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Sensory Properties of Foods
item Cleavable ester linked magnetic nanoparticles for labeling of solvent exposed primary amine groups of peptides/proteins (Sep 2015)
item Open-refrigerated retail display case temperature profile and its impact on product quality and microbiota of stored baby spinach (Aug 2015)
item Blood Lipid Distribution, Aortic Cholesterol Concentrations, and Selected Inflammatory and Bile Metabolism Markers in Syrian Hamsters Fed a Standard Breeding Diet (Jul 2015)
item Chemical Composition of the Essential Oils from Leaves of Edible (Arachis hypogaea L.) and Perennial (Arachis glabrata Benth.) Peanut Plants. (Jul 2015)
item Stability and Immunogenicity of Hypoallergenic Peanut Protein-Polyphenol Complexes during In Vitro Pepsin Diges (May 2015)
item Relationship between water-holding capacity and protein denaturation in broiler breast meat (May 2015)
item Development of silver/titanium dioxide/chitosan adipate nanocomposite as an antibacterial coating for fruit storage (Apr 2015)
item Classification of specialty seed meals from NIR reflectance spectra (Feb 2015)
item DNA-engineered chiroplasmonic heteropyramids for ultrasensitive detection of mercuryion (Jan 2015)
item Removal of heavy metal contamination from peanut skin extracts by waste biomass adsorption (Jan 2015)
item Registration of "Sugg" Peanut (Dec 2014)
item Quality of Iceberg and Romaine lettuce treated by combinations of sanitizer, surfactant, and ultrasound (Dec 2014)
item Effect of postmortem aging on marination performance of broiler breast pectoralis major categorized by color lightness (Dec 2014)
item Effect of modified atmosphere packaging (map) on the quality of sea buckthorn berry fruits during postharvest storage (Nov 2014)
item Recovery of phenolic compounds from biomass during ethanol production (Nov 2014)
item Spectroscopic analysis of catechins in peanut seed skins (Nov 2014)
item Influence of partial replacement of NaCl with KCl on profiles of volatile compounds in dry-cured bacon during processing (Sep 2014)
item Effects of plant polyphenols and a-tocopherol on lipid oxidation, residual nitrites, biogenic amines, and N-nitrosamines formation during ripening and storage of dry-cured bacon (Sep 2014)
item Microstructures of oil roasted peanuts as affected by initial moisture content (Sep 2014)
item Risk analysis of poultry feed costs (Sep 2014)
item Water-holding capacity and protein denatunation in broiler breast meat (Aug 2014)
item Phenolic plant metabolites as bioactive food and feed additives (Aug 2014)
item Effect of marination on CIELAB L* values of early-deboned broiler breast meat depends on raw material color lightness (Jul 2014)
item Photocatalytic disinfection of spoilage bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens and Macrococcus caseolyticus by nano-TiO2 (Jul 2014)
item Effect of varying postmortem deboning time and sampling position on visible and near infrared spectra of broiler breast filets (Jul 2014)
item Measurement of muscle exudate protein composition as an indicator of beef tenderness (Jul 2014)
item Effects of nanoclay type on the physical and antimicrobial properties of PVOH-based nanocomposite films (Jul 2014)
item Influence of hard water ions on the growth of salmonella in poultry processing water (Jun 2014)
item Impact of carcass scalding and chilling on muscle proteins and meat quality of broiler breast fillets (Jun 2014)
item Measurement of water-holding capacity in raw and freeze-dried broiler breast meat with visible and near-infrared spectroscopy (May 2014)
item Spectroscopic analysis of phenolic compounds for food and feed formulations (May 2014)
item Salmonella surrogate reduction using industrial peanut dry roasting parameters (May 2014)
item Effect of oil and dry roasting of peanuts at various temperatures and times on survival of Salmonella and Enterococcus faecium (May 2014)
item Effect of pH and postmortem aging on protein extraction from broiler breast muscle (May 2014)
item Novel Strategy to Create Hypoallergenic Peanut Protein-Polyphenol Edible Matrices for Oral Immunotherapy (Apr 2014)
