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Plant Molecular & Cellular Genetics
item Genetic Linkage Mapping and Segregation Distortion in a Three-Generation Four-Founder Population of Panicum vigatum (L.) (Mar 2014)
item Report of the 2013 uniform regional scab nursery for spring wheat parents (Mar 2014)
item Identifying new lignin bioengineering targets for improving biomass and forage utilization: a review of biomimetic studies with maize cell walls (Mar 2014)
item Report on hard red spring wheat varieties grown in cooperative plot and nursery experiments in the spring wheat region in 2013 (Feb 2014)
item A petunia homeodomain-leucine zipper protein, PhHD-Zip, plays an important role in flower senescence (Feb 2014)
item An evaluation of genotyping by sequencing (GBS) to map the Breviaristatum-e (ari-e) locus in cultivated barley (Feb 2014)
item Environmental influences on maize-Aspergillus flavus interactions and aflatoxin production (Jan 2014)
item Selection, fitness, and control of grape isolates of Botrytis cinerea variably sensitive to fenhexamid (Jan 2014)
item Alfalfa, clovers, and grasses as companion crops for silage corn (Jan 2014)
item Using transcription of six Puccinia triticina races to identify the secretome during infection of wheat (Jan 2014)
item Registration of near-isogenic winter wheat germplasm contrasting in Fhb1 for fusarium head blight resistance (Jan 2014)
item Differentially expressed proteins associated with Fusarium head blight resistance in wheat (Dec 2013)
item Protein synthesis alongation factors EF-Tu and eEF1A: biosynthesis, functions and application in the improvement of heat tolerance in plants (Dec 2013)
item 2013 North Dakota Transgenic Barley Research and Fhb Nursery Report (Dec 2013)
item Testing transgenic spring wheat and barley lines for reaction to Fusarium head blight: 2013 Field nursery report (Dec 2013)
item Appliation of rad-sequencing to linkage mapping in citrus (Nov 2013)
item Tree fruit breeding for the 21st Century (Nov 2013)
item Gene regulatory networks elucidating Huanglongbing disease mechanisms (Sep 2013)
item iTAG Barley: A 9-12 curriculum to explore inheritance of traits and genes using Oregon Wolfe barley (Sep 2013)
item Genomic selection in forage breeding: accuracy and methods (Sep 2013)
item Selection methods in forage breeding: a quantitative appraisal (Sep 2013)
item Dark side of reducing sugars. Sugar isn’t always desirable, at least not in potato processing (Jul 2013)
item Transcriptome changes associated wtih delayed flower senescence on transgenic petunia by inducing expression of etr1-1, a mutant ethylene receptor (Jul 2013)
item Cloning and characterization of a critical regulator for pre-harvest sprouting in Wheat (Jul 2013)
item Wheat Mds-1 encodes a heat-shock protein and governs susceptibility towards the Hessian fly gall midge (Jun 2013)
item Defense responses regulated by jasmonate and delayed senescence caused by ethylene receptor mutation contribute to tolerance of petunia to Botrytis cinerea (May 2013)
item Grazing management effects on pasture productivity – extent of grazing (May 2013)
item Grazing management effects on pasture productivity – timing of grazing (May 2013)
item Germplasm release (DY10-DLC Wheat) (May 2013)
item Influence of 1-MCP treatments on eating quality and consumer preferences of ‘Qinmei’ kiwifruit during shelf life (Apr 2013)
item Switchgrass Genomics (Mar 2013)
item Comparative analysis of tandem repeats from hundreds of species reveals unique insights into centromere evolution (Jan 2013)
item How to pattern a leaf (Nov 2012)
item Postharvest biology and technology of ornamentals (Oct 2012)
item Postharvest: Cut flowers and potted plants (Sep 2012)
item A multivalent three-point linkage analysis model of autotetraploids (Sep 2012)
item Generation and characterization of the Western Regional Research Center brachypodium T-DNA insertional mutant collection (Sep 2012)
item Karyotype variation is indicative of subgenomic and ecotypic differentiation in switchgrass (Jul 2012)
item Co-silencing the mirabilis antiviral protein permits virus-induced gene silencing in Mirabilis jalapa (Jul 2012)
item Fine mapping of the Bsrl barley stripe mosaic virus resistance gene in the model grass Brachypodium distachyon. (Jun 2012)
item A unifying framework for bivalent multilocus linkage analysis of allotetraploids (Apr 2012)
item Application of Brachypodium to the genetic improvement of wheat roots (Mar 2012)
item Incorporation of high-molecular-weight glutenin subunits into doughs using 2 gram mixograph and extensigraphs (Nov 2011)
item Mechanisms involved in calcium deficiency development in tomato fruit in response to gibberellins (Sep 2011)
item Chloroplast genome variation in upland and lowland switchgrass (Aug 2011)
item Florigen unmasked - exciting prospects for horticulture (Aug 2011)
item Virus-Induced Gene Silencing in Ornametal Plants (Jun 2011)
item Exploiting the Brachypodium Tool Box in cereal and grass research (May 2011)
item Comparison of a high-density genetic linkage map to genome features in the model grass Brachypodium distachyon (May 2011)
item Horticulture take-home messages. Grower Day Summary: 2011 International HLB Meeting, Orlando, Florida (Apr 2011)
item Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus (CLas) titer in field HLB-exposed commercial citrus cultivars (Apr 2011)
item Identification of defense-related genes newly-associated with tomato flower abscission (Apr 2011)
item Downregulation of Cinnamyl-Alcohol Dehydrogenase in Switchgrass by Rna Silencing Results in Enhanced Glucose Release after Cellulase Treatment (Jan 2011)
item Virus-Induced gene silencing in ornamental plants (Jan 2011)
item Effect of maturity and cold storage on ethylene biosynthesis and ripening in ‘Bartlett’ pears treated after harvest with 1-MCP (Jan 2011)
item EM Algorithm for Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci in Multivalent Tetraploids (Dec 2010)
item Microarray analysis of the abscission-related transcriptome in tomato flower abscission zone in response to auxin depletion (Dec 2010)
item Sodium hypochlorite: A promising agent for reducing Botrytis cinerea infection on rose flowers (Dec 2010)
item Annotation and comparative analysis of the glycoside hydrolase genes in Brachypodium distachyon (Oct 2010)
item Complete Switchgrass Genetic Maps Reveal Subgenome Collinearity, Preferential Pairing, and Multilocus Interactions (Jul 2010)
item Physiological and molecular changes during opening and senescence of Nicotiana mutabilis flowers (Jun 2010)
item Brachypodium distachyon genomics for sustainable food and fuel production (Apr 2010)
item Treatment with Thidiazuron Improves Opening and Vase Life of Iris Flowers (Jan 2010)
item Physiological and Molecular Changes During Opening and Senescence of Nicotiana Mutabilis Flowers (Jan 2010)
item Summaries of research Sessions: 14.10 host resistance (Apr 2009)
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