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Animal Breeding Production Systems
item Identification of differentially regulated proteins of Edwardsiella ictaluri during iron restriction (Jul 2015)
item Effects of maternal lines and mating systems on susceptibility to parasitism in a pasture-lambing, low-input production system (Jul 2015)
item Circulating microRNAs as biomarkers of early embryonic viability in cattle (Jun 2015)
item Systems biology approach to understanding uterine receptivity and pregnancy loss (Jun 2015)
item Innate immune responses of immune proteins in juvenile channel catfish (May 2015)
item Can we build the cowherd by increasing longevity of females? (Apr 2015)
item Reproductive Management for Optimal Oocyte Development to Enhance Fertility (Mar 2015)
item Reproductive Management for Optimal Uterine Preparedness for Pregnancy (Mar 2015)
item Role of exogenous estrogen in initiation of estrus and induction of an LH surge (Mar 2015)
item Genetic effects on birth weight in reciprocal Brahman-Simmental crossbred calves (Feb 2015)
item Estimation of breed-specific heterosis effects for birth, weaning and yearling weight in cattle (Jan 2015)
item Incidence of infection in 39-month-old ewes with TMEM154 diplotypes "1 1," "1 3," and "3 3" after natural exposure to ovine progressive pneumonia virus (Jan 2015)
item Heifer body weight gain and reproductive achievement in response to protein and energy supplementation while grazing dormant range forage (Dec 2014)
item Use of robust multivariate linear mixed models for estimation of genetic parameters for carcass traits in beef cattle (Dec 2014)
item CAPN1, CAST, and DGAT1 genetic effects on preweaning performance, carcass quality traits, and residual variance of tenderness in a beef cattle population selected for haplotype and allele equalization (Dec 2014)
item Characterization of the vaginal microbiota of ewes and cows reveals a unique microbiota with low levels of lactobacilli and near-neutral pH (Oct 2014)
item Increased conception rates in beef cattle inseminated with nanopurified bull semen (Sep 2014)
item Use of ultrasound scanning and body condition score to evaluate composition traits in mature beef cows (Sep 2014)
item Beef cattle body temperature during climatic stress: a genome-wide association study (Aug 2014)
item Is there a genetic solution to bovine respiratory disease complex? (Aug 2014)
item Selection enhanced estimates of µ-calpain, calpastatin, and dacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 1 genetic effects on pre-weaning performance, carcass quality traits, and residual variance of tenderness in composite ... cattle (Aug 2014)
item Large effects on birth weight follow inheritance pattern consistent with gametic imprinting and X chromosome (Aug 2014)
item Influence of Miles City Line 1 on the United States Hereford Population (Jun 2014)
item Index-in-retrospect and breeding objectives characterizing genetic improvement programs for South African Nguni cattle (Jun 2014)
item Comparison of methionine hydroxy analogue chelated versus sulfate forms of copper, zinc, and manganese on growth performance and pregnancy rates in yearling beef replacement heifers (May 2014)
item The effect of follicle age on conception rate in beef heifers (Feb 2014)
item µ-Calpain, calpastatin, and growth hormone receptor genetic effects on preweaning performance, carcass quality traits, and residual variance of tenderness in Angus cattle selected to increase minor haplotype ... frequencies (Feb 2014)
item The effect of follicle age on pregnancy rate in beef cows (Jan 2014)
item Effects of TMEM154 haplotypes 1 and 3 on susceptibility to ovine progressive pneumonia virus following natural exposure in sheep (Nov 2013)
item Circulating bovine pregnancy associated glycoproteins (bPAGs) are associated with late embryonic/fetal survival but not ovulatory follicle size in suckled beef cows (Sep 2013)
item Effects of fertility on gene expression and function of the bovine endometrium (Aug 2013)
item Effect of pubertal status and number of estrous cycles prior to the breeding season on pregnancy rate in beef heifers (Jun 2013)
item Fall pasture quality for cows in mid-pregnancy has minimal effects on offspring growth (Jun 2013)
item Impact of number of estrous cycles exhibited prior to start of breeding on reproductive performance in beef heifers (Jun 2013)
item Genetic variation in bison (bison bison) subspecies and cattle (Bos taurus) breeds and subspecies (Mar 2013)
item Development and applications of low-cost, high-throughput genotyping (Mar 2013)
item Estimation of genetic marker effects for CAPN1, CAST, and GHR on carcass quality traits in Angus cattle selected to increase minor marker frequencies (Mar 2013)
item Low density marker assays (LDMA) for high throughput, highly multiplexed detection, CNV, methylation, and expression assays (Jan 2013)
item Low-cost genotyping by next generation sequencing: Next generation genotyping (Jan 2013)
item Development of low-cost, high-throughput genotyping to complement SNP discovery by individual animal whole-genome sequencing (Jan 2013)
item Comparison of methionine chelated versus sulfate trace minerals on rate and efficiency of gain and pregnancy rates in beef heifers (Jul 2012)
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