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Agricultural Chemicals in Water
item Methods for treatment of animal manures to reduce nutrient pollution prior to soil application (Mar 2015)
item Accuracy of vertical radial plume mapping technique in measuring lagoon gas emission (Mar 2015)
item Land-cover change in the Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks Landscape conservation Cooperative, 1973 to 2000 (Mar 2015)
item Phosphorus fate, management and modeling in artificially drained systems (Mar 2015)
item Hydraulic flow characteristics of agricultural residues for denitrifying bioreactor media (Mar 2015)
item Phosphorus losses from an irrigated watershed in the Northwestern U.S.: Case study of the Upper Snake Rock Watershed (Mar 2015)
item Polyacrylamide and biopolymer effects on flocculation, aggregate stability, and water seepage in a silt loam (Mar 2015)
item Simulating crop phenology in the community land model and its impact on energy and carbon fluxes (Feb 2015)
item Phosphorus losses from monitored fields with conservation practices in the Lake Erie Basin, USA (Feb 2015)
item Phosphorus leaching from agricultural soils of the Delmarva Peninsula, USA (Jan 2015)
item Recovery of ammonia from swine manure using gas-permeable membranes: Effect of aeration (Jan 2015)
item Quantification and source apportionment of the methane emission flux from the city of Indianapolis (Jan 2015)
item Biochar: The field experience (Jan 2015)
item Application of a calibrated/validated Agricultural Policy/Environmental eXtender model to assess sediment and nutrient delivery from the Wildcat Creek Mississippi River Basin Initiative – Cooperative Conservation Partnership (Jan 2015)
item Evaluation of neural network modeing to calculate well-watered leaf temperature of wine grape (Dec 2014)
item Innovative manure treatments in the USA – state of the art (Tratamientos Innovadores de estiercoles en USA - estado del arte) (Nov 2014)
item Captura de amonio procedente de estiercol mediante membranas permeables de gases (capture of ammonnia from turkey manure using gas-permeable membranes) (Nov 2014)
item Characterization and selection of biochar for an efficient retention of tricyclazole in a flooded alluvial paddy soil (Nov 2014)
item Sediment-water distribution of contaminants of emerging concern in a mixed use watershed (Nov 2014)
item Assessing microbial contributions to N2O impacts following biochar additions (Nov 2014)
item Denitrification kinetics in biomass and biochar amended soils of different landscape positions (Nov 2014)
item Assessment of electrical conductivity as a surrogate measurement for water samples in a tracer injection experiment (Nov 2014)
item No-tillage and manure effects on soil erosion, carbon and nitrogen dynamics in sugarcane field in Okinawa, Japan (Nov 2014)
item Assessment of pollutants sequestration in flowing waters using Red Mud (Nov 2014)
item Developing relations between soil erodibilty factors in two different soil erosion prediction models (USLE/RUSLE and wWEPP) and fludization bed technique for mechanical soil cohesion (Nov 2014)
item Effects of subsurface poultry litter application technology on water quality, odor, and corn yield (Nov 2014)
item Influence of soil biochar aging on sorption of the herbicides MCPA, nicosulfuron, terbuthylazine, indaziflam, and fluoroethyldiaminotriazine (Oct 2014)
item Contributions of systematic tile drainage to watershed scale phosphorus transport (Oct 2014)
item Environmentally superior technology using systemic approach for odor reduction, clean environment and improved swine health (Sep 2014)
item Drainage water management effects on water quality in Ohio’s tile drained landscapes (Sep 2014)
item Utilization and environmental management of residues from intensive animal production (Sep 2014)
item Use of Fuzzy rainfall-runoff predictions for claypan watersheds with conservation buffers in Northeast Missouri (Sep 2014)
item Nutrient loads and sediment losses in sprinkler irrigation runoff affected by compost and manure (Sep 2014)
item A simple method for isolation and purification of DIBOA-Glc from Tripsacum dactyloides (L.) (Sep 2014)
item Low input verses traditional turfgrass: Comparing runoff quantity and quality (Sep 2014)
