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item Impact of new-generation parenteral lipid emulsions in pediatric nutrition (Sep 2013)
item A legume biofortification quandary: Variability and genetic control of seed coat micronutrient accumulation in common beans (Jul 2013)
item QTL mapping for quinone reductase activity in broccoli with Hepa1c1c7 cell lines (Jul 2013)
item Genome wide search for variation associated with micronutrient density of developing rice grains (Jul 2013)
item Iron deficiency-induced changes in growth reveal differences in nutrient partitioning between two ecotypes of Medicago truncatula (Jul 2013)
item An assessment of molecular mechanisms involved in metal uptake, translocation and homeostasis in Agave, a genus of CAM succulent plants (Jul 2013)
item Effect of gypsum application on mineral composition in peanut pod walls and seeds (Jul 2013)
item External influences on children's self-served portions at meals (Jul 2013)
item Structural insights into the N-terminal GIY-YIG endonuclease activity of "Arabidopsis" glutaredoxin AtGRXS16 in chloroplasts (Jun 2013)
item Inclusion of guava enhances non-heme iron bioavailability but not fractional zinc absorption from a rice-based meal in adolescents (Jun 2013)
item Targeting dietary vitamin D intakes and plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D in healthy infants (May 2013)
item Calcium and vitamin D requirements of enterally fed preterm infants (May 2013)
item High rates of resolution of cholestasis in parenteral nutrition-associated liver disease with fish oil-based lipid emulsion monotherapy (Apr 2013)
item The plant vascular system: Evolution, development and functions (Apr 2013)
item Vitamin D: Effects on childhood health and disease (Mar 2013)
item Efficacy of a multi micronutrient-fortified drink in improving iron and micronutrient status among schoolchildren with low iron stores in India: A randomised, double-masked placebo-controlled trial (Feb 2013)
item Plant-based microRNA presences in mice and human sera to breast milk (Jan 2013)
item Vitamin D in babies and children (Jan 2013)
item Supplementation with 1000 IU vitamin D/d leads to parathyroid hormone suppression, but not increased fractional calcium absorption, in 4-8-y-old children: A double-blind randomized controlled trial (Jan 2013)
item Effect of postharvest handling practices on phytochemical concentrations and bioactive potential in wild blueberry fruit (Dec 2012)
item Lower concentrations of blueberry polyphenolic-rich extract differentially alter HepG2 cell proliferation and expression of genes related to cell-cycle, oxidation and epigenetic machinery (Nov 2012)
item A recipe for crop improvement: A dash of yeast and a pinch of weeds (Oct 2012)
item Effects of different Fe supplies on mineral partitioning and remobilization during the reproductive development of rice (Oryza sativa L.) (Sep 2012)
item Ectopic expression of a maize calreticulin mitigates calcium deficiency-like disorders in "sCAX1"-expressing tobacco and tomato (Sep 2012)
item Low zinc status and absorption exist in infants with jejunostomies or ileostomies which persists after intestinal repair (Sep 2012)
item Vitamin D deficiency in critically ill children: A roadmap to interventional research (Sep 2012)
item Vacuolar CAX1 and CAX3 influence auxin transport in guard cells via regulation of apoplastic pH (Aug 2012)
item Plant calcium content: Ready to remodel (Aug 2012)
item Total calcium absorption is similar from infant formulas with and without prebiotics and exceeds that in human milk-fed infants (Aug 2012)
item Application of in vitro bioaccessibility and bioavailability methods for calcium, carotenoids, folate, iron, magnesium, polyphenols, zinc and vitamins B6, B12, D, and E (Aug 2012)
item Spirulina is an effective dietary source of zeaxanthin to humans (Aug 2012)
item Beta-carotene in Golden Rice is as good as beta-carotene in oil at providing vitamin A to children (Aug 2012)
item Engineering calcium oxalate crystal formation in Arabidopsis (Jul 2012)
item Alpha-lactalbumin and casein-glycomacropeptide do not affect iron absorption from formula in healthy term infants (Jul 2012)
item Tolerance, bone mineral content, and serum vitamin D concentration of term infants fed partially hydrolyzed whey-based infant formula (Jun 2012)
item Genome wide search for variation associated with micronutrient density of developing rice grains (Jun 2012)
item Temporal assessment of gene expression in source leaves of Medicago truncatula: Correlations with seed Fe concentration (Jun 2012)
item A comparison of root iron acquisition capabilities in Carya aquatica and Carya illinoinensis (Jun 2012)
item Plant calcium oxalate crystal formation, function, and its impact on human health (Jun 2012)
item A set of GFP organelle marker lines for intracellular localization studies in Medicago truncatula (Jun 2012)
item Grand challenges for crop science (Jun 2012)
item Carboxylate metabolism changes induced by Fe deficiency in barley, a Strategy II plant species (Jun 2012)
item Genetic analysis of salt tolerance in Arabidopsis: Evidence for the role of Ca(2+)/H(+) transporter CAX1 (May 2012)
item Identification of microdomains involved in association of "Arabidopsis" Ca(2+)/H(+) exchangers (May 2012)
item H+-Ppase Avp1 Is Necessary for Phloem Development in Arabidopsis (May 2012)
