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Animal Microbes: Symbiosis/Modification
item Effects of ruminal dosing of Holstein cows with Megasphaera elsdenii on milk fat production, ruminal chemistry, and bacterial strain persistence (Oct 2015)
item Comparison of methods for glycogen analysis of in vitro fermentation pellets produced with strained ruminal inoculum (Sep 2015)
item The effects of hybrid relative maturity on corn stover for ethanol production and biomass composition (Sep 2015)
item Redox mediators modify end product distribution in biomass fermentations by mixed ruminal microbes in vitro (Aug 2015)
item Effects of replacing soybean meal with canola meal or treated canola meal on performance of lactating dairy cows (Jul 2015)
item Time required for adaptation of protein metabolism (Jul 2015)
item Ruminal bacterial community composition in dairy cows is dynamic over the course of two lactations and correlates with feed efficiency (Jun 2015)
item Replacing dietary soybean meal with canola meal improves production and efficiency of lactating dairy cows (Jun 2015)
item Total volatile fatty acid concentrations are unreliable estimators of treatment effects on ruminal fermentation in vivo (Jun 2015)
item Effect of variable water intake as mediated by dietary potassium carbonate supplementation on rumen dynamics in lactating dairy cows (May 2015)
item A response regulator from a soil metagenome enhances resistance to the beta-lactam antibiotic carbenicillin in Escherichia coli (Mar 2015)
item Determination of dietary starch in animal feeds and pet food by an enzymatic-colorimetric method: collaborative study (Mar 2015)
item Editorial on virus ecology and disturbances: impact of environmental disruption on the viruses of microorganisms (Dec 2014)
item Bacterial communities in the rumen of Holstein heifers differ when fed orchardgrass as pasture versus hay (Dec 2014)
item Selection of an empirical detection method for determination of water-soluble carbohydrates in feedstuffs for application in ruminant nutrition (Dec 2014)
item Feed analyses and their interpretation (Nov 2014)
item Feeding, evaluating, and controlling rumen function (Nov 2014)
item Production of medium-chain volatile fatty acids by mixed ruminal microorganisms is enhanced by ethanol in co-culture with Clostridium kluyveri (Nov 2014)
item Role of the ruminal microbiome in the production and composition of milk (Oct 2014)
item Corn bran versus corn grain at 2 levels of forage: Intake, apparent digestibility, and production responses by lactating dairy cows (Aug 2014)
item Antibiotic resistance gene discovery in food-producing animals (Jul 2014)
item Finding alternatives to antibiotics (Jun 2014)
item Carbadox has both temporary and lasting effects on the swine gut microbiota (Jun 2014)
item Altered egos: antibiotic effects on food animal microbiomes (Jun 2014)
item Responses of late-lactation cows to forage substitutes in low-forage diets supplemented with by-products (May 2014)
item Carbohydrate and fat: considerations for energy and more (Apr 2014)
item Bacteria, phages, and pigs: the effects of in-feed antibiotics on the microbiome at different gut locations (Feb 2014)
item Dynamic phages in the swine gut ecosystem (Jul 2013)
item Butyrate-producing bacteria, including mucin degraders, from the swine intestinal tract (Jun 2013)
item Spatial patterns of microbial community composition within Lake Erie sediments (Jun 2013)
item Gene expression changes in the swine microbiota with the in-feed antibiotic carbadox (May 2013)
item A call for antibiotic alternatives research (Mar 2013)
item Treatment, promotion, commotion: Antibiotic alternatives in food-producing animals (Mar 2013)
item Estimation of viral richness from shotgun metagenomes using a frequency count approach (Feb 2013)
item Antibiotics and gene transfer in swine gut bacteria (Dec 2012)
item Cloacibacillus porcorum sp. nov., a mucin-degrading bacterium from the swine intestinal tract and emended description of the genus Cloacibacillus (Oct 2012)
item Poultry intestinal microbiota (turkeys; chickens) – animal health and food safety perspectives (Sep 2012)
item Mitsuokella jalaludinii inhibits growth of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium (Sep 2012)
item Collateral effects of antibiotics on mammalian gut microbiomes (Jul 2012)
item Estimating richness from phage metagenomes (Jun 2012)
item Isolation of unique butyrate-producing bacteria from swine (May 2012)
item Estimating population diversity with CatchAll (Feb 2012)
item Estimating population diversity with unreliable low frequency counts (Jan 2012)
item Antibiotics in feed induce prophages in swine fecal microbiomes (Nov 2011)
item Chlortetracycline - resistant intestinal bacteria in organically-raised and feral swine (Oct 2011)
item Mitsuokella jalaludinii inhibits growth of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium (Oct 2011)
item Exploring the impacts of antibiotics on the microbial communities in the swine intestinal tract (Oct 2011)
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