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Crop Management Practices
item Vine balance: relationships between Pinot noir vegetative vigor and fruit composition (Apr 2014)
item Energy potential and greenhouse gas emissions from bioenergy cropping systems on marginally productive cropland (Mar 2014)
item Pyraclostrobin wash-off from sugarcane leaves and aerobic dissipation in agricultural soil (Feb 2014)
item A petunia homeodomain-leucine zipper protein, PhHD-Zip, plays an important role in flower senescence (Feb 2014)
item Categories of resistance to greenbug and yellow sugarcane aphid (homoptera: aphididae) in three tetraploid switchgrass populations (Feb 2014)
item Evaluation of tetraploid switchgrass populations (Panicum virgatum L.) for host suitability and differential resistance to four cereal aphids (Feb 2014)
item Glyphosate carryover in seed potato: effects on mother crop and daughter tubers (Jan 2014)
item Evaluation of rotary, slapper, and sway blueberry mechanical harvesters for potential fruit impact points using a miniature instrumented sphere (Jan 2014)
item Senescence, dormancy and tillering in perennial C4 grasses (Jan 2014)
item Profitable prairie restoration: The EcoSun Prairie Farm experiment (Jan 2014)
item Nickel affects Xlem Sap RNase A and converts RNase A to a Urease (Dec 2013)
item Current state of weed management in organic and conventional cropping systems. In "Automation: The Future of Weed Control in Cropping Systems" (Dec 2013)
item Establishing and managing perennial grasses for bioenergy (Dec 2013)
item Growth of bermudagrass with white clover or nitrogen fertilizer (Nov 2013)
item Bioenergy feedstock development scenarios & potential impacts on regional groundwater withdrawals (Sep 2013)
item The impact of global warming on floral traits that affect the selfing rate in a high-altitude plant (Sep 2013)
item A miniature instrumented sphere to understand impacts created by mechanical blueberry harvesting (Aug 2013)
item Techniques for increasing machine-harvest efficiency in highbush blueberry (Aug 2013)
item Pasture quality variation throughout the grazing season (Jul 2013)
item Sustainability of US organic beef and dairy production systems: soil, plant and cattle interactions (Jul 2013)
item Economics of supplemental weed control applications on spring-transplanted onions (Jul 2013)
item Economics of supplemental weed control applications on spring-transplanted onions (Jul 2013)
item Relationship between grain crop yield potential and nitrogen response (Jul 2013)
item Transcriptome changes associated wtih delayed flower senescence on transgenic petunia by inducing expression of etr1-1, a mutant ethylene receptor (Jul 2013)
item Abolishing activity against ascorbate in a cytosolic ascorbate peroxidase from switchgrass (Jun 2013)
item Towards uncovering the roles of switchgrass peroxidases in plant processes (Jun 2013)
item Axxe® (Pelargonic Acid) and Racer® (Ammonium Nonanoate): Weed Control Comparisons (Jun 2013)
item Sequential applications of pelargonic acid for weed control in squash (Jun 2013)
item Establishing and managing perennial grass energy crop demonstration plots (Jun 2013)
item Earthworms (Oligochaeta: Acanthodrilidae and Lumbricidae) associated with Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant, Travis County, Texas, USA (May 2013)
item Defense responses regulated by jasmonate and delayed senescence caused by ethylene receptor mutation contribute to tolerance of petunia to Botrytis cinerea (May 2013)
item Hybridization and introgression between the exotic Siberian elm, Ulmus pumila, and the native Field elm, U. minor, in Italy (May 2013)
item Carbon source quality and placement effects on soil organic carbon status (May 2013)
item Evaluation of Reflex (fomesafen) herbicide for watermelon in Oklahoma (May 2013)
item Investigation of the microbial retting community of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) under differing conditions using next-generation semiconductor sequencing (May 2013)
item Influence of 1-MCP treatments on eating quality and consumer preferences of ‘Qinmei’ kiwifruit during shelf life (Apr 2013)
item Preemergence weed control in transplanted watermelon - 2012 (Apr 2013)
item New development with cultural management related to flowering (Mar 2013)
item Challenges with mechanical harvesting of blueberries for the fresh market (Mar 2013)
item Rotating cross-arm technology for blackberry production (Mar 2013)
item Rotating cross-arm trellis technology for blackberry production (Mar 2013)
item Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi differ in their ability to regulate the expression of phosphate transportors in maize (Zea mays L.) (Mar 2013)
item Profiling USGA putting greens using GPR - an as-built surveying method (Mar 2013)