item Phosphorus transport in agricultural subsurface drainage: A review (Aug 2014)
item Phosphorus reclamation through hydrothermal carbonization of animal manures (Aug 2014)
item Measurement of greenhouse gas flux from agricultural soils using static chambers (Aug 2014)
item Occurrence of pesticides and contaminants of emerging concern in surface waters: Influence of surrounding land use and evaluation of sampling methods (Aug 2014)
item Identifying sources of emerging organic contaminants in a mixed use watershed using principal components analysis (Aug 2014)
item Monitoring and APEX modeling of no-till and reduced-till in tile drained agricultural landscapes for water quality (Jul 2014)
item Hydrologic characterization of a tile drained headwater watershed (Jul 2014)
item Removal and recovery of ammonia from livestock wastewater using hydrophobic gas-permeable membranes (Jul 2014)
item Environmental assessment of a representative grass-finishing beef operation in southern Pennsylvania (Jul 2014)
item Comparison of drop size and velocity measurements by a laser precipitation meter and low-speed photography for an agriculture sprinkler (Jul 2014)
item Assessing the sustainability of beef production (Jul 2014)
item Generation 3 treatment technology for diluted swine wastewater using high-rate solid-liquid separation and nutrient removal processes (Jul 2014)
item Predicting the emission of volatile organic compounds from silage systems (Jul 2014)
item Nitrogen recovery from liquid manure using gas-permeable membranes: Effect of wastewater strength and pH control (Jul 2014)
item Physical disintegration of biochar: An overlooked process (Jul 2014)
item Surface runoff and tile drainage transport of phosphorus in the Midwestern United States (Jul 2014)
item A methodology to reduce uncertainties in the high-flow portion of a rating curve (Jun 2014)
item Improved method for recovery of organic solids from diluted swine manure in 3rd generation treatment system (Jun 2014)
item Phenolic acid sorption to biochars from mixtures of feedstock materials (Jun 2014)
item Whole-farm models to quantify greenhouse gas emissions and their potential use for linking climate change mitigation and adaptation in ruminant-based farming systems (Jun 2014)
item Ammonia emission model for whole farm evaluation of dairy production systems (Jun 2014)
item The challenges of incorporating random animal-mediated nitrogen transfers in process-based modelling of grazed agricultural systems (Jun 2014)
item Conserved genetic regions across angiosperms as tools to develop single-copy nuclear markers in gymnosperms: an example using cycads (Jun 2014)
item Annual and seasonal differences in pesticide mixtures within channelized agricultural headwater streams in central Ohio (Jun 2014)
item Drought tolerance selection of sugarbeet hybrids (Jun 2014)
item Removal of vegetative clippings reduces dissolved phosphorus loss in runoff (May 2014)
item Terrestrial sources of urea to water in a mixed land use watershed: exploring the roles of current and past nitrogen management (May 2014)
item Characteristics and applications of biochar for environmental remediation: A review (May 2014)
item Relative influence of different habitat factors on creek chub population structure within channelized agricultural headwater streams in central Ohio (May 2014)
item Poultry litter and switchgrass blending for biochar production (May 2014)
item Co-pyrolysis of swine manure with agricultural plastic waste: Laboratory-scale study (May 2014)
item Hydrothermal carbonization of animal manures into hydrochar and its soil and environmental applications (Apr 2014)
item Nanohybrids of Mg/Al layered double hydroxide and long-chain (C18) unsaturated fatty acid anions: Structure and sorptive properties (Apr 2014)
item The challenges – and some solutions – to process-based modelling of grazed agricultural systems (Apr 2014)
item Environmental sustainability of cellulosic energy cropping systems (Apr 2014)
item Dairy farmers using mob grazing in Pennsylvania and New York (Apr 2014)
item A protocol for conducting rainfall simulation to study soil runoff (Apr 2014)
item Impact of increasing milk production on whole farm environmental management (Mar 2014)
