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Crop Management Principles
item Vine balance: relationships between Pinot noir vegetative vigor and fruit composition (Apr 2014)
item Camelina growing degree hour and base temperature requirements (Mar 2014)
item Evaluating the USDA-NRCS pasture condition score system with weighted indicators (Mar 2014)
item Evaluation of rotary, slapper, and sway blueberry mechanical harvesters for potential fruit impact points using a miniature instrumented sphere (Jan 2014)
item Searching for synergism in dryland cropping systems in the central Great Plains (Jan 2014)
item Phenotypic changes in laboratory-reared colonies of the maize herbivore, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera (Jan 2014)
item Male reproductive competition and components of female fitness in relation to body size in Northern Corn Rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) (Jan 2014)
item The role of prescribed burn associations in the application of prescribed fires in rangeland ecosystems (Dec 2013)
item Yield and water use of siberian wildrye with ridge and furrow planting in northern China (Oct 2013)
item Standing crop residues and wind erosion (Oct 2013)
item A miniature instrumented sphere to understand impacts created by mechanical blueberry harvesting (Aug 2013)
item Techniques for increasing machine-harvest efficiency in highbush blueberry (Aug 2013)
item Resistance to soybean aphid among wild soybean lines under controlled conditions (Aug 2013)
item RNAi-based insecticidal crops: potential effects on non-target species (Aug 2013)
item Pasture quality variation throughout the grazing season (Jul 2013)
item Sustainability of US organic beef and dairy production systems: soil, plant and cattle interactions (Jul 2013)
item Risk to native Uroleucon aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae) from non-native lady beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) (Jul 2013)
item Lady beetles of South Dakota (Jun 2013)
item The next generation of pesticides (Jun 2013)
item Corn rootworms and Bt resistance (Jun 2013)
item Do additional sugar sources affect the degree of attendance of Dysmicoccus brevipes by the fire ant Solenopsis geminata? (Jun 2013)
item Soil carbon changes influenced by soil management and calculation method (Jun 2013)
item Winter wheat yield response to available water (Jun 2013)
item Why eat extra floral nectar? Understanding food selection by Coleomegilla maculata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) (May 2013)
item Performance and prospects of Rag genes for management of soybean aphid (May 2013)
item Molecular approach to describing a seed-based food web: the post-dispersal granivore community of an invasive plant (Apr 2013)
item New development with cultural management related to flowering (Mar 2013)
item Rotating cross-arm technology for blackberry production (Mar 2013)
item Challenges with mechanical harvesting of blueberries for the fresh market (Mar 2013)
item Rotating cross-arm trellis technology for blackberry production (Mar 2013)
item A comparison of two models to evaluate soil physical property effects on corn (Zea mays, L.)root growth (Mar 2013)
item Long-term tillage impacts on soil aggregation and carbon dynamics under wheat-fallow in the central Great Plains (Mar 2013)
item Cultural techniques for altering the flowering time and double-cropping short-day varieties (Feb 2013)
item Mechanical harvesting of blueberries with extended shelf life: impact damage and suggestions for reducing bruise injury (Feb 2013)
item Identification of soybean aphid resistance in early maturing genotypes of soybean (Feb 2013)
item Managing weeds with a population-based approach (Jan 2013)
item Possible causes of dry pea synergy to corn (Jan 2013)
item Impact of sunflower on land productivity in the semiarid steppe of the United States (Jan 2013)
item Quantitative evaluation of a rotary blueberry mechanical harvester using a miniature instrumental sensor (Jan 2013)
item The 2011 North American strawberry symposium: an introduction (Jan 2013)
item Insect communities in soybeans of eastern South Dakota: The effects of vegetation management and pesticides on soybean aphids, bean leaf beetles, and their natural enemies (Nov 2012)
item Rapid changes in microbial biomass and aggregate size distribution in response to changes in organic matter management in grass pasture (Nov 2012)
item Using berry impact recording device for bruising assessment in southern highbush blueberry (Nov 2012)
item SOYBEAN.APHID.1.SD.2011 (Sep 2012)
item SOYBEAN.APHID.2.SD.2011 (Sep 2012)
item SOYBEAN.DEFOLIATION.1.SD.2011 (Sep 2012)
item SOYBEAN.DEFOLIATION.2.SD.2011 (Sep 2012)
item Method for continuously rearing Coccinella lady beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) (Sep 2012)
item Diversity of floral and extrafloral nutritional resources on the fitness of an omnivorous bug, Orius insidiosus (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) (Sep 2012)