item Sericea lespdeza as an aid in the control of Emeria spp. in lambs (Mar 2013)
item Cultural techniques for altering the flowering time and double-cropping short-day varieties (Feb 2013)
item Mechanical harvesting of blueberries with extended shelf life: impact damage and suggestions for reducing bruise injury (Feb 2013)
item A career in government: my experiences working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service (Feb 2013)
item Quantitative evaluation of a rotary blueberry mechanical harvester using a miniature instrumental sensor (Jan 2013)
item The 2011 North American strawberry symposium: an introduction (Jan 2013)
item Drainage water management (Nov 2012)
item Greenhouse gas fluxes in response to corn stover harvest (Nov 2012)
item Using berry impact recording device for bruising assessment in southern highbush blueberry (Nov 2012)
item Corn and soybean grain yields in a long-term tillage and cropping systems study (Oct 2012)
item Green-cane harvest of sugarcane effects on biomass and energy yields and nutrient removal (Oct 2012)
item Postharvest biology and technology of ornamentals (Oct 2012)
item Postharvest: Cut flowers and potted plants (Sep 2012)
item Natural fiber production, harvesting, and preliminary processing: options and opportunities (Sep 2012)
item Corn stover harvest: Likely effects on soil productivity (Aug 2012)
item Growing season greenhouse gas flux from switchgrass in the northern Great Plains (Jul 2012)
item Landscape influences on soil nitrogen supply and water holding capacity for irrigated corn (Jul 2012)
item Impact bruise assessment of southern highbush blueberry (Jul 2012)
item Co-silencing the mirabilis antiviral protein permits virus-induced gene silencing in Mirabilis jalapa (Jul 2012)
item Method for producing long-cane blackberry plants (Jul 2012)
item Elevating your elevator talk (Jun 2012)
item Innovating blackberry production system (Jun 2012)
item Proximal soil sensing: global perspective (Apr 2012)
item Development of improved tepary germplasm (Mar 2012)
item Cob component of corn residue can be used as a biofuel feedstock with little impact on soil and water conservation (Feb 2012)
item Nitrous oxide emissions from smooth bromegrass pasture under nitrogen fertilizer and bovine urine application in eastern Nebraska (Jan 2012)
item Method for producing tip-layered, long-cane blackberry plants using the rotating cross-arm trellis and cane training system (Nov 2011)
item Mechanisms involved in calcium deficiency development in tomato fruit in response to gibberellins (Sep 2011)
item Onion transplant production system for Oklahoma (Sep 2011)
item Weed control options for organically grown vine crops (Sep 2011)
item Florigen unmasked - exciting prospects for horticulture (Aug 2011)
item Virus-Induced Gene Silencing in Ornametal Plants (Jun 2011)
item Blackberry propagation by non-leafy floricane cuttings (Apr 2011)
item Horizontal cane orientation and rowcover application improve winter survival and yield of trailing 'Siskiyou' blackberry (Apr 2011)
item Identification of defense-related genes newly-associated with tomato flower abscission (Apr 2011)
item Virus-Induced gene silencing in ornamental plants (Jan 2011)
item Effect of maturity and cold storage on ethylene biosynthesis and ripening in ‘Bartlett’ pears treated after harvest with 1-MCP (Jan 2011)
item Sodium hypochlorite: A promising agent for reducing Botrytis cinerea infection on rose flowers (Dec 2010)
item Microarray analysis of the abscission-related transcriptome in tomato flower abscission zone in response to auxin depletion (Dec 2010)
item New methods for regulating flowering time in short-day strawberry (Aug 2010)
item Methods for altering the flowering time in strawberries (Aug 2010)
item Horizontal cane orientation and rowcover application improve winter survival and yield of trailing 'Siskiyou' blackberry (Jul 2010)
item Delaying flowering in short-day strawberry transplants with photoselective nets (Jun 2010)
item Physiological and molecular changes during opening and senescence of Nicotiana mutabilis flowers (Jun 2010)
item Blackberry production options for cold areas (Mar 2010)
item What about blackberries? options for the northeast (Feb 2010)
item Treatment with Thidiazuron Improves Opening and Vase Life of Iris Flowers (Jan 2010)
item Physiological and Molecular Changes During Opening and Senescence of Nicotiana Mutabilis Flowers (Jan 2010)
item Off-season greenhouse strawberry production (Jul 2009)
item Two methods for assessing frost tolerance in flowers of highbush blueberry cultivars (Jul 2009)
item Report on 2008-2009 USDA-UMD strawberry research at Wye REC (May 2009)
item Reducing winter injury in blackberries (May 2009)
item North American berry industries and research areas (Mar 2009)
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