item Water quality and nitrogen mass loss from anaerobic lagoon columns receiving pretreated influent (Mar 2014)
item Groundwater use on southern Idaho dairies (Mar 2014)
item Soil application of various biochars produced from both dry and wet pyrolysis (Mar 2014)
item Assessing biochar's ability to reduce bioavailability of aminocyclopyrachlor in soils (Mar 2014)
item Predicting phosphorus dynamics in complex terrains using a variable source area hydrology model (Mar 2014)
item Nitrous oxide emissions with enhanced efficiency nitrogen fertilizers in rainfed system (Mar 2014)
item Soil phosphorus dynamics under sprinkler and furrow irrigation (Mar 2014)
item Groundwater flow path dynamics and nitrogen transport potential in the riparian zone of an agricultural headwater catchment (Feb 2014)
item Erosion: Irrigation-induced (Feb 2014)
item Flume experimental evaluation of the effect of rill flow path tortuosity on rill roughness based on the Manning–Strickler equation (Feb 2014)
item Distribution of structural carbohydrates in corn plants across the southeastern USA (Feb 2014)
item Practices to Reduce Milk Carbon Footprint on Grazing Dairy Farms in Southern Uruguay: Case Studies. (Feb 2014)
item An environmental assessment of grass-finishing beef operations in Pennsylvania (Feb 2014)
item Site-specific management of meloidogyne chitwoodi in Idaho potatoes using 1,3-dichloropropene; approach, experiences, and economics (Jan 2014)
item Similarities in fish-habitat relationships within channelized agricultural headwater streams in Ohio and Indiana (Jan 2014)
item Forest transpiration from sap flux density measurements in a Southeastern Coastal Plain riparian buffer system (Jan 2014)
item Simplified analysis of glyphosate and aminomethylphosphonic acid in water, vegetation, and soil by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (Dec 2013)
item Characteristics of instream wood within channelized agricultural headwater streams in the Midwestern United States (Dec 2013)
item Phosphorus fertilization of ryegrass with ten precisely prepared manure biochars (Dec 2013)
item Technologies and logistics for handling, transport and distribution of animal manures (Dec 2013)
item Integration of air and water quality issues (Dec 2013)
item Review of nitrogen fate models applicable to forest landscapes in the Southern U.S. (Dec 2013)
item On-farm environmental assessment of corn silage production systems receiving liquid dairy manure (Dec 2013)
item The development of U.S. soil erosion prediction and modeling (Dec 2013)
item Landscape and seasonal factors influence salmonella and campylobacter prevalence in a rural mixed use watershed (Dec 2013)
item Interannual drought length governs dissolved organic carbon dynamics in blackwater rivers of the western upper Suwannee River basin (Dec 2013)
item Small mammal habitat use within restored riparian habitats adjacent to channelized streams in Mississippi (Nov 2013)
item Development and application of algorithms for simulating terraces practices within SWAT (Nov 2013)
item Kinetic energy of rainfall simulation nozzles (Nov 2013)
item Phosphorus losses from drainage systems: breaking the surface tile riser connection (Nov 2013)
item Sediment transport capacity under different subsurface hydrologic conditions (Nov 2013)
item Drainage water phosphorus losses in the great lakes basin (Nov 2013)
item Performance of Geno-Fuzzy Model on rainfall-runoff predictions in claypan watersheds (Nov 2013)
item Phosphorus in the Lake Erie Basin: How can we better manage our fertilizers? (Nov 2013)
item Quantifying subsurface hydrology effects on chemical transport in drainage ditches using a 20-meter flume (Nov 2013)
item Apex simulation: environmental benefits of agroforestry and grass buffers for corn-soybean watersheds (Nov 2013)
item Farm simulation can help adapt dairy production systems to climate change (Nov 2013)
item Effect of surface application of FGD gypsum on infiltration rates in a Coastal Plain soil (Nov 2013)
item In-field and edge-of-field chemical barriers to dissolved phosphorus losses (Nov 2013)
item Treatment of phosphorus transported from tile and ditch-drained agricultural fields using sorption materials (Nov 2013)
item Fate and surface transport of urea in a coastal plain soil: a rainfall simulation study (Nov 2013)
