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Analysis Tools - Alternative Systems
item Conservation management improves runoff water quality: Implications for environmental sustainability in a glyphosate-resistant cotton production system (Feb 2015)
item Storm flow dynamics and loads of fecal bacteria associated with ponds in southern piedmont and coastal plain watersheds with animal agriculture (Jan 2015)
item Effects of sampling methodology on fish based IBI metrics (Nov 2014)
item Fish communities associated with a complex Mississippi stream system. (Nov 2014)
item Diazinon and permethrin mitigation across a grass-wetland buffer (Oct 2014)
item The impact of agricultural activities on water quality in oxbow lakes in the Mississippi Delta (Sep 2014)
item Developing and normalizing average corn crop water production functions across years and locations using a system model (Sep 2014)
item Spatial characterization of riparian buffer effects on sediment loads from watershed systems (Sep 2014)
item Sustainability and environmental assessment of fertigation in an intensive olive grove under Mediterranean conditions (Sep 2014)
item Variability in the characterization of total coliforms, fecal coliforms, and escherichia coli in recreational water supplies of North Mississippi, USA (Jun 2014)
item Influence of varying nutrient and pesticide mixtures on abatement efficiency using a vegetated free water surface constructed wetland mesocosm (Mar 2014)
item Grazing winter rye cover crop in a cotton no-till system: yield and economics (Mar 2014)
item Influence of integrated watershed-scale agricultural conservation practices on lake water quality (Mar 2014)
item Age-related shifts in the density and distribution of genetic marker water quality indicators in cow and calf feces (Mar 2014)
item Downstream fish assemblage response to river impoundment varies with degree of hydrologic alteration (Feb 2014)
item Nonlinear response of stream ecosystem structure to low-level phosphorus enrichment (Feb 2014)
item Fecal bacterial losses in runoff from conventional and no-till pearl millet fertilized with broiler litter (Jan 2014)
item Global warming likely reduces crop yield and water availability of the dryland cropping systems in the U.S. central Great Plains (Dec 2013)
item Factors affecting low summer dissolved oxygen concentrations in Mississippi Delta bayous (Dec 2013)
item Rolled cover crop mulches for organic corn and soybean production (Nov 2013)
item Effect of storage method and associated holding time on nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in surface water samples (Oct 2013)
item Responses of phytoplankton and Hyalella azteca to agrichemical mixtures in a constructed wetland mesocosms (Sep 2013)
item Aqueous pesticide mitigation efficiency of Typha Latifolia (L.), Leersia Oryzoides (L.) SW., and Sparganium Americanum Nutt (Jul 2013)
item Determining potential for microbial atrazine degradation in agricultural drainage ditches (May 2013)
item Conservation management in cotton production: long-term soil biological, chemical, and physical changes (May 2013)
item Floodplain restoration with flood control: fish habitat value of levee borrow pits (Apr 2013)
item Periphyton responses to nutrient and atrazine mixtures introduced through agricultural runoff (Feb 2013)
item Assessment of best management practice effects on metolachlor mitigation in an agricultural watershed (Nov 2012)
Last Modified: 9/20/2013
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