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ARS scientists publish results of their research projects in many formats. Listed below are the publications from research projects conducted at this location.

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2011 Publications
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Effects of cyanogenic plants on fitness in two host strains of the fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda)
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Applications of acoustics in insect pest management
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Eavesdropping on coconut rhinoceros beetles, red palm weevils, Asian longhorned beetles, and other invasive travelers
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Fruit fly parasitoid mass rearing and release: challenges and achievements
(Abstract Only)
Genetic Characterization of Fall Armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Host Strains in Argentina
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Pheromone-food-bait trap and acoustic surveys of Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus (Coleoptera:Curculionidae)in Curacao
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Fall Armyworm Pheromone – New Research to Determine Host and Geographic Strain Differences
(Abstract Only)
Evaluating mustard as a potential companion crop for collards to control the silverleaf whitefly, Bemisia argentifolii (Hemiptera:Aleyrodidae): outdoor and olfactometer experiments.
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Improvements in the identification of strains facilitate population studies of fall armyworm subgroups
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Male only progeny in Anastrepha suspensa by RNAi-induced sex reversion of chromosomal females
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Effects of commercial oils and repellent plants on sweet potato whitefly
(Popular Publication)
Developing fall armyworms as a model for studying the migratory behavior of lepidopteran pests in the United States.
(Abstract Only)
Are individuals stemming from thelytokous and arrhenotokous populations equally adept as biocontrol agents? Orientation and host searching behavior of a fruit fly parasitoid
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Stridulation by Jadera haematoloma (Hemiptera: Rhopalidae): Production mechanism and associated behaviors
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Fall armyworm: pest & bio indicator of climate change
(Abstract Only)
Identification of an attractant for the nine-banded armadillo, dasypus novemcinctus
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Species displacements are common to two invasive species of leafminer fly in China, Japan and the United States
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Spodoptera frugiperda corn-strain haplotypes in the Cytochorme Oxidase subunit I gene
Spodoptera frugiperda haplotypes from Argentina
Recent developments in the use of acoustic sensors and signal processing tools to target early infestations of red palm weevil (Coleopter: Curculionidae) in agricultural environments
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
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