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item Dielectric properties of agricultural materials and their application (Apr 2015)
item The influence of diet on the use of near-infrared spectroscopy to determine the age of female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes (Mar 2015)
item Variation of the dielectric properties of chicken breast meet with frequency and temperature (Feb 2015)
item Evaluating preservation methods for identifying Anopheles gambiae s.s. and Anopheles arabiensis complex mosquitoes species using near infra-red spectroscopy (Jan 2015)
item Detection of fragments from internal insects in wheat samples using a laboratory entoleter (Jan 2015)
item Nondestructive inspection of nuts for food quality and safety using NIRS (abstract) (Oct 2014)
item Assessment of real-time, in-shell kernel moisture content monitoring with a microwave moisture meter during peanut drying (Oct 2014)
item Feasibility of NIR Spectroscopy to detect olive fruit infested by Bactrocera oleae (Aug 2014)
item Applications of discrete element method in modeling of grain postharvest operations (Aug 2014)
item Pneumatic Conveying of Seed Cotton: Minimum Velocity and Pressure Drop (Aug 2014)
item Fiber damage related to maturity and processing (Jul 2014)
item Density-independent microwave moisture sensing in flowing grain and seed (Jul 2014)
item Field testing a microwave moisture sensor for real-time kernel moisture content monitoring during peanut drying (Jul 2014)
item Detection of mold-damaged chestnuts by near-infrared spectroscopy (Jul 2014)
item Wheat mill stream properties for discrete element method modeling (Jul 2014)
item Infrared absorption characteristics of Culicoides sonorensis in relation to insect age (Jun 2014)
item Stored-grain insect population commingling densities in wheat and corn from pilot-scale bucket elevator boots (May 2014)
item Effect of Seed Cotton Cleaner Speeds on Machine Performance (Mar 2014)
item Energy Monitoring in Gins - 2013 Update (Mar 2014)
item Using a near-infrared spectrometer to estimate the age of Anopheles mosquitoes exposed to pyrethroids (Mar 2014)
item The accuracy of cotton bale moisture sensors used in a South Texas commercial gin with lint moisture restoration (Feb 2014)
item Nondestructive detection of infested chestnuts based on NIR spectroscopy (Jan 2014)
item Development and evaluation of a near-infrared instrument for single-seed compositional measurement of wheat kernels (Jan 2014)
item Single-kernel NIR analysis for evaluating wheat samples for fusarium head blight resistance (Jan 2014)
item Automated detection of insect-damaged sunflower seeds by X-ray imaging (Jan 2014)
item Detecting the antimalarial artemisinin in plant extracts using near-infrared spectroscopy (Dec 2013)
item Sorting of fungal-damaged white sorghum (Dec 2013)
item A multispectral sorting device for isolating single wheat kernels with high protein content (Dec 2013)
item Advances in automated nut sorting (Nov 2013)
item Analysis of maize (Zea mays) kernel density and volume using micro-computed tomography and single-kernel near infrared spectroscopy (Oct 2013)
item Evaluation of seed cotton cleaning equipment performance at various processing rates (Oct 2013)
item The influence of physiological status on age prediction of Anopheles arabiensis using near infra-red spectroscopy (Oct 2013)
item Ruggedness of 2D code printed on grain tracers for implementing a prospective grain traceability system to the bulk grain delivery system (Oct 2013)
item Evaluation of in-shell kernel moisture content monitoring with a microwave moisture meter during peanut drying (Aug 2013)
item An automated approach to peanut drying with real-time microwave monitoring of in-shell kernel moisture content (Aug 2013)
item Effect of in-package ozonation on quality of raw broiler breast meat during storage (Jul 2013)
item Effect of thawing methods on cook yield of frozen broiler breast fillets deboned at different postmortem times (Jul 2013)
item Microwave moisture meter for in-shell almonds. (Jul 2013)
item Measuring and modeling of radiofrequency dielectric properties of chicken breast meat (Jul 2013)
item Modeling the use of microwave energy in sensing of moisture content in vidalia onions (Jul 2013)
item Automatic image analysis and spot classification for detection of fruit fly infestation in hyperspectral images of mangoes (Jul 2013)
item Determination of complex permittivity from propagation constant measurement with planar transmission lines (Jul 2013)
item The accuracy and calibration of three cotton bale moisture sensors used in a commercial gin with lint moisture restoration (Jun 2013)
