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ARS scientists publish results of their research projects in many formats. Listed below are the publications from research projects conducted at this location.

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2010 Publications
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Generation of antibody and development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay for the feed additive roxarsone
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Effects of liquid swine manure on dissipation of 17ß-estradiol in soil     Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Effects of composting swine manure on nutrients and estrogens     Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Synthesis and characterization of radiolabeled 17ß-estradiol conjugates
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
An On-Farm Survey of Spatial and Temporal Stratifications of 17ß-Estradiol Concentrations
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Sorption, fate, and mobility of sulfonamides in soils
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Cytochrome P4501A1 is Required for Vascular Dysfunction and Hypertension Induced by 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Metabolism of 2,2',4,4' Tetrabromodiphenyl (BDE 47) in Chickens
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Biomonitoring Breast Milk Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers as a Function of Environment, Dietary Intake, and Demographics in New Hampshire
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Comparative Biological Effects and Potency of 17a- and 17ß-Estradiol In Fathead Minnows     Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Toxicokinetics of the Flame Retardant Hexabromocyclododecane Gamma: Effect of Dose, Timing, Route, Repeated Exposure and Metabolism     Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Depletion of Urinary Zilpaterol Residues in Horses as Measured by ELISA and UPLC-MS/MS     Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Estrogenicity and Nutrient Concentration of Surface Waters Surrounding a Large Confinement Dairy Operation Using Best Management Practices for Land Application of Animal Wastes     Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
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