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item Growth of bermudagrass with white clover or nitrogen fertilizer (Nov 2013)
item A visible band index for remote sensing leaf chlorophyll content at the canopy scale (Apr 2013)
item Global, long-term surface reflectance records from Landsat (Apr 2013)
item Assessment of spectral indicies for crop residue cover estimation (Mar 2013)
item Remote sensing of fuel moisture content from ratios of narrow-band vegetation water and dry-matter indices (Feb 2013)
item Monitoring NEON terrestrial sites phenology with daily MODIS BRDF/albedo product and landsat data (Feb 2013)
item Hyperspectral remote sensing of foliar nitrogen content (Dec 2012)
item Remote sensing of fuel moisture content from canopy water indices and the normalized dry matter index (Dec 2012)
item Effectiveness of vegetated filter stripsin retentionof E. coli and salmonella from swine manure slurry (Nov 2012)
item Changes of crop rotation in Iowa determined from the USDA-NASS cropland data layer product (Oct 2012)
item Global characterization and monitoring of forest cover using Landsat data: opportunities and challanges (Aug 2012)
item Thirteen year summary of field-scale herbicide volatilization (Aug 2012)
item Generating 30-m land surface albedo by integrating landsat and MODIS data for understanding the disturbance evolution (Jul 2012)
item Canopy level chlorophyll flouresence and PRI in a cornfield (Jul 2012)
item The photochemical reflectance index from directional cornfield reflectances: Observations and simulations (Jul 2012)
item Remote sensing of soil carbon and greenhouse gas dynamics across agricultural landscapes (Jun 2012)
item The general ensemble biogeochemical modeling system (GEMS) and its applications to agriculture systems in the United States (Jun 2012)
item Advances in spectroscopic methods for quantifying soil carbon (Jun 2012)
item Remote sensing estimation of evapotranspiration for SWAT Model Calibration (May 2012)
item Using satellites to provide reliable daily water use estimates at field scales (Apr 2012)
item Mapping carbon, water and energy land-surface fluxes using remotely sensed indicators of canopy light-use efficiency (Apr 2012)
item Advanced multispectral sensor requirements for remote sensing of agriculture and land cover (Mar 2012)
item Herbicide off-site transport (Dec 2011)
item A Modis-Based Begetation Index Climatology (Dec 2011)
item Soil moisture sensor intercomparisons at the SMAP marena in situ testbed (Oct 2011)
item Calibration and validation of the soil moisture active passive mission with USDA-ARS experimental watersheds (Oct 2011)
item Comparison of herbicide runoff and volatilization fluxes over multiple years (Oct 2011)
item Impact of conifer forest litter on microwave emission at L-band (Sep 2011)
item Spectral bio-indicator simulations for tracking photosynthetic activities in a corn field (Sep 2011)
item Herbicide volatilization trumps runoff losses, a multi-year investigation (Sep 2011)
item Agricultural greenhouse gas flux determination via remote sensing and modeling (Aug 2011)
item Spectral Bio-indicator simulations for tracking photosynthetic activities in a corn field (Aug 2011)
item Use of airborne hyperspectral imagery to map soil parameters in tilled agricultural fields (Jun 2011)
item Diurnal and directional responses of chlorophyll fluorescence and pri in a cornfield (Jun 2011)
item Spectral measurements of photosynthetic efficiency (May 2011)
item NIR-green-blue high-resolution digital images for assessement of winter cover crop biomass (Mar 2011)
item Methodology for large-area moderate-resolution monitoring of soil organic carbon change (Nov 2010)
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