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Water-Use Efficiency
item Does deficit irrigation of field crops increase water use efficiency (Nov 2015)
item Cotton Water Use Efficiency Under Two Different Deficit Irrigation Scheduling Methods (Aug 2015)
item Water use and grain yield in drought-tolerant corn in the Texas High Plains (Aug 2015)
item Rainwater Use by Irrigated Cotton Measured with Stable Isotopes of Water (Aug 2015)
item A comparison of dissolved inorganic nitrogen, chloride and potassium loss in conventional and conservation tillage (Jul 2015)
item Field-measured, hourly soil water evaporation stages in relation to reference evapotranspiration rate and soil to air temperature ratio (Jul 2015)
item Adaptation of irrigation infrastructure on irrigation demands under future drought in the USA (Jul 2015)
item Soil physicochemical properties after 10 years of animal waste applications (Jun 2015)
item Dynamic prescription maps for site-specific variable rate irrigation of cotton (Jun 2015)
item Creating deep soil core monoliths: Beyond the solum (Jun 2015)
item Identifiying and evaluating a suitable index for agricultural drought monitoring in the Texas High Plains (Jun 2015)
item Tillage impact on herbicide loss by surface runoff and lateral subsurface flow (Jun 2015)
item Root growth dynamics linked to aboveground growth in walnuts (Juglans regia L.) (May 2015)
item Corn response to long-term applications of cattle manure, swine effluent, and inorganic nitrogen fertilizer (May 2015)
item Physiological responses of hard red winter wheat to infection by wheat streak mosaic virus (May 2015)
item Comparing the model-simulated global warming signal to observations using empirical estimates of unforced noise (Apr 2015)
item Comparison of canopy temperature-based water stress indices for maize (Apr 2015)
item How to save water by choice of irrigation application method (Apr 2015)
item SDI versus MESA Irrigation (Apr 2015)
item Corn and sorghum performance are affected by irrigation application method: SDI versus Mid-elevation spray irrigation (Apr 2015)
item Evaluation of Water Stress Coefficient Methods to Estimate Actual Corn Evapotranspiration in Colorado (Mar 2015)
item Subsurface drip irrigation reduces evaporative loss, increasses WUE (Mar 2015)
item Two-source energy balance model to calculate row crop E.T. and ET:Advances at ARS, Bushland, TX 2010-2015 (Mar 2015)
item Soil Degradation: A North American perspective (Mar 2015)
item Corn and sorghum performance are affected by irrigation application method: SDI versus mid-elevation spray irrigation (Mar 2015)
item Soil moisture monitoring methods: Strengths and limitations (Mar 2015)
item FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel Minutes No. 21015-04. A set of scientific issues being considered by the Environmental Protection Agency regarding integrated endocrine bioactivity and exposure-based prioritization & screening (Mar 2015)
item Infrared thermometry and stress monitoring of corn, and sensitivity analysis of reference evapotranspiration to sensor accuracy (Feb 2015)
item A water resource assessment of the playa lakes of the Texas High Plains (Feb 2015)
item The Microenvironment Within and Pollen Transmission through Paper and Polyethylene Sorghum Pollination Bags (Jan 2015)
item Forecast EL NIÑO–Southern oscillation phases and best irrigation strategies to increase cotton yield (Jan 2015)
item Early and late maturing grain sorghum under variable climatic conditions in the Texas High Plains (Dec 2014)
item Effect of Ambient UV-B on Stomatal Density, Conductance and Isotope Discrimination in Four Field Grown Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] Isolines (Dec 2014)
item Sediment loss and runoff from cropland in a Southeast Atlantic Coastal Plain landscape (Dec 2014)
item Quantifying crop water stress factors from soil water measurements in a limited irrigation experiment (Dec 2014)
item Circular Planting to Enhance Rainfall Capture in Dryland Cropping Systems at a Landscape Scale (Dec 2014)
item Optimal Ranking Regime Analysis of US Climate Variablility. Part II: Precipitation and Streamflow (Dec 2014)
item Predominant bacterial and fungal assemblages in agricultural soils during a record drought/heat wave and linkages to enzyme activities of biogeochemical cycling (Dec 2014)
item Optimal Ranking Regime Analysis of US Climate Variability. Part I: Temperature (Dec 2014)
item Method to calculate soil heat flux that accounts for sunlit and shaded soil beneath row crops (Nov 2014)
item Sensitivity analysis of reference evapotranspiration to sensor accuracy (Nov 2014)
item Increasing stocking density reduces emissions of fugitive dust from cattle feedyards (Nov 2014)
item Deficit irrigation: Arriving at the crop water stress index via gas exchange measurements (Nov 2014)
item Field Measurement of Cotton Seedling Evapotranspiration (Nov 2014)
item Improved Evapotranspiration Simulation In the CERES-Maize Crop Model Under Limited Irrigation Management (Nov 2014)
item Wireless sensor networks for canopy temperature sensing and irrigation management (Nov 2014)
item Spectral analysis of large-eddy advection in ET from eddy covariance towers and a large weighting lysimeter (Nov 2014)
item Dynamics of heat storage in evapotranspiration estimate (Nov 2014)
item Evapotranspiration and irrigation algorithms in hydrologic modeling:Present Status and Opportunities (Nov 2014)
item Spatial ET field mapping using sensors mounted on a center pivot (Nov 2014)
item Irrigation strategies using subsurface drip irrigation (Nov 2014)
item Adapting irrigation management to water scarcity: constraints of plant growth, hydraulics and carbon assimilation. (Nov 2014)
item Validation of a decision support system for improving irrigation system performance (Oct 2014)
item Assessing satellite-based start-of-season trends in the US High Plains (Oct 2014)
item Limited Irrigation Research Projects in Northern Colorado (Oct 2014)
item Development of a wireless computer vision instrument to detect biotic stress in wheat