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Nutritional Requirements of Adolescents
item Whole body methionine kinetics, transmethylation, transulfuration and remethylation during pregnancy (Feb 2014)
item Arginine production during pregnancy: A study of Jamaican, Indian and American women (Jun 2013)
item Investigation of food acceptability and feeding practices for lipid nutrient supplements and blended flours used to treat moderate malnutrition (May 2013)
item A familial case of alveolar capillary dysplasia with misalignment of pulmonary veins supports paternal imprinting of FOXF1 in human (Apr 2013)
item Pathogenesis of A-beta+ ketosis-prone diabetes (Mar 2013)
item Gut microbiomes of Malawian twin pairs discordant for kwashiorkor (Feb 2013)
item Children successfully treated for moderate acute malnutrition remain at risk for malnutrition and death in the subsequent year after recovery (Feb 2013)
item Rare DNA copy number variants in cardiovascular malformations with extracardiac abnormalities (Feb 2013)
item Global gene expression profiling in infants with acute respiratory syncytial virus broncholitis demonstrates systemic activation of interferon signaling networks (Feb 2013)
item Antibiotics as part of the management of severe acute malnutrition (Jan 2013)
item The intestinal microbiome, probiotics and prebiotics in neurogastroenterology (Jan 2013)
item Assessment of bone mineral status in children with Marfan syndrome (Sep 2012)
item Human gut microbiome viewed across age and geography (Jun 2012)
item Nutritional repletion of children with severe acute malnutrition does not affect VLDL apolipoprotein B-100 synthesis rate (May 2012)
item Unexpected high digestion rate of cooked starch by the Ct-Maltase-Glucoamylase small intestine mucosal alpha-glucosidase subunit (May 2012)
item Developmental outcomes among 18-month-old Malawians after a year of complementary feeding with lipid-based nutrient supplements or corn-soy flour (Apr 2012)
item Assessment of the associated particle prompt gamma neutron activation technique for total body nitrogen measurement in vivo (Mar 2012)
item Effects of decreased availability of sulfur amino acids in severe childhood undernutrition (Mar 2012)
item Dietary cysteine is used more efficiently by children with severe acute malnutrition with edema compared with those without edema (Jan 2012)
item A novel fortified blended flour, corn-soy blend "plus-plus," is not inferior to lipid-based ready-to-use supplementary foods for the treatment of moderate acute malnutrition in Malawian children (Jan 2012)
item Inverted genomic segments and complex triplication rearrangements are mediated by inverted repeats in the human genome (Nov 2011)
item Monitoring the adequacy of catch-up growth among moderately malnourished children receiving home-based therapy using mid-upper arm circumference in Southern Malawi (Oct 2011)
item Acceptability of three novel lipid-based nutrient supplements among Malawian infants and their caregivers (Oct 2011)
item Clan genomics and the complex architecture of human disease (Sep 2011)
item Searching for the noninvasive biomarker Holy Grail: Are urine proteomics the answer? (Jul 2011)
item Characterization of "Arabidopsis" Ca(2+)/H(+) exchanger CAX3 (Jun 2011)
item The BioCassava Plus program: Biofortification of cassava for sub-Saharan Africa (Jun 2011)
item Mapping the intestinal alpha-glucogenic enzyme specificities of starch digesting maltase-glucoamylase and sucrase-isomaltase (May 2011)
item Plant cation/H(+) exchangers (CAXs): biological functions and genetic manipulations (May 2011)
item Strategic approaches to unraveling genetic causes of cardiovascular diseases (May 2011)
item Whole body counter calibration using Monte Carlo modeling with an array of phantom sizes based on national anthropometric reference data (Apr 2011)
item Rate of phenylalanine hydroxylation in healthy school-aged children (Apr 2011)
item The duration of diarrhea and fever is associated with growth faltering in rural Malawian children aged 6-18 months (Mar 2011)
item The interpretation of Rome II criteria and method of assessment affect the irritable bowel syndrome classification of children (Mar 2011)
item Letter to the editor: The devil is in the details (Feb 2011)
item Cell-specific vacuolar calcium storage mediated by "CAX1" regulates apoplastic calcium concentration, gas exchange, and plant productivity in "Arabidopsis" (Jan 2011)