item Applying hydropedology to nutrient management in the northeastern US: lessons learned from the Mahantango Creek Experimental Watershed (Nov 2013)
item Phosphorus in drainage waters of the Atlantic Coastal Plain (Nov 2013)
item Turning manure into biochar through thermochemical conversion has the potential to become an exciting new way to handle waste (Oct 2013)
item Soil management and conservation: Irrigation: Methods (Oct 2013)
item A simulation-based approach for evaluating and comparing the environmental footprints of beef production systems (Oct 2013)
item Influence of biochar amendments on the sorption-desorption of aminocyclopyrachlor, bentazone and pyraclostrobin pesticides to an agricultural soil (Oct 2013)
item Midwest-Great Lakes SER Chapter: Who we are, what we do, and what we will do (Oct 2013)
item The importance of instream habitat modifications for restoring channelized agricultural headwater streams (Oct 2013)
item Factors affecting successful establishment of aerially seeded winter rye (Oct 2013)
item Mitigation of methane and nitrous oxide emissions from animal operations: A review of manure management options (Sep 2013)
item Mitigation of methane and nitrous oxide emissions from animal operations: III. A review of animal management mitigation options (Sep 2013)
item Evaluation of generation 3 treatment technology for swine waste - A North Carolina's clean water management trust fund project - Technical environmental performance report (Sep 2013)
item Acetochlor persistence in surface and subsurface soil samples (Sep 2013)
item Environmental, social, and economic footprints of current and past beef production systems (Sep 2013)
item Phosphorus legacy: overcoming the effects of past management practices to mitigate future water quality impairment (Sep 2013)
item Comparative sorption, desorption and leaching potential of aminocyclopyrachlor and picloram (Sep 2013)
item Effects of biomass types and carbonization conditions on the chemical characteristics of hydrochar (Sep 2013)
item Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in biochar and biochar amended soil (Sep 2013)
item Nitrous oxide emissions in Midwest US maize production vary widely with band-injected liquid N fertilizer rates, timing and nitrapyrin presence (Aug 2013)
item Molecular Systematics of Threatened Seed Plant Species Endemic in the Caribbean Islands (Aug 2013)
item Influence of soil phosphorus and manure on phosphorus leaching in Swedish topsoils (Aug 2013)
item What is the Conservation Value of a Plant in a Botanic Garden? Using Indicators to Improve Management of Ex Situ Collections (Aug 2013)
item Separating nitrogen fertilizer and irrigation water application in an alternating furrow irrigation system for maize production (Aug 2013)
item Water quality remediation faces unprecedented challenges from ‘legacy phosphorus’ (Aug 2013)
item Technical options for the mitigation of direct methane and nitrous oxide emissions from livestock – a review (Aug 2013)
item Environmental applications of HTC technology: Biochar production, carbon sequestration, and waste conversion (Jul 2013)
item Identification of an atrazine-degrading benzoxazinoid in Eastern gamagrass (tripsacum dactyloides) (Jul 2013)
item Research watersheds in the Central Mississippi River Basin: challenges and opportunities (Jul 2013)
item Nutrient losses from an irrigated watershed in southern Idaho (Jul 2013)
item Comparison of sprinkler droplet size and velocity measurements using a laser precipitation meter and photographic method (Jul 2013)
item Persistence of urea in a coastal plain soil: an incubation study (Jul 2013)
item Use of rainfall simulation to determine the persistence and transport of escherichia coli and salmonella in runoff water (Jul 2013)
item A process-based method to simulate terraces in SWAT (Jul 2013)
item SWATing your APEX model: a how-to from the trenches (Jul 2013)
item SWAT application in low-gradient Coastal Plain landscapes (Jul 2013)
item Serum estrogenicity and biological responses in African catfish raised in wastewater ponds in Ghana (Jul 2013)
item Whole farm assessment of alternative cropping and feeding strategies (Jul 2013)
item Ammonia emissions and carbon and energy footprints of dairy farms in the Northeastern United States and Northern Europe estimated using DairyGEM (Jul 2013)
