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item Directional hyperspectral observations to detect plant stress with the PRI and SIF in a cornfield (Dec 2015)
item Evaluating the impact of groundwater on cotton growth and root zone water balance using Hydrus-ID coupled with a crop growth model (Jul 2015)
item Using broiler and swine manure lagoon effluent in sawdust-based swine mortality composts: effects of nutrients, bacteria, and gaseous emissions (Jun 2015)
item Effects of climate variability on bacterial pathogen decay in spinach bed macrocosms (May 2015)
item The effect of broiler litter, swine effluent, and municipal biosolids land application on small plot pathogen, antibiotic resistance, and nutrient levels (Mar 2015)
item Joint Leaf chlorophyll and leaf area index retrieval from Landsat data using a regularized model inversion system (Mar 2015)
item Composting and gypsum amendment of broiler litter to reduce nutrient leaching loss (Mar 2015)
item Enhancing management of fall-applied poultry litter with cover crop and subsurface band placement in no-till cotton (Feb 2015)
item Soybean response to poultry litter in a rotation (Jan 2015)
item Simulating phosphorus removal from a vertical-flow constructed wetland grown with C. alternifolius species (Jan 2015)
item Aerodynamic properties of agricultural and natural surfaces in northwestern Tarim Basin (Jan 2015)
item Soil wind erodibility based on dry aggregate-size distribution in the Tarim Basin (Nov 2014)
item Soil with a short history of poultry litter fertilization remains superior to normally fertilized soil for cotton (Nov 2014)
item Evaluation of RZWQ2 model and management of poultry litter as corn nitrogen source in the mid-southern United States (Nov 2014)
item Herbage nutritive value of tall fescue-bermudagrass binary mixtures fertilized with combinations of nitrogen fertilizer and poultry litter (Nov 2014)
item Development of irrigation management practices for optimum yield and water use efficiency of soybean in east central Mississippi (Nov 2014)
item Performance of the SWEEP model affected by estimates of threshold friction velocity (Nov 2014)
item Comparison of hyperspectral retrievals with vegetation water indices for leaf and canopy water content (Oct 2014)
item Comparison of leaf color chart observations with spectral measurements of chlorophyll content in maize (Oct 2014)
item Validation of SWEEP for contrasting agricultural land use types in the Tarim Basin (Sep 2014)
item Monitoring wetland inundation dynamics in response to weather variability in the Chesapeake Bay watershed (Aug 2014)
item Estimation of crop gross primary production (GPP): fAPAR_chl versus MOD15A2 FPAR (Aug 2014)
item Daily light use efficiency in a cornfield can be related to the canopy red/far-red fluorescence ratio and leaf light use efficiency across a growing season (Jul 2014)
item Monitoring and modeling nitrate fate in subbasins within the Choptank River Watershed, Maryland, USA (Jul 2014)
item Tillage and straw management affect PM10 emission potential in subarctic Alaska (Jul 2014)
item Detection of nitrogen deficiency in potatoes using unmanned aircraft systems (Jun 2014)
item Remote sensing with simulated unmanned aircraft systems for precision agriculture applications (Jun 2014)
item Detection of nitrogen deficiency in potatoes using small unmanned aircraft systems (Jun 2014)
item Soil test and bermudagrass forage yield responses to animal waste and FGD gypsum ammendments (May 2014)
item The impact of stability corrections for flux-gradient relationships on measurements of the volatile loss of pesticide from agricultural ecosystems (May 2014)
item Fertilizer intensification and its impacts in China's HHH Plains (May 2014)
item Assessment of chlorophyll meter calibrations for chlorophyll content using leaf spectral transmittances (Apr 2014)
item The factors influencing field-scale measurements of evapotranspiration (Apr 2014)
item Use of a metolachlor metabolite (MESA) to assess agricultural nitrate-n fate and transport in choptank river watershed, Maryland USA (Apr 2014)
item The impacts of canopy structure on the tubulent fluxes over vineyards (Feb 2014)
item Comparison of different MODIS data product collections over an agricultural area (Jan 2014)
