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item Evaluating the impact of groundwater on cotton growth and root zone water balance using Hydrus-ID coupled with a crop growth model (Jul 2015)
item Using broiler and swine manure lagoon effluent in sawdust-based swine mortality composts: effects of nutrients, bacteria, and gaseous emissions (Jun 2015)
item Effects of climate variability on bacterial pathogen decay in spinach bed macrocosms (May 2015)
item The effect of broiler litter, swine effluent, and municipal biosolids land application on small plot pathogen, antibiotic resistance, and nutrient levels (Mar 2015)
item Composting and gypsum amendment of broiler litter to reduce nutrient leaching loss (Mar 2015)
item Enhancing management of fall-applied poultry litter with cover crop and subsurface band placement in no-till cotton (Feb 2015)
item Soybean response to poultry litter in a rotation (Jan 2015)
item Simulating phosphorus removal from a vertical-flow constructed wetland grown with C. alternifolius species (Jan 2015)
item Aerodynamic properties of agricultural and natural surfaces in northwestern Tarim Basin (Jan 2015)
item Soil wind erodibility based on dry aggregate-size distribution in the Tarim Basin (Nov 2014)
item Soil with a short history of poultry litter fertilization remains superior to normally fertilized soil for cotton (Nov 2014)
item Evaluation of RZWQ2 model and management of poultry litter as corn nitrogen source in the mid-southern United States (Nov 2014)
item Development of irrigation management practices for optimum yield and water use efficiency of soybean in east central Mississippi (Nov 2014)
item Herbage nutritive value of tall fescue-bermudagrass binary mixtures fertilized with combinations of nitrogen fertilizer and poultry litter (Nov 2014)
item Performance of the SWEEP model affected by estimates of threshold friction velocity (Nov 2014)
item Validation of SWEEP for contrasting agricultural land use types in the Tarim Basin (Sep 2014)
item Tillage and straw management affect PM10 emission potential in subarctic Alaska (Jul 2014)
item Soil test and bermudagrass forage yield responses to animal waste and FGD gypsum ammendments (May 2014)
item Fertilizer intensification and its impacts in China's HHH Plains (May 2014)
item Growth of bermudagrass with white clover or nitrogen fertilizer (Nov 2013)
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