item Environmental footprints of beef production at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (Jul 2013)
item Environmental, social, and economic footprints of current and past beef production systems (Jul 2013)
item Evaluation of ammonia emissions from manure incorporated with different soil aerator configurations (Jul 2013)
item Towards new-generation soil erosion modeling: Building a unified omnivorous model (Jul 2013)
item Advancing water resource management in agricultural, rural, and urbanizing watersheds: Enhancing University involvement (Jun 2013)
item Whole-farm models to quantify greenhouse gas emissions and their potential use for linking climate change mitigation and adaptation in temperate grassland ruminant-based farming systems. (Jun 2013)
item A look at the environmental footprints of beef production (Jun 2013)
item Enhanced deammonification of livestock wastewater using Brocadia caroliniensis and HPNS in single tank process (Jun 2013)
item New concepts of ammonia removal from digested swine effluents using anammox based deammonification process (Jun 2013)
item WEPP modeling in the Great Lakes Basin (Jun 2013)
item The impact of climate change on soil erosion in Great Lakes Region (Jun 2013)
item Microbial community analysis of swine wastewater anaerobic lagoons by next-generation DNA sequencing (Jun 2013)
item Potato cultivar response to seasonal drought patterns (Jun 2013)
item Emission of volatile organic compounds from silage: compounds, sources, and implications (May 2013)
item Evaluation of core cultivation practices to reduce ecological risk of pesticides in runoff from turf (May 2013)
item Investigation of copper sorption by sugar beet processing lime waste (May 2013)
item Sulfamethazine sorption to soil: vegetative management, pH, and dissolved organic matter effects (May 2013)
item Sulfamethazine transport in agroforestry and cropland soils (May 2013)
item Advances in soil erosion research: processes, measurement, and modeling (Apr 2013)
item Applying online WEPP to assess forest watershed hydrology (Apr 2013)
item Geospatial application of the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) model (Apr 2013)
item Agricultural Policy Environmental eXtender simulation of three adjacent row-crop watersheds in the claypan region (Apr 2013)
item Recovery of ammonia from poultry litter using flat gas permeable membranes (Apr 2013)
item Farm-system modeling to evaluate environmental losses, profitability, and best management practice cost-effectiveness (Apr 2013)
item Environmental footprints of beef produced at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (Apr 2013)
item Know your community - Biochar: agronomic and environmental uses community (Apr 2013)
item Software for evaluating the environmental impact of dairy and beef production systems (Apr 2013)
item Process for recovery of phosphorus from solid manure (Apr 2013)
item Co-pyrolyzing plastic mulch waste with animal manures (Apr 2013)
item Treatment technologies for ammonia in liquid manure: nitrification/denitrification and anammox based deammonification (Apr 2013)
item Ammonia recovery from livestock wastewater with gas permeable membranes (Apr 2013)
item Process-based modeling of landscape vulnerability to off-site pesticide transport (Mar 2013)
item Relative importance of water chemistry and habitat to fish communities in headwater streams influenced by agricultural land use (Mar 2013)
item Designing relevant biochars as soil amendments using lignocellulosic-based and manure-based feedstocks (Mar 2013)
item Effects of sensor location and the atmospheric stability on the accuracy of an inverse-dispersion technique for lagoon gas emission measurements (Mar 2013)
item A bacterial community analysis using reverse transcription (RT) PCR which detects the bacteria with high activity in a wastewater treatment reactor (Mar 2013)
item Deammonification reaction in digested swine effluents (Mar 2013)
item Soil phosphorus availability differences between sprinkler and furrow irrigation (Mar 2013)
item Developing a web-based forecasting tool for nutrient management (Mar 2013)
item Corn performance under managed drought stress and in a kura clover living mulch intercropping system (Feb 2013)
