 817-509-3213.
Last Modified: 9/10/2014
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