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ARS scientists publish results of their research projects in many formats. Listed below are the publications from research projects conducted at this location.

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2015 Publications
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The non-competitive blockade of GABAA receptors by an aqueous extract of water hemlock )Cicuta douglassi) tubers
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Differences between Angus and Holstein cattle in the Lupinus leucophyllus induced inhibition of fetal activity
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Adverse effects of larkspur (Delphinium spp.) on cattle
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
The effect of administering multiple doses of tall larkspur (Delphninium barbeyi) to cattle
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Pro-toxic dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloids in the traditional Andean herbal medicine "asmachilca"
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Safety concerns of herbal products and traditional Chinese herbal medicines: Dehydopyrrolizidine alkaloids and aristolochic acid
(Review Article)
Elk (Cervus elaphus canadensis) preference for feeds varying in selenium concentration
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
The serum concentrations of lupine alkaloids in orally-dosed Holstein cattle
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
The relative toxicity of Delphinium stachydeum in mice and cattle
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
An in vitro comparison of the cytotoxic potential of selected dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloids and some N-oxides
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Toxicity of White Snakeroot (Ageratina altissima) and chemical extracts of White Snakeroot in goats
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Hydroxylic solvent-induced ring opening of the dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloids riddelliine and seneciphylline: implications for toxicity and analytical studies
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Development of a PCR-based method for detection of Delphinium species in poisoned cattle
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Changes in swainsonine, calystegine, and nitrogen concentrations on an annual basis in Ipomoea carnea
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
A survey of tremetone, dehydrotremetone and structurally related compounds in Isocoma spp. (Goldenbush) in the southwestern United States
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
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