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NLEAP GIS 4.2 with NTT

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This advanced tool can be used to identify best management practices that can increase nitrogen use efficiency while reducing nitrogen losses and helping to conserve the environment. The tool can also be used to estimate the potential reduction (or “savings”) in nitrogen losses that may be obtained from adopting these practices, savings that can potentially be traded in air and water quality markets.



The NLEAP-GIS 4.2 installer ("nleapsetup.exe") is quick to download (about 25 minutes). The tool includes examples #1 and #2, which cover non-GIS evaluations. For users interested in downloading the GIS examples (examples #3, #4 and #5), please note that due to the large size of the GIS files, these files take more time to download (about 1.5, 1.5, and 2 hours, respectively). To download examples #3, #4, and #5, we recommend that you download the .zip files and extract them to the folder “C:\nleap\Training_Data” after you have downloaded and installed NLEAP-GIS 4.2.

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Last Modified: 7/25/2016
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