item Inheritance of an extended diapause trait in the Northern corn rootworm, Diabrotica barberi (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) (Aug 2012)
item Canopy cover and leaf area index relationships for wheat, triticale, and corn (Aug 2012)
item Spatial variation in sorption and dissipation is herbicide-dependent (Aug 2012)
item Inter-laboratory validation of standardized method to determine permeability of plastic films (Aug 2012)
item Adaptation by western corn rootworm to Bt corn: characterizing inheritance, fitness costs, and feeding preference (Aug 2012)
item Carbon allocation below ground transfers and lipid turnover in a plant-microbial association (Jul 2012)
item Impact bruise assessment of southern highbush blueberry (Jul 2012)
item Method for producing long-cane blackberry plants (Jul 2012)
item Simulating the production potential of dryland spring canola in the Central Great Plains (Jun 2012)
item Innovating blackberry production system (Jun 2012)
item Spermatophore size in relation to body size and pairing duration in the Northern Corn Rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) (May 2012)
item Screening for resistance to soybean aphid among soybean lines, growth-chamber tests, 2008 and 2010 (Apr 2012)
item Chapter 13. Physiology and ecology of host defense against microbial invaders (Apr 2012)
item Organic amendment and residue removal rates influence soil productivity (Apr 2012)
item Ant diversity and distribution (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) throughout Maine lowbush blueberry fields in Hancock and Washington counties (Apr 2012)
item Management practices influence productivity of degraded or eroded soils (Apr 2012)
item Field and laboratory evaluations of soybean lines against the soybean aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae) (Apr 2012)
item Differences in weed seedling emergence is not involved in pea synergism to corn (Mar 2012)
item Comparison of methods to evaluate soil and crop management-induced soil carbon changes (Mar 2012)
item Effects of neonicitinoid seed treatments on soybean aphid and its natural enemies (Feb 2012)
item Irrigation capacity impact on limited irrigation management and cropping systems (Feb 2012)
item Diet based fitness variability of Coccinella novemnotata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) (Feb 2012)
item Assessment of fitness costs in Cry3Bb1 resistant and susceptible western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) laboratory colonies (Feb 2012)
item Corn tolerance to weed interference varies with preceding crop (Jan 2012)
item Field evaluation of putatively resistant soybean selections against the soybean aphid (Jan 2012)
item Potential causes and consequences of decreased body size in field populations of Coccinella novemnotata (Jan 2012)
item Tracking predation of subterranean pests: digestion of corn rootworm DNA by a generalist mite (Dec 2011)
item Method for producing tip-layered, long-cane blackberry plants using the rotating cross-arm trellis and cane training system (Nov 2011)
item Physiological benefits of nectar-feeding by a predatory beetle (Oct 2011)
item The influence of intraguild competitors on reproductive decisions by two predatory Heteroptera, Orius insidiosus (Anthocoridae) and Nabis americoferus (Nabidae) (Oct 2011)
item Antixenosis to Aphis glycines (Hemiptera: Aphididae) among soybean lines (Aug 2011)
item First record of Polistes dominula (Christ, 1791) (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Polistinae) from Nebraska, U.S.A. (Aug 2011)
item Book review: Methods for catching beetles (Jun 2011)
item Ladybugs of Maine (Jun 2011)
item Blackberry propagation by non-leafy floricane cuttings (Apr 2011)
item Horizontal cane orientation and rowcover application improve winter survival and yield of trailing 'Siskiyou' blackberry (Apr 2011)
item Female fecundity and longevity in Northern Corn Rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in relation to multiple mating and body size (Mar 2011)
item New methods for regulating flowering time in short-day strawberry (Aug 2010)
item Methods for altering the flowering time in strawberries (Aug 2010)
item Horizontal cane orientation and rowcover application improve winter survival and yield of trailing 'Siskiyou' blackberry (Jul 2010)
item Delaying flowering in short-day strawberry transplants with photoselective nets (Jun 2010)
item Blackberry production options for cold areas (Mar 2010)
item What about blackberries? options for the northeast (Feb 2010)
item Off-season greenhouse strawberry production (Jul 2009)
item Two methods for assessing frost tolerance in flowers of highbush blueberry cultivars (Jul 2009)
item Report on 2008-2009 USDA-UMD strawberry research at Wye REC (May 2009)
item Reducing winter injury in blackberries (May 2009)
item North American berry industries and research areas (Mar 2009)
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