item Dairy manure biochar as a phosphorus fertilizer (Feb 2013)
item Influence of adding small instream wood on fishes and hydrology within channelized agricultural headwater streams in central Ohio (Feb 2013)
item Implications of fish-habitat relationships for designing restoration projects within channelized agricultural headwater streams (Feb 2013)
item Event based analysis of Chlorothalonil concentrations following application to managed turf (Feb 2013)
item Re-analysis of experiments to quantify irreversibility of pesticide sorption-desorption in soil (Feb 2013)
item Nutritional and management strategies to mitigate animal greenhouse gas emissions (Feb 2013)
item Quantification of soil surface roughness evolution under simulated rainfall (Feb 2013)
item Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions in livestock production: a review of technical options for non-C02 emissions (Jan 2013)
item Measuring gas emissions from animal waste lagoons with an inverse-dispersion technique (Jan 2013)
item Dairy manure biochar as a phosphorus fertilizer (Dec 2012)
item Toward understanding mechanisms controlling urea delivery in a coastal plain watershed (Dec 2012)
item Integrating watershed- and farm-scale modeling framework for targeting critical source areas while maintaining farm economic viability (Nov 2012)
item Thermochemical conversion technologies for production of renewable energy and value-added char from animal manures (Nov 2012)
item Relationship of land uses with occurrence of contaminants of emerging concern in streams of southeastern Minnesota (Nov 2012)
item Ammonia recovery from livestock waste using gas permeable membrane technology (Nov 2012)
item Infiltration characteristics of bare soil under sequential water application events (Nov 2012)
item Managing livestock to mitigate nitrogen losses and adapt to climate change (Oct 2012)
item Phosphorus transport by surface and subsurface flow pathways in an upland agricultural watershed (Oct 2012)
item Nitrogen – climate interactions in US agriculture (Oct 2012)
item Phosphorus doesn’t move through sub-surface tile, right? (Oct 2012)
item Goodwater Creek experimental watershed LTAR - representing runoff-prone environments (Oct 2012)
item Pedology: changes in the science, changes in the profession (Oct 2012)
item APEX simulation of runoff and total phosphorous for three adjacent row-crop watersheds with claypan soils (Oct 2012)
item A multiple-segment recirculating flume to quantify chemical transport processes in drainage ditches (Oct 2012)
item Measuring urea persistence, distribution and transport on coastal plain soils (Oct 2012)
item Module for phosphorus separation and recycling from liquid manures (Oct 2012)
item Identifying best management practices to minimize P loss in a tile drained landscape (Oct 2012)
item Genetic algorithm optimized rainfall-runoff fuzzy inference system for row crop watersheds with claypan soils (Oct 2012)
item Effect of tillage on phosphorus leaching through coastal plain soils (Oct 2012)
item Cover crop water quality benefits in intensive production (Oct 2012)
item Relationship of land uses with occurrence of contaminants of emerging concern in streams of southeastern Minnesota (Oct 2012)
item Ammonia volatilization, corn and forage yield as a function of poultry litter application methods (Oct 2012)
item Potential Transport and Degradation of “Aged” Pesticide Residues in Soil (Oct 2012)
item Method for recovery of phosphorus from animal wastewater (Sep 2012)
item Dairy gas emissions model: reference manual (Sep 2012)
item Effect of carbonaceous soil amendments on potential mobility of weak acid herbicides in soil (Sep 2012)
item Poultry litter and switchgrass blending and pelletizing characteritics for biochar production (Sep 2012)
item Indaziflam adsorption in soils amended with olive cake and olive cake biochar: Effect of dose and temperature (Sep 2012)
item Growth-promoting technologies decrease the carbon footprint, ammonia emissions, and costs of California beef production systems (Sep 2012)
item Carbon footprint and ammonia emissions of California beef production systems (Sep 2012)
item Creeping bentgrass putting green response to foliar nitrogen fertilization (Aug 2012)