item Nitrogen fate and transport through palustrine depressional wetlands along an alteration gradient in an agricultural landscape, upper Choptank Watersheds, Maryland, USA (Jan 2014)
item Overview and insights regarding the JEQ soil and water assessment tool (SWAT) special issue (Dec 2013)
item Integrating solar induced flourescence and the photochemical reflectance index for estimating gross primary production in a cornfield (Dec 2013)
item Improved regional mapping of carbon, water, and energy land-surface fluxes through indicators of canopy light use efficiency (Dec 2013)
item Wetland inundation mapping and change monitoring using landsat and airborne LiDAR data (Dec 2013)
item Assessing effectiveness of winter cover crops to improve water quality (Nov 2013)
item Growth of bermudagrass with white clover or nitrogen fertilizer (Nov 2013)
item Using UAVs to enhance the quality of precision agriculture (Oct 2013)
item Remote sensing with unmanned aircraft systems for precision agriculture applications (Sep 2013)
item Spatial distributions ofC3 and C4 grass functional types in the U.S. great plains and their despendency on inter-annual climate variability (Aug 2013)
item An intercomparison of drought indicators based on thermal remote sensing and NLDAS-2 simulations with U.S. drought monitor classifications (Aug 2013)
item Efficient sampling schemes for assessing soil tillage intensity (Jul 2013)
item Significance of uncertainty in evapotranspiration estimates on water balance modeling in SWAT (Jul 2013)
item Improved forest change detection with terrain illumination corrected landsat images (Jun 2013)
item A review of satellite-based methods of estimating live fuel moisture content for fire danger assessment: moving towards operational products (Jun 2013)
item Determining leaf dry matter content using the normalized dry matter index and its possible application for estimating fuel moisture content (May 2013)
item PP-SWAT: A phython-based computing software for efficient multiobjective callibration of SWAT (Apr 2013)
item An approach to quantifying the efficiency of a Bayesian filter (Apr 2013)
item A visible band index for remote sensing leaf chlorophyll content at the canopy scale (Apr 2013)
item Utilizing hyperspectral and hyperspatial remote sensing to track invasive species in BARC wetland ecosystems (Apr 2013)
item Assessing winter cover crop nutrient uptake efficiency using water quality simulation model (Apr 2013)
item Global, long-term surface reflectance records from Landsat (Apr 2013)
item Remote sensing of leaf, canopy and vegetation water contents for satellite climate data records (Apr 2013)
item Assessment of spectral indicies for crop residue cover estimation (Mar 2013)
item Remote sensing of fuel moisture content from ratios of narrow-band vegetation water and dry-matter indices (Feb 2013)
item Monitoring NEON terrestrial sites phenology with daily MODIS BRDF/albedo product and landsat data (Feb 2013)
item Hyperspectral remote sensing of foliar nitrogen content (Dec 2012)
item Remote sensing of fuel moisture content from canopy water indices and the normalized dry matter index (Dec 2012)
item Effectiveness of vegetated filter stripsin retentionof E. coli and salmonella from swine manure slurry (Nov 2012)
item Changes of crop rotation in Iowa determined from the USDA-NASS cropland data layer product (Oct 2012)
item Assessing the extent of conservation tillage in agricultural landscapes (Oct 2012)
item Evapotranspiration and Precipitation inputs for SWAT model using remotely sensed observations (Oct 2012)
item Use of fine resolution terrain data in soil loss equations (Oct 2012)
item Improving Soil Erosion Predictions with 21st Century Data (Oct 2012)
item Remote Sensing of fuel moisture content from the ratios of canopy water indices with a foliar dry matter index (Oct 2012)
item Generic calibration of chlorophyll meter values for leaf chlorophyll content using spectral reflectances and transmittances (Oct 2012)
item Scaling chlorophyll content in corn from leaf reflectances to airborne imaging spectrometers (Oct 2012)
item Comparison of MODIS LAI data products in Mclean county, Illinois (Oct 2012)