item Investigating crosstalk between heat tolerance and redox status through suppressor screening of EMS mutagenized Arabidopsis monothioglutaredoxin GRXS17 mutants (May 2012)
item The scientific grand challenges of the 21st century for the Crop Science Society of America (May 2012)
item An exclusive human milk-based diet in extremely premature infants reduces the probability of remaining on total parenteral nutrition: A reanalysis of the data (Apr 2012)
item Bone Health in Children (Apr 2012)
item Influence of calcium oxalate crystal accumulation on the calcium content of seeds from Medicago truncatula (Apr 2012)
item IOM committee members respond to Endocrine Society vitamin D guideline (Apr 2012)
item Functional foods and their expanding applications in the improvement of human health (Apr 2012)
item Vitamin D requirements of children: "All my life's a circle" (Apr 2012)
item A comparison of root iron uptake rates in Carya aquatica and Carya illinoinensis (Mar 2012)
item Germination ecology of the native legumes, Sesbania drummondii and Glottidium vesicarium (Mar 2012)
item New foods for thought (Mar 2012)
item A previously unknown oxalyl-CoA synthetase is important for oxalate catabolism in Arabidopsis (Mar 2012)
item Hepcidin is the major predictor of erythrocyte iron incorporation in anemic African children (Feb 2012)
item Genetic defect in CYP24A1, the vitamin D 24-hydroxylase gene, in a patient with severe infantile hypercalcemia (Feb 2012)
item Abnormalities of serum calcium and magnesium (Jan 2012)
item Osteopenia (metabolic bone disease) of prematurity (Jan 2012)
item Effects of ethnicity and vitamin D supplementation on vitamin D status and changes in bone mineral content in infants (Jan 2012)
item Protein phylogenetic analysis of Ca(2+)/cation antiporters and insights into their evolution in plants (Jan 2012)
item Osteopenia and bone health in patients with intestinal failure (Jan 2012)
item Calcium biofortification of crops (Dec 2011)
item Calcium absorption, kinetics, bone density, and bone structure in patients with hereditary vitamin D-resistant rickets (Dec 2011)
item MicroRNAs as master regulators of the plant NB-LRR defense gene family via the production of phased, trans-acting siRNAs (Dec 2011)
item The role of CAX1 and CAX3 in elemental distribution and abundance in Arabidopsis seed (Nov 2011)
item Calcium and vitamin D requirements for optimal bone mass during adolescence (Nov 2011)
item Oral lactoferrin for the treatment of sepsis and necrotizing enterocolitis in neonates (Oct 2011)
item Oral lactoferrin for the prevention of sepsis and necrotizing enterocolotis in preterm infants (Oct 2011)
item The oxalic acid biosynthetic activity of Burkholderia mallei is encoded by a single locus (Oct 2011)
item Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy (Oct 2011)
item Chronic dietary fiber supplementation with wheat dextrin does not inhibit calcium and magnesium absorption in premenopausal and postmenopausal women (Oct 2011)
item Expression and cellular localization of ZIP1 transporter under zinc-deficiency in wild emmer wheat (Sep 2011)
item What are the risks and benefits to increasing dietary bone minerals and vitamin D intake in infants and small children? (Aug 2011)
item Yellow maize with high beta-carotene is an effective source of vitamin A in healthy Zimbabwean men (Aug 2011)
item Effects of post-harvest handling techniques on the retention of phytochemicals in wild blueberries (Jun 2011)
item Calcium absorption in very low birth weight infants with and without bronchopulmonary dysplasia (Jun 2011)
item Root responses of Medicago truncatula plants grown in two different iron deficiency conditions: changes in root protein profile and riboflavin biosynthesis (May 2011)
item Vitamin D deficiency and calcium absorption during childhood (May 2011)
item The 2011 dietary reference intakes for calcium and vitamin D: what dietetics practitioners need to know (Apr 2011)
item Plants for human health: Stable isotope approaches to assess the vitamin A value of biofortified Golden Rice and high beta-carotene maize (Mar 2011)
item A comparative study of buoyancy duration in Carya aquatica, Carya illinoinensis, and Carya x lecontei seeds (Mar 2011)
item A comparison of root iron reduction capabilities in Carya aquatica, Carya illinoinensis, and Carya x lecontei (Mar 2011)
item PlantingScience: Fostering student research through scientific inquiry and online mentorship (Mar 2011)
item Vitamin D requirements in adolescents: what is the target? (Mar 2011)
item Dietary guidelines for calcium and vitamin D: a new era (Mar 2011)
item Characterization of zinc transport by divalent metal transporters of the ZIP family from the model legume medicago truncatula (Feb 2011)
item The 2011 report on dietary reference intakes for calcium and vitamin D from the Institute of Medicine: what clinicians need to know (Jan 2011)
item Identification of putative target genes to manipulate Fe and Zn concentrations in rice grains (Nov 2010)
item What we understand about micronutrient minerals in plants – with relevance to biofortification strategies (Nov 2010)
item An inflection point of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D for maximal suppression of parathyroid hormone is not evident from multi-site pooled data in children and adolescents (Nov 2010)