item Off site transport of fungicides with snowmelt and rainfall runoff from golf course fairway turf (Aug 2012)
item Novel technology to measure dissolved anions on-site and on-line (Aug 2012)
item Development of clean technologies for management of wastes from pig production and their environmental benefits (Aug 2012)
item Patterns of estrogen occurrence in sewage treatment effluent (STPE) from a university campus (Aug 2012)
item Understanding Sources of Contaminants of Emerging Concern: An Evaluation of Land Use with Occurrence of Aquatic Contaminants (Jul 2012)
item Effectiveness of biochar as a phosphorus fertilizer source for cotton (Jul 2012)
item A methodology to reduce uncertainties in the high-flow portion of the rating curve for Goodwater Creek Watershed (Jul 2012)
item Water balance for a west and midwest watershed (Jul 2012)
item A process-based method for evaluating terrace runoff and sediment yield (Jul 2012)
item Ammonia removal using nitrification and anammox in a single reactor (Jul 2012)
item Infiltration model for center pivot irrigation on bare soil (Jul 2012)
item Inverse-dispersion technique for assessing lagoon gas emissions (Jul 2012)
item Evaluation of center pivot sprinkler wind drift and evaporation measurement technique (Jul 2012)
item Hydrogen peroxide modification enhances the ability of biochar (hydrochar) produced from hydrothermal carbonization of peanut hull to remove aqueous heavy metals: Batch and column tests (Jul 2012)
item Compositional and thermal evaluation of lignocellulosic and poultry litter chars via high and low temperature pyrolysis (Jul 2012)
item Maize yield response to nitrogen as influenced by spatio-temporal variations of soil-water-topography dynamics (Jul 2012)
item Development and adoption of measures to prevent off-site nutrient transfers (Jul 2012)
item Green farming systems for the Southeast USA using manure-to-energy conversion platforms (Jul 2012)
item Solid or hollow: which core cultivation method is the most effective at reducing nutrient loss with runoff from turf? (Jul 2012)
item Streamlined ammonia removal from wastewater using biological deammonification process (Jul 2012)
item A fluidized bed technique for estimating soil critical shear stress (Jul 2012)
item Accuracy of lagoon gas emissions using an inverse dispersion method (Jun 2012)
item Partial nitritation of swine wastewater in view of its coupling with the anammox process (May 2012)
item Manure-DNDC: a biogeochemical process model for quantifying greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions from livestock manure systems (May 2012)
item Differences in instream wood characteristics between channelized and unchannelized agricultural headwater streams in central Ohio (May 2012)
item The role of subsurface hydrology in soil erosion and channel network development on a laboratory hillslope (Apr 2012)
item Advances in Irrigation: Select Works from 2010 Decennial Irrigation Symposium (Apr 2012)
item DairyGEM: software for evaluating gaseous emissions from dairy farms (Apr 2012)
item The Integrated Farm System Model: software for evaluating the performance, environmental impact and economics of farming systems (Apr 2012)
item A model for predicting VOC emission from silage (Apr 2012)
item Anammox sludge immobilized in polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) cryogel carriers (Apr 2012)
item Soil greenhouse gas emissions from three decades long-term experimental field of corn-soybean rotation and tillage treatments (Mar 2012)
item Accuracy of inverse dispersion method with open-path remote sensing instrument for measuring gas emission from waste lagoons (Mar 2012)
item Greenhouse gas emission and groundwater pollution potential of soils amended with raw swine manure, dry and wet pyrolyzed swine biochars (Mar 2012)
item Nitrogen Availability From Manure in Years Following a One-Time Application (Mar 2012)
item A case study of the potential environmental impacts of different dairy production systems in Georgia (Feb 2012)
item Impact of pyrolysis temperature and manure source on physicochemical characteristics of biochar (Feb 2012)
item Grazing: the whole picture (Jan 2012)
item Assessment of herbicide sorption by biochars and organic matter associated with soil and sediment (Jan 2012)