item Docosahexaenoic acid ester degradation measured by FTIR-ATR with correlation spectroscopy (Apr 2014)
item Near-infrared analysis of peanut seed skins for catechins (Apr 2014)
item Novel strategy to create a hypoallergenic peanut protein-polyphenol edible matrices for oral immunotherapy (Apr 2014)
item Microbial contamination in poultry chillers estimated by Monte Carlo simulations (Apr 2014)
item Postmortem chemical changes in poultry breast meat monitored with visible-near infrared spectroscopy (Apr 2014)
item Hot-boning enhances cook yield of boneless skinless chicken thighs (Apr 2014)
item Analysis of phenolic compounds for poultry feeds (Feb 2014)
item Analysis of phenolic compounds for poultry feed by supercritical fluid chromatography (Jan 2014)
item Microbial contamination in poultry chillers estimated by Monte Carlo simulations (Jan 2014)
item Temperature abuse timing affects the quality deterioration of commercially packaged ready-to-eat baby spinach (Jan 2014)
item Evaluation of current industry practices for maintaining tomato dump tank water quality during packinghouse operations (Jan 2014)
item Strategies to mitigate peanut allergy: production, processing, utilization, and immunotherapy considerations (Dec 2013)
item Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue and inactivation of gram-negative bacteria by TiO2 nanoparticles in aqueous suspension (Dec 2013)
item Effect of light exposure on sensorial quality, concentrations of bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity of radish microgreens during low temperature storage (Nov 2013)
item Factors That Influence Properties of FOG Deposits and Their Formation in Sewer Collection Systems. (Nov 2013)
item Encapsulation with structured triglycerides (Nov 2013)
item Performance and mechanism of standard nano-TiO2(P-25) in photocatalytic disinfection of foodborne microorganisms - salmonella typhimurium and listeria monocytogenes (Nov 2013)
item Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of biofilms (Nov 2013)
item Analysis of process water use in poultry meat production (Nov 2013)
item Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of biofilms (Nov 2013)
item Comparison of cook loss, shear force, and sensory descriptive profiles of broiler breast fillets cooked from a frozen state and cooked after freeze/thaw (Nov 2013)
item Modified atmosphere packaging for fresh fruits and vegetables (Oct 2013)
item Understanding the Spatial Formation and Accumulation of Fats, Oils & Grease Deposits in the Sewer Collection System (Oct 2013)
item Characterization of microbial growth on processing equipment by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (Oct 2013)
item Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy for analysis of influenza vaccines (Oct 2013)
item The characterization of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose through the analysis of its substituents (Oct 2013)
item ASI: Dunaliella Marine Microalgae to Drop-In Replacement Liquid Transportation Fuel (Sep 2013)
item Mechanisms of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) Deposit Formation in Sewer Lines (Sep 2013)
item Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Peanut Skin Extracts (Aug 2013)
item Role of protein solubility in water-holding capacity of broiler breast meat. (Jul 2013)
item Exudate protein composition and Warner-Bratzler shear force in broiler breast fillets (Jul 2013)
item Chemometric correlation of shelf life, quality measurements, and visible-near infrared spectra of pasteurized eggs (Jul 2013)
item Photocatalytic inactivation of bacteria from spoiled raw chicken carcasses in aqueous suspensions by TiO2 nanoparticles (Jul 2013)
item Effect of sample preparation method on sensory quality of cooked chicken breast fillets processed for food service (Jul 2013)
item Summer (sub-arctic) versus winter (sub-tropical) production affects on spinach leaf bio-nutrients: Vitamins (C, E, Folate, K1, provitamin A), lutein, phenolics, and antioxidants (Jul 2013)
item Pre-harvest muskmelon fruit cracking: causes and potential remedies (Jun 2013)
item Water-holding capacity of broiler breast muscle during the first 24 h postmortem. (Jun 2013)