item Expression of an "Arabidopsis" Ca(2+)/H(+) antiporter CAX1 variant in petunia enhances cadmium tolerance and accumulation (Jan 2011)
item Glutathione synthesis is diminished in patients with uncontrolled diabetes and restored by dietary supplementation with cysteine and glycine (Jan 2011)
item Effect of early maternal docosahexaenoic acid intake on neuropsychological status and visual acuity at five years of age of breast-fed infants (Dec 2010)
item A ready-to-use therapeutic food containing 10% milk is less effective than one with 25% milk in the treatment of severely malnourished children (Dec 2010)
item A reduced phytate diet does not reduce endogenous fecal zinc in children on a habitual high-phytate diet (Nov 2010)
item Tyrosine requirement during the rapid catch-up growth phase of recovery from severe childhood undernutrition (Oct 2010)
item Creation and initial evaluation of a stool form scale for children (Oct 2010)
item Mechanism and evolution of calcium transport across the plant plasma membrane (Sep 2010)
item Interactive media for childhood obesity prevention (Sep 2010)
item Evaluation of the routine use of amoxicillin as part of the home-based treatment of severe acute malnutrition (Sep 2010)
item The expression of the open reading frame of "Arabidopsis" CAX1, but not its cDNA, confers metal tolerance in yeast (Aug 2010)
item Comparing the in vivo glycine fluxes of adolescent girls and adult women during early and late pregnancy (Aug 2010)
item Comparison of leucine and dispensable amino acid kinetics between Indian women with low or normal body mass indexes during pregnancy (Aug 2010)
item Exposing college students to exercise: the training interventions and genetics of exercise response (TIGER) study (Jul 2010)
item Promoting innovation in pediatric nutrition (Jul 2010)
item Evaluation of potential factors predicting attainment of full gavage feedings in preterm infants (Jun 2010)
item Zebrafish ("Danio rerio") endomembrane antiporter similar to a yeast cation/H(+) transporter is required for neural crest development (Jun 2010)
item Ascorbate synthesis pathway, dual role of ascorbate in bone homeostasis (Jun 2010)
item Structure of "Arabidopsis" chloroplastic monothiol glutaredoxin AtGRXcp (Jun 2010)
item Body composition in infancy: impact on health later in life (Jun 2010)
item Maltase-glucoamylase: Mucosal regulator of prandial starch glucogenesis and complementary hepatic gluconeogenesis of mice (May 2010)
item Individual mammalian mucosal glucosidase subunits digest various starch structures differently (May 2010)
item Carbohydrate digestion in congenital sucrase isomaltase deficient and recurrent abdominal pain children assesed by 13C- starch breath test (May 2010)
item Specific starch digestion of maize alpha-limit dextrins by recombinant mucosal glucosidase enzymes (Apr 2010)
item Slowly digestible starch diets alter proximal glucosidase activity and glucose absorption (Apr 2010)
item Regulatory role of mucosal maltase-glucoamylase in starch digestion and glucose homeostasis (Apr 2010)
item Comparing the glucose kinetics of adolescent girls and adult women during pregnancy (Mar 2010)
item Do you need a supplement of docosahexaenoic acid or an n-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid? (Mar 2010)
item Generalized equations for estimating DXA percent fat of diverse young women and men: The Tiger Study (Mar 2010)
item Effects of timing, sex, and age on site-specific gastrointestinal permeability testing in children and adults (Mar 2010)
item Carbohydrates: changes with development (Feb 2010)
item Direct regulation of myocardial triglyceride metabolism by the cardiomyocyte circadian clock (Jan 2010)
item Influences of timing and duration of formula feeding on infant growth (Jan 2010)
item Functional studies of split "Arabidopsis" Ca(2+)/H(+) exchangers (Dec 2009)
item Glucose kinetics and pregnancy outcome in Indian women with low and normal body mass indices (Nov 2009)
item Effect of parental selection of healthy behavior topic on immediate and delayed plan to change child’s eating or physical activity behavior (Nov 2009)
item Increased fructose absorption and oxidation after oral supplementation with sucraid enzyme: Implications for fructose malabsorption (Nov 2009)
item Congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency (CSID) in the era of sucraid (Nov 2009)
