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Measure & Evaluate Animal Well-Being
item Effects of dietary antioxidant on performance and physiological responses following heat stress in laying hens (Aug 2014)
item Design and performance of cooled perches for alternative egg laying production systems (Jul 2014)
item Risks associated with preweaning mortality in 855 litters on 39 commercial outdoor pig farms in England (Jul 2014)
item Group housing during gestation affects the behaviour of sows and the physiological indices of offspring pitlets at weaning. (Jun 2014)
item Pain management in the neonatal piglet during routine management procedures. Part 2: Grading the quality of evidence and the strength of recommendations (Jun 2014)
item Group space allowance has little effect on sow health, productivity, or welfare in a free-access stall system (Jun 2014)
item The effect of perch access during pullet rearing and egg laying on physiological measurements of stress in 71-week-old White Leghorns (May 2014)
item The effects of housing environment on liver health of laying hens (May 2014)
item Dietary L-arginine supplementation attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation and affects the extracellular recognition of lipopolysaccharide in broiler chickens (Apr 2014)
item Dietary L-arginine supplementation attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced in ammatory response in broiler chickens (Jan 2014)
item Dietary L-arginine supplementation modulates lipopolysaccharide-induced systemic inflammatory response in broiler chickens (Jul 2013)
item Group size alters postures, and maintenance, oral, locomotor and social behaviors of veal calves (Jul 2013)
item Group size of veal calves does not affect production, physiological, or hematological indicators of welfare and has transient effects on health (Jul 2013)
item Controlling Salmonella infection in weanling pigs through water delivery of direct-fed microbials or organic acids: Part II. Effects on intestinal histology and active nutrient transport (Aug 2012)
item Effect of pre-slaughter stressors on intestinal microbial populations of pigs (Jul 2012)
item Zinc’s impact on intestinal barrier function and zinc trafficking during coccidial caccine challenge (Jul 2012)
item Effect of stress on Salmonella, coliforms and lactobacilli in different portions of the intestinal tract of swine (Jun 2012)
item Transportation and mixing with unfamiliar pigs increase the susceptibility of market-weight pigs to Salmonella enterica (Jun 2012)
item Salmonella serovars differentially stimulate bovine leukocyte responses in vitro (Dec 2011)
item Dam heat load affects neonatal calves’ bacterial prevalence and innate immunity (Jul 2011)
Last Modified: 9/20/2013
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