item Relationship of leaf and bract trichomes to trash content of ginned lint (Jun 2013)
item Energy Monitoring in Gins - 2012 Preliminary Results (Jun 2013)
item Removal of plastic sheet material with normal cotton ginning equipment (Jun 2013)
item Determining seed cotton mass flow rate by pressure drop across a blowbox (Jun 2013)
item Integration of fungicide application and cultivar resistance to manage fusarium head blight in wheat (May 2013)
item Investigating effects of aging on radio-frequency dielectric properties of chicken meat (May 2013)
item Measuring the complex permittivity of poultry meat with a planar transmission-line sensor (May 2013)
item Microwave moisture sensing through use of a piecewise density-independent function (May 2013)
item A planar transmission-line sensor for measuring the microwave permittivity of liquid and semisolid biological materials (May 2013)
item Detection of flaws in hazelnuts using VIS/NIR spectroscopy (Apr 2013)
item Development of a low-cost NIR instrument for minced meat analysis: Part 1 - Spectrophotometer and sample presentations (Apr 2013)
item Automation of peanut drying with a sensor network including an in-shell kernel moisture sensor (Apr 2013)
item A calibration technique for measuring the complex permittivity of materials with planar transmission lines (Apr 2013)
item A multispectral sorting device for wheat kernels (Mar 2013)
item Application of the Wind Erosion Prediction System in the AIRPACT regional air quality modeling framework (Mar 2013)
item One dimensional Linescan x-ray detection of pits in fresh cherries (Feb 2013)
item Qualitative and quantitative analysis of lignocellulosic biomass using infrared techniques: A mini-review (Jan 2013)
item Non-destructive species identification of Drosophila obscura and D. subobscura (Diptera) using near-infrared spectroscopy (Dec 2012)
item Integrating an embedded system in a microwave moisture meter (Dec 2012)
item Electricity use patterns in cotton gins (Dec 2012)
item High speed sorting of Fusarium-damaged wheat kernels (Dec 2012)
item Microwave dielectric properties of cereal grains (Oct 2012)
item A machine vision system for high speed sorting of small spots on grains (Oct 2012)
item Infrared spectral properties of germ, pericarp, and endosperm sections of sound wheat kernels and those damaged by Fusarium graminearum (Sep 2012)
item Development of equilibrium moisture relationships for storage moisture monitoring of corn (Sep 2012)
item Drying, handling, and storage of raw commodities (Sep 2012)
item Grain aeration (Sep 2012)
item Measurement of single soybean seed attributes by near infrared technologies. A comparative study (Aug 2012)
item Computer vision for foreign body detection and removal in the food industry (Aug 2012)
item Seed cotton cleaning in Mid-South gins (Aug 2012)
item Energy monitoring in gins - 2011 (Aug 2012)
item Cotton genotype differences in fiber-seed attachment force (Aug 2012)
item Effects of Broiler Pectoralis Major Size on Sensory Descriptive Flavor and Texture Profiles of Cooked Meat (Aug 2012)
item Innovative storage solutions to improve food security for small farmers (Aug 2012)
item Microwave meter for rapid, nondestructive determination of in-shell peanut kernel moisture content from dielectric measurements on cleaned and uncleaned pod samples (Jul 2012)
item Techniques for Measuring the Dielectric Properties of Agricultural Products (Jul 2012)
item Investigating influence of temperature on radio-frequency dielectrica properties of chicken meat (Jul 2012)
item Factors Influencing the Dielectric Properties of Agricultural Products and Food Materials (Jul 2012)
item An Automated Approach to Peanut dring with real-time monitoring of in-shell Kernel Moisture Content with a Microwave Sensor (Jul 2012)
item Using near-infrared spectroscopy to resolve the species, gender, age, and the presence of Wolbachia infection in laboratory-reared Drosophila (Jul 2012)
item Differential accumulation of deoxynivalenol in two winter wheat cultivars varying in FHB phenotype response under field conditions (Jul 2012)
item Factors Influencing the Dielectric Properties of Agricultural and Food Materials (Jun 2012)
item Temperature Dependence of the Radio-Frequency Dielectric Properties of Chicken Meat (Jun 2012)
item Factors Affecting the Dielectric Properties of Agricultural and Food Products (Jun 2012)
item Detection of fungal damaged popcorn using image property covariance features (Jun 2012)
item A Century of grain and seed moisture measurement by sensing electrical properties (May 2012)
item Measuring the complex permittivity of thin grain samples by the free-space transmission technique (May 2012)
item Effects of leaf and bract trichomes on trash content and quality of ginned lint (May 2012)