item Metabolic, endocrine, and immunologic biomarkers change in response to weight loss in obese Hispanic children (Nov 2009)
item Maltase-glucoamylase: Mucosal regulator of prandial starch glucogenesis and complimentary hepatic gluconeogenesis of mice (Nov 2009)
item aP2-Cre-mediated inactivation of acetyl-CoA carboxylase 1 causes growth retardation and reduced lipid accumulation in adipose tissues (Oct 2009)
item Overview of the causes of chronic diarrhea in children (Sep 2009)
item Growth, nutritional, and gastrointestinal aspects of ankyloblepharon-ectodermal defect-cleft lip and/or palate (AEC) syndrome (Sep 2009)
item Ontogeny of methionine utilization and splanchnic uptake in critically ill children (Sep 2009)
item In vivo arginine production and nitric oxide synthesis in pregnant Indian women with normal and low body mass indices (Aug 2009)
item Gastrostomy placement improves height and weight gain in girls with Rett syndrome (Aug 2009)
item Reevaluation of the DHA requirement for the premature infant (Aug 2009)
item Docosahexaenoic acid and lactation (Aug 2009)
item Arginine, citrulline and nitric oxide metabolism in sepsis (Jul 2009)
item Methionine kinetics and first pass disappearance in healthy adolescents (May 2009)
item Young Children with Functional Abdominal Pain (FAP) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Followed in Tertiary vs. Primary Care: Differences in Outcomes (May 2009)
item Arginine supplementation improves insulin resistance in obese adolescents (May 2009)
item Impact of hydrogen breath testing on diagnosis, management, and clinical outcome in children with chronic functional GI symptoms (May 2009)
item Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use in children with functional abdominal pain (FAP) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) differs in tertiary vs. primary care and is related to mother's view of child disability (May 2009)
item Concomitant gastroparesis occurs in functional gallbladder disease and may negatively impact clinical outcome (May 2009)
item Gastrointestinal permeability (GIPerm) is increased in family members of children with functional abdominal pain (FAP) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) (May 2009)
item Treatment options for functional gastrointestinal disorders: From empiric to complementary approaches (May 2009)
item Validation of a modified Bristol stool scale - inter-rater reliability amongst pediatric gastroenterologists (May 2009)
item Slow starch digestion redefined at limit dextrin level by mucosal maltase-glucoamylase and sucrase-isomaltase activities (Apr 2009)
item Improved watermelon quality using bottle gourd rootstock expressing a Ca(2+)/H(+) antiporter (Apr 2009)
item Monte carlo efficiency calibration of a neutron generator-based total-body irradiator (Apr 2009)
item Dietary & health predictors associated with overweight & obesity in young adults: the Bogalusa Heart Study (Apr 2009)
item Maternal response to two electric breast pumps (Jan 2009)
item A survey of children affected by ectomermal dysplasia syndromes shows an increased prevalence of atopic disorders and immune deficiency (Jan 2009)
item Stanniocalcin in pediatric critical illness (Dec 2008)
item Young children with functional abdominal pain (FAP) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) followed in pediatric gastroenterology (PED-GI) vs primary pediatric care (PED): Differences in outcomes (Oct 2008)
item Gastrointestinal (GI) permeability correlates with trait anxiety and urinary norepinephrine/creatinine (CR)ratio in children with functional abdominal pain (FAP)and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) but not in controls (Oct 2008)
item Longitudinal DXA studies: minimum scanning interval for pediatric assessment of body fat (Jul 2008)
item Methionine splanchnic uptake is increased in critically ill children (May 2008)
item Prompt-gamma neutron activation analysis system design: Effects of D-T versus D-D neutron generator source selection (May 2008)
item Bone mineral content and bone mineral density are lower in older than in younger females with Rett syndrome (Apr 2008)
item Gastrostomy placement favorably alters the natural history of growth failure and undernutrition in Rett syndrome (Oct 2007)
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