item Effect of postmortem aging time on tumbling marination performance of broiler breast fillets (Jun 2013)
item Microstructure alterations in beef intramuscular connective tissue caused by hydrodynamic pressure processing (Jun 2013)
item Stability of lipid encapsulated phenolic acid particles (Jun 2013)
item Development of a Pilot Scale Process to Sequester Aflatoxin and Release Bioactive Peptides from Highly Contaminated Peanut Meal (May 2013)
item Relationship between muscle exudate protein composition and broiler breast meat quality (May 2013)
item Effects of broiler carcass scalding and chilling methods on quality of early-deboned breast fillets (May 2013)
item Producing biodiesel from cotton seed oil using Rhizopus oryzae ATTC #34612 whole cell biocatalysts: Culture media and cultivation period optimization (Apr 2013)
item Analysis of phenolic compounds extracted from peanut seed testa (Apr 2013)
item Analysis of phenolic compounds extracted from peanut seed testa (Apr 2013)
item Postharvest biology, quality and shelf-life of buckwheat microgreens (Apr 2013)
item Lipid encapsulated phenolic compounds by fluidization (Mar 2013)
item Comparative Proteomic Analysis and IgE Binding Properties of Peanut Seed and Testa (Skin) (Mar 2013)
item Meat science and muscle biology symposium: In utero factors that influence postnatal muscle growth, carcass composition, and meat quality (Mar 2013)
item Allergenic Properties of Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Peanut Flour Extracts (Feb 2013)
item Refractive Index and Density Measurements of Peanut Oil for Determining Oleic and Linoleic Acid Contents (Feb 2013)
item Lipid encapsulated phenolics (Jan 2013)
item Compositional and Mechanical Properties of Peanuts Roasted to Equivalent Colors using Different Time/Temperature Combinations (Dec 2012)
item Kl-impregnated Oyster Shells as a Solid Catalyst for Soybean Oil Transesterificaton (Dec 2012)
item Positive Effects of Converting a Food and Bioprocessing Analysis Course to an Inquiry-Guided Approach (Nov 2012)
item LC-MS and GC-TOFMS analysis of maclura pomifera extracts (Nov 2012)
item Analysis of phenolic compounds from corn, oat, and wheat bran extracts by LC-MS-PDA (Nov 2012)
item Density and Refractive Index Measurements of Peanut Oil to Determine Oleic and Linoleic Acid Content (Nov 2012)
item Principal component analysis of phenolic acid spectra (Oct 2012)
item Value-Added Processing of Peanut Skins: Antioxidant Capacity, Total Phenolics, and Procyanidin Content of Spray Dried Extracts (Oct 2012)
item Oxidative stability of fatty acids (Oct 2012)
item Process Development for Spray Drying a Value-Added Extract from Aflatoxin Contaminated Peanut Meal (Sep 2012)
item Assessment and Characterization of Oil from Roasted Peanut Skins (Sep 2012)
item Flavor and Antioxidant Capacity of Peanut Paste and Peanut Butter Supplemented with Peanut Skins (Aug 2012)
item Compariative analysis of strawberry total phenolics via fast blue BB vs. folin-ciocalteu: assay interference by ascorbic acid (Aug 2012)
item Effects of Broiler Pectoralis Major Size on Sensory Descriptive Flavor and Texture Profiles of Cooked Meat (Aug 2012)
item Assessment of vitamin and carotenoid concentrations of emerging food products: edible microgreens (Jul 2012)
item Delayed Carcass Deboning Results in Significantly Reduced Cook Yields of Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs (Jul 2012)
item Breast muscle tissue characteristics in growing broilers (Jul 2012)
item Relationship of muscle exudate protein characteristics to broiler breast meat quality (Jul 2012)
item Influence of hard water ions on the growth rate of Salmonella Typhimurium (Jul 2012)
item Impact of carcass scalding and chilling methods on the functionality of early-deboned broiler breast fillets (Jul 2012)
item Cost analysis of poultry feed formulated with fly larvae (Jul 2012)
item Effects of fillet weight on sensory descriptive flavor and texture profiles of broiler breast meat (Jul 2012)
item Effect of Coating and Packaging Materials on Photocatalytic and Antimicrobial Activities of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles (Jun 2012)