item Remote sensing and crop models: The work of Paul Doraiswamy from 1995-2010 (Oct 2012)
item Global characterization and monitoring of forest cover using Landsat data: opportunities and challanges (Aug 2012)
item Thirteen year summary of field-scale herbicide volatilization (Aug 2012)
item Impact of shifting crop production for biofuel demand on soil and water quality (Aug 2012)
item Generating 30-m land surface albedo by integrating landsat and MODIS data for understanding the disturbance evolution (Jul 2012)
item Remote sensing of fuel moisture content from the ratios of canopy water indices with a foliar dry matter index (Jul 2012)
item Canopy level chlorophyll flouresence and PRI in a cornfield (Jul 2012)
item The photochemical reflectance index from directional cornfield reflectances: Observations and simulations (Jul 2012)
item Remote sensing of soil carbon and greenhouse gas dynamics across agricultural landscapes (Jun 2012)
item The general ensemble biogeochemical modeling system (GEMS) and its applications to agriculture systems in the United States (Jun 2012)
item Advances in spectroscopic methods for quantifying soil carbon (Jun 2012)
item Remote sensing estimation of evapotranspiration for SWAT Model Calibration (May 2012)
item Using satellites to provide reliable daily water use estimates at field scales (Apr 2012)
item Soil erosion: 20th century equations with 21st century data? (Apr 2012)
item Mapping carbon, water and energy land-surface fluxes using remotely sensed indicators of canopy light-use efficiency (Apr 2012)
item Advanced multispectral sensor requirements for remote sensing of agriculture and land cover (Mar 2012)
item Long term observation and validation of windsat soil moisture data (Jan 2012)
item Aqua AMSR-E soil moisture retrieval: Evaluation and potential Algorithm improvement (Jan 2012)
item SMOS observations to evaluate SMAP soil moisture algorithms (Jan 2012)
item Herbicide off-site transport (Dec 2011)
item A MODIS-based begetation index climatology (Dec 2011)
item Improved nitrogen management utilizing ground-penetrating-radar: A nine-year investigation (Nov 2011)
item Remote sensing of soil tilage intensity in central Iowa (Oct 2011)
item Calibration and validation of the soil moisture active passive mission with USDA-ARS experimental watersheds (Oct 2011)
item Comparison of herbicide runoff and volatilization fluxes over multiple years (Oct 2011)
item Soil moisture sensor intercomparisons at the SMAP marena in situ testbed (Oct 2011)
item Impacts of biofuel expansion on soil quality and carbon dynamics in a central Iowa watershed (Oct 2011)
item Spectral bio-indicator simulations for tracking photosynthetic activities in a corn field (Sep 2011)
item Impact of conifer forest litter on microwave emission at L-band (Sep 2011)
item SMOS/SMAP synergy for SMAP level 2 soil moisture algorithm evaluation (Sep 2011)
item Herbicide volatilization trumps runoff losses, a multi-year investigation (Sep 2011)
item Remote sensing of soil tillage intenstiy in a CEAP watershed in central Iowa (Sep 2011)
item Assessing the extent of conservation tillage across agricultural landscapes (Sep 2011)
item Agricultural greenhouse gas flux determination via remote sensing and modeling (Aug 2011)
item Spectral Bio-indicator simulations for tracking photosynthetic activities in a corn field (Aug 2011)
item Comparison of hyperspectral retrievals with vegetation water indices for leaf and canopy water content (Aug 2011)
item Can hyperspectral remote sensing detect species specific biochemicals? (Aug 2011)
item Experimental learning projects address contemporary issues related to energy, environment, and sustainable agriculture (Jul 2011)
item Use of airborne hyperspectral imagery to map soil parameters in tilled agricultural fields (Jun 2011)
item Diurnal and directional responses of chlorophyll fluorescence and pri in a cornfield (Jun 2011)
item Spectral measurements of photosynthetic efficiency (May 2011)
item NIR-green-blue high-resolution digital images for assessement of winter cover crop biomass (Mar 2011)
item Methodology for large-area moderate-resolution monitoring of soil organic carbon change (Nov 2010)
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