item Vertical distribution of phosphorus in a sandy soil fertilized with recovered manure phosphates (Jan 2012)
item The role of carbon dioxide in ammonia emission from manure (Jan 2012)
item Denitrification enzyme activity in swine wastewater effluent of a nitrification/denitrification treatment system (Jan 2012)
item Stochastic state-space temperature regulation of biochar production Part I: Theoretical development (Jan 2012)
item Stochastic state-space temperature regulation of biochar production Part II: Application to manure processing via pyrolysis (Jan 2012)
item A case study comparing the environmental impacts of grazing and confined dairies (Nov 2011)
item IFSM-predicted environmental and economic affects of bmps on representative farms in southeastern Pennsylvania (Nov 2011)
item Estimating emissions and evaluating mitigation strategies with process-based models (Oct 2011)
item Advances in biological nitrogen treatment of animal wastewater: Nitrification and anammox (Oct 2011)
item Abatement of ammonia emissions from confined animal feeding operations (Oct 2011)
item Fugitive gas adsorption capacity of biomass and animal-manure derived biochars (Oct 2011)
item Validity of using backward Lagrangian Stochastic technique in measuring trace gas emission from treatment lagoon (Oct 2011)
item Recovered phosphorus from animal manure and its use as fertilizer (Oct 2011)
item Integrating watershed– and farm–scale models to target critical source areas while maintaining farm economic viability (Sep 2011)
item Measuring trace gas emission from multi-distributed sources using vertical radial plume mapping (VRPM) and backward Lagrangian stochastic (bLS) techniques (Sep 2011)
item Assessing the impact of manure application method on runoff phosphorus using controlled and natural rainfall (Sep 2011)
item Long-term preservation of Anammox bacteria (Sep 2011)
item Fact sheets and slides summarizing Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) and Integrated Farm Systems Model (IFSM) (Sep 2011)
item Comparing two micrometeorological techniques for estimating trace gas emissions from distributed sources (Aug 2011)
item Ammonia adsorption capacity of biomass and animal-manure derived biochars (Aug 2011)
item DairyGEM: a software tool for whole farm assessment of emission mitigation strategies (Aug 2011)
item Inorganic carbon and emission of ammonia from manure (Aug 2011)
item Mass balance evaluation of alcohol emission from cattle feed (Aug 2011)
item Whole farm impact of anaerobic digestion and biogas use on a New York dairy farm (Aug 2011)
item Life cycle costing of a milk producing farm – cost assessment of environmental impact mitigation strategies (Aug 2011)
item Life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from beef production systems in California (Jul 2011)
item The tale of four lagoons (Jun 2011)
item Hydrothermal carbonization of municipal waste streams (Jun 2011)
item Partial nitritation of swine wastewater in view of its coupling with the anammox process (May 2011)
item Experiences with anammox in the USA: Isolation, preservation and treatment performance of Brocadia caroliniensis (May 2011)
item DairyGEM: A software tool for assessing emissions and mitigation strategies for dairy production systems (Apr 2011)
item Submission to GenBank of full 16S rRNA gene sequence of novel anammox bacterium Candidatus "Brocadia caroliniensis" NRRL B-50286 (Apr 2011)
item Sorption of bisphenol A, 17a-ethinyl estradiol and phenanthrene on thermally and hydrothermally produced biochars (Mar 2011)
item Recovery of ammonia nitrogen in livestock and industrial wastes using gas permeable membranes (Mar 2011)
item Phosphorus distribution in a soil fertilized with recovered manure phosphates (Mar 2011)
item Economic and phosphorus-related effects of precision feeding and forage management at a farm scale (Feb 2011)
item Chemical structures of swine-manure chars produced under different carbonization conditions investigated by advanced solid-state 13C nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy (Jan 2011)
item Use of gas-permeable membranes for the removal and recovery of ammonia from high strength livestock wastewater (Jan 2011)
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