item Extending the shelf life of edible flowers with controlled release of 1-methylcyclopropene and modified atmosphere packaging (Jun 2012)
item Co-product recovery from biomass during ethanol production (Jun 2012)
item Alterations in the sarcoplasmic protein fraction of beef muscle with postmortem aging and hydrodynamic pressure processing (Jun 2012)
item Postmortem aging and freezing and thawing storage enhance ability of early deboned chicken pectoralis major muscle to hold added salt water (May 2012)
item Effect of cultural system and essential oil treatment on antioxidant capacity in raspberries (May 2012)
item Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of essential oil constituents encapsulated in zein nanoparticles prepared by liquid-liquid dispersion method (Apr 2012)
item Postharvest biology, quality and shelf-life of buckwheat microgreens (Apr 2012)
item Postharvest color and texture retention in organic Chinese red raspberry and sea-buckthorn fruit during modified atmosphere storage (Apr 2012)
item Water chemistry and antimicrobial treatment in poultry processing (Oct 2011)
item Measurement of lipid supplements in poultry feed by infrared spectroscopy (Oct 2011)
item Encapsulation of food and feed additives using lipid nanoparticles (Oct 2011)
item Organically versus conventionally grown produce: Common production inputs, nutritional quality, and nitrogen delivery between the two systems (Sep 2011)
item Influence of Bleaching on Flavor of 34% Whey Protein Concentrate and Residual Benzoic Acid Concentration in Dried Whey Proteins (Sep 2011)
item Marination effects on water states and water-holding capacity of broiler pectoralis major muscle with different color lightness (Sep 2011)
item Marination effects on water states and water-holding capacity of broiler pectoralis major muscle with different color lightness (Sep 2011)
item Pearson’s correlations between moisture content, drip loss, expressible fluid and salt-induced water gain of broiler pectoralis major muscle (Aug 2011)
item Influence of bleaching on flavor of 34% whey protein concentrate and residual benzoic acid concentration in dried whey products (Aug 2011)
item Groundnut (Peanut) Oil (Jul 2011)
item Sensing the water content of honey from temperature-dependent electrical conductivity (Jul 2011)
item Postmortem aging can significantly enhance water-holding capacity of broiler pectoralis major muscle measured by the salt-induced swelling/centrifuge method (Jul 2011)
item Effect of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) on quality of Sea Buckthorn during postharvest storage (Jun 2011)
item Antimicrobial packaging for fresh-cut fruits (Jun 2011)
item Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) impacts on organic Chinese red raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) fruit on quality and active components over postharvest storage (Jun 2011)
item Effect of Different Time/Temperature Roast Combinations on Peanut Flavor-Descriptive Sensory, Electronic Nose and Electronic Eye Characterization (Jun 2011)
item Effect of Different Time/Temperature Roast Combinations on Nutritional and Mechanical Properties of Peanuts (Jun 2011)
item Potential of Spray Dried Peanut Skin Extract as a Food Ingredient with Antioxidant Properties (Jun 2011)
item Evidence for fat, oil and grease (FOG) deposit formation mechanisms in sewer lines (May 2011)
item Pilot scale production of angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory peptides from aflatoxin contaminated peanut meal (Mar 2011)
item Carotene and novel apocarotenoid concentrations in orange-fleshed Cucumis melo melons: determinations of beta-carotene bioaccessability and bioavailability (Mar 2011)
item Sensory and sensory-related quality of fresh-cut produce under MAP (Jan 2011)
item Introduction (Jan 2011)
item Modified atmosphere packaging for fresh-cut fruits and vegetables (Jan 2011)
item Water chemistry and poultry processing water quality (Oct 2010)
item Quantification of Peanut and Oilseed Texture as a Function of Processing (Jul 2010)
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