item Preliminary Evaluation of Fiber Quality in Seed Cotton Cleaner Material in a Commercial Gin (May 2012)
item Energy Monitoring in Gins - 2011 (May 2012)
item Griddlestones from Adak Island, Alaska: Their provenance and the biological origins of organic residues from cooking (Apr 2012)
item A Redesigned DFA Moisture Meter (Apr 2012)
item Extensions to the quasi-static expressions for the line parameters of coplanar waveguide with relatively thick conductors (Apr 2012)
item Measuring the complex permittivity of grain by the free-space technique with a thru-reflect-match calibration procedure (Apr 2012)
item Modernization of the DFA Moisture Meter (Apr 2012)
item Detection of lesser grain borer larvae in internally infested kernels of brown rice and wheat using an electrically conductive roller mill (Mar 2012)
item Analysis of stability and type-independence of three density-independent calibration functions for microwave moisture sensing in shelled and unshelled peanuts (Mar 2012)
item Dielectric spectroscopy measurements for moisture prediction in vidalia onions (Mar 2012)
item Lipid encapsulated docosahexaenoic acid methyl ester (Jan 2012)
item Methods for correcting morphological-based deficiencies in hyperspectral images of round objects (Jan 2012)
item Short Report: The effect of preservation methods on predicting mosquito age by near-infrared spectroscopy (Dec 2011)
item Determination of Basic Density and Moisture Content of Loblolly Pine Wood Disks using a NIR Hyperspectral Imaging System (Nov 2011)
item X-ray based stem detection in an automated tomato weeding system (Oct 2011)
item Differences among cotton genotypes for fiber-seed attachment force (Sep 2011)
item A Half Century of Research on Agricultural Applications for RF and Microwave Dielectric Heating (Aug 2011)
item Examination of dielectric spectroscopy data for correlations with melon quality (Aug 2011)
item Integrating an Embedded System within a Microwave Moisture Meter (Aug 2011)
item Effect of foreign material in peanuts on in-shell nondestructive moisture sensing with a microwave moisture meter (Aug 2011)
item A Century of Grain and Seed Moisture Sensing through Electrical Properties (Aug 2011)
item Poultry water holding capacity measurements using infrared spectroscopies correlated to traditional methods (Jul 2011)
item Evaluating RNAlater® as a preservative for using near-infrared spectroscopy to predict Anopheles gambiae age and species (Jul 2011)
item Investigation of fiber maturity effect on saw-type lint cleaner fiber damage and yarn properties (Jun 2011)
item Microwave Moisture Meter for Nodestructive and Instantaneous Peanut Grading Application (May 2011)
item A brief history of grain and seed moisture sensing through dielectric properties (May 2011)
item Dielectric investigation of water binding in grains (May 2011)
item Embedded solution for a microwave moisture meter (May 2011)
item Near-infrared imaging spectroscopy as a tool to discriminate two cryptic Tetramorium ant species (May 2011)
item Effects of integrating cultivar resistance and fungicide application on fusarium head blight and deoxynivalenol in winter wheat (May 2011)
item Sensing Grain and Seed Moisture and Density from Dielectric Properties (Apr 2011)
item Cultivar differences in fiber-seed attachment force: Measurement techniques (Apr 2011)
item Survey of seed cotton cleaning equipment in mid-south gins (Apr 2011)
item Energy monitoring in gins (Apr 2011)
item Effect of processing rate on seed cotton cleaning equipment performance (Apr 2011)
item Characterization of cotton gin particulate matter emissions - Second year (Apr 2011)
item Thermal properties of encapsulated polyunsaturated fatty acid esters (Mar 2011)
item Use of grain and seed dielectric properties for moisture measurement (Mar 2011)
item Polymeric films used for MAP of fresh-cut produce (Jan 2011)
item Respirations and browning discoloration of fresh-cut produce (Jan 2011)
item Feasibility study of utilizing simplified near infrared imaging for detecting fruit fly larvae in intact fruit (Jan 2011)
item The use of marine products in animal feeds (Nov 2010)
item Near-infrared spectroscopy as a complementary age grading and species identification tool for African malaria vectors (Nov 2010)
item Microwave Sensor for Simultaneous and Nondestructive Determination of Moisture Content and Bulk Density of Granular Materials (Sep 2010)
item Detection of Mango Infested with Fruit Fly Eggs and Larvae by Infrared Imaging and Discriminant Analysis (Aug 2010)
item Label Authentication of Minced Meat by Automated Near Infrared Spectroscopy (Aug 2010)
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