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United States Department of Agriculture

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Wetland Ecology & Water Quality
item Handbook for aquaculture water quality (Jul 2014)
item Chemical treatment costs reduced with use of in-pond raceway systems compared to traditional pond aquaculture (Jul 2014)
item Partitioned pond aquaculture systems (Jun 2014)
item A trap panel for in-pond raceways to capture escaped catfish (May 2014)
item Managing summertime off-flavors in catfish (Apr 2014)
item Effects of fish barrier screening material on water flow in split-pond aquaculture systems (Apr 2014)
item Development and on-site field testing of the power-tube airlift aerator and chances for commercialization (Apr 2014)
item Pumping performance of a slow-rotating paddlewheel for split-ponds (Apr 2014)
item Combatting wintertime off-flavors (Feb 2014)
item Pumping performance of a modified commercial paddlewheel aerator for split-pond aquaculture systems (Jan 2014)
item Economic feasibility of an in-pond raceway system for commercial catfish production in west Alabama (Jan 2014)
item Catfish disease cases in in-pond receway systems in Alabama: 2008-2013 (Dec 2013)
item Channel catfish hatchery production efficiency using a vertical-lift incubator the see-saw at various egg loading densities (Mar 2013)
item Pumping performance of a slow-rotating paddlewheel for split-pond aquaculture systems (Jan 2013)
item Approximate water and chemical budgets for an experimental in-pond raceway system (Aug 2012)
item Effects of DO concentration in growout performance of blue catfish with comparison to channel catfish (Apr 2012)
item Development and evaluation of a new aerator for the catfish industry (Mar 2012)
item Effects of hatching conditions on triple tail deformity in channel catfish (Feb 2012)
item Effects of DO cencentration on growth of juvenile channel catfish (Feb 2012)
item Commercial-scale in-pond raceway system piques catfish farmers interest in west Alabama (Sep 2011)
item A commercial-scale in-pond raceway system for ictalurid catfish production (May 2011)
item Catfish production guidelines for in-pond raceway systems (Mar 2011)
item Improving Catfish Fry Survival (Mar 2011)
item Effect of Increased Egg Stocking Density in Existing and Experimental Catfish Incubators (Mar 2011)
item Effect of Channel Catfish Ictalurus Punctatus Egg Mass Loading Rate on Performance of the “See-Saw” Incubator (Mar 2011)
item Can We Improve Catfish Growth and FCR Through Oxygen Management? (May 2010)
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