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United States Department of Agriculture

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Fiber Products
item Development of rapid continuous dyeing process for heavy-weight nylon 6,6 carpet (May 2014)
item Internally dispersed synthesis of uniform silver nanoparticles via in situ reduction of [Ag(NH3)2]+ along natural microfibrillar substructures of cotton fiber (May 2014)
item A pilot-scale nonwoven roll goods manufacturing process reduces microbial burden to pharmacopeia acceptance levels for nonsterile hygiene applications (Mar 2014)
item Enhanced thermal and combustion resistance of cotton linked to natural inorganic salt components (Jan 2014)
item Flame retardant cotton barrier nonwovens for mattresses (Jan 2013)
item Cone calorimeter evaluation of two flame retardant cotton fabrics (Jan 2013)
item Effects of greige cotton lint properties on hydroentangled nonwoven fabrics (Jan 2013)
item Effect of web formation on properties of hydroentangled nonwoven fabrics (Nov 2012)
item Thermal and flame retardant behaviors of cotton fiber treated with phosphoramidate derivatives (Nov 2012)
item Effect of laundering hydroentangled cotton nonwoven fabrics (Sep 2012)
item Potential development of a new cotton-based antimicrobial wipe (Jun 2012)
item Effect of cotton pectin content and bioscouring on alkyl-dimethyl-benzyl-ammonium chloride adsorption (May 2012)
item A preliminary study of dyeing greige cotton nonwoven fabrics with and without traditional scouring and bleaching processes (Apr 2012)
item Evaluation of three flame retardant (FR) grey cotton blend nonwoven fabrics using micro-scale combustion calorimetry (Jan 2012)
item Effect of water pressure on absorbency of hydroentangled greige cotton nonwoven fabrics (Dec 2011)
item Development of eco-safe and sustainable cotton-based nonwoven fabrics (Dec 2011)
item Effect of cotton fiber properties on properties of hydroentangled nonwoven fabrics (Nov 2011)
item Utilization of pre-cleaned greige cotton in nonwovens: a sensible approach (Oct 2011)
item Effect of urea additive on the thermal decomposition of greige cotton nonwoven fabric treated with diammonium phosphate (Sep 2011)
item Greige cotton comber noils for sustainable nonwovens (Aug 2011)
item Covalent attachment of lysozyme to cotton/cellulose materials: protein verses solid support activation (Jun 2011)
item Adsorption of alkyl-dimethyl-benzyl-ammonium chloride on differently pretreated nonwoven cotton substrate (May 2011)
item A comparative study of nonwoven fabrics made with two distinctly different forms of greige cotton lint (May 2011)
item Antibacterial flame retardant cotton high loft nonwovens (Apr 2011)
item Effect of varying nonwoven cotton substrate and the properties of the surfactant solution upon the adsorption of aqueous solutions of alkyl-dimethyl-benzyl-ammonium chloride (Apr 2011)
item Our experience in processing a pre-cleaned greige cotton lint for certain nonwoven base materials (Apr 2011)
item Effect of phosphorus and nitrogen on thermal decomposition kinetics of flame retardant cotton (Apr 2011)
item Comparative study of through-air bonded and thermal calendered nonwovens (Apr 2011)
item A novel approach for efficient utilization of cotton into nonwovens (Nov 2010)
item Absorbent silver (I) antimicrobial fabrics (Sep 2010)
item Improved prospects of cotton used in nonwovens (Sep 2010)
item Cotton-based nonwovens (Jul 2010)
item Cotton-based nonwovens (Jul 2010)
item Scope of nanotechnology in modern textiles (Jul 2010)
item Biodegradable Materials for Nonwovens (Jun 2010)
item Flame retardant cotton based highloft nonwovens (Apr 2010)
item Nonwovens manufacturing technologies and cotton’s realistic scope in nonwovens (Jun 2009)
item A prototype yarn evaluation tester to rapidly assess comparative weavability of warp yarns without weaving (Jun 2008)
item Physiological and genetic basis of cotton acclimation to abiotic stress (May 2007)
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