item Relationship of calcium absorption with 25(OH)D and calcium intake in children with rickets (Nov 2010)
item Variation and inheritance of iron reductase activity in the roots of common vean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and association with seed iron accumulation QTL (Oct 2010)
item Vitamin D-mediated calcium absorption in patients with clinically stable Crohn's disease: a pilot study (Aug 2010)
item Microelement trafficking in plants: A Multi-compartment Journey from the Rhizosphere to Seeds (Jul 2010)
item Fractional absorption of active absorbable algal calcium (AAACa) and calcium carbonate measured by a dual stable-isotope method (Jul 2010)
item Cloning and expression of genes of aspartate-family amino acid aiosynthesis from medicago truncatula (Jul 2010)
item Comparisons of polymorphisms in MtZIP1 isolated from natural populations of medicago truncatula (Jul 2010)
item Effects of 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol on recovery and resolution of late transient neonatal hypocalcemia (Jul 2010)
item Characterization of the root transcriptome for iron and zinc homeostasis-related genes in indica rice (Oryza sativa L) (Jul 2010)
item Effects of Fe deficiency on the riboflavin synthesis pathway in medicago truncatula plants (Jun 2010)
item Status and future developments in plant iron for animal and human nutrition (Jun 2010)
item Biochemical responses to Fe deficiency in Pisum sativum L., cv. Sparkle and dgl mutant: Is the PM H+-ATPase the sole activity involved in H+ extrusion? (Jun 2010)
item The root iron reductase assay: an examination of key factors that must be respected to generate meaningful assay results (Jun 2010)
item QTL analysis of ferric reductase activity in the model legume lotus japonicus (Jun 2010)
item Effect of tannic acid on iron absorption in straw-colored fruit bats(Eidolon helvum) (Jun 2010)
item Perturbed zinc homeostasis in rural 3-5-y-old Malawian children is associated with abnormalities in intestinal permeability attributed to tropical enteropathy (Jun 2010)
item Feeding the world with healthful food and combating obesity (Jun 2010)
item In vivo calcium metabolism by IRMS (Jun 2010)
item In vivo iron metabolism by IRMS (Jun 2010)
item Icp-Ms for Isotope Ratio Measurement (Jun 2010)
item Trace mineral absorption status in infants with ileostomies (May 2010)
item Similar calcium status is present in infants fed formula with and without prebiotics (May 2010)
item The effects of zinc status on early growth in infants with sickle cell disease (May 2010)
item Setting dietary reference intakes with the use of bioavailability data: Calcium (May 2010)
item Variations in cord 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in Hispanic and Caucasian infants are not related to neonatal bone mineral status (Apr 2010)
item Calcium absorption in infants and small children: Methods of determination and recent findings (Apr 2010)
item Changing the zinc:iron ratio in a cereal-based nutritional supplement has no effect on percent absorption of iron and zinc in Sri Lankan children (Apr 2010)
item An exclusively human milk-based diet is associated with a lower rate of necrotizing enterocolitis than a diet of human milk and bovine milk-based products (Apr 2010)
item Continuous feedings of fortified human milk lead to nutrient losses of fat, calcium, and phosphorous (Feb 2010)
item Oral lactoferrin for the prevention of sepsis and necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm infants (Feb 2010)
item High rates of mortality and morbidity occur in infants with perenteral nutrition - associated cholestasis (Jan 2010)
item Variation for seed minerals and protein concentrations in diverse germplasm of lentil (Oct 2009)
item Ferric reductase activity and PsFRO1 sequence variation in pisum sps (Oct 2009)
item Growth is similar in premature infants fed human milk fortified with a human milk or bovine milk-based fortifier (Oct 2009)
item Announcement of new division: C9 – Biomedical, Health-Beneficial, and Nutritionally Enhanced Plants (Oct 2009)
item Structural and chemical insect defenses in calcium oxalate defective mutants of Medicago truncatula (Oct 2009)
item The effect of vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 on intestinal calcium absorption in Nigerian children with rickets (Sep 2009)
item High frequencies of elevated alkaline phosphatase activity and rickets exist in extremely low birth weight infants despite current nutritional support (Jul 2009)
item Rickets and osteopenia are more common in infants <600g birth weight than those 600-1000g (May 2009)
item Calcium absorption is not consistently enhanced by maintaining serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels > 50 or 80 nmol/L (May 2009)
item Zinc supplementation in children with cystic fibrosis (May 2009)
item Very low birth weight infants who are fed human milk have decreased body fat as assessed by air displacement plethysmography (May 2009)
item Bone mineral content (BMC) and serum vitamin D concentrations of infants fed partially hydrolyzed infant formulas (Apr 2009)
item Calcium absorption and vitamin D status in school age children (Apr 2009)
item Iron supplementation does not affect copper and zinc absorption in breastfed infants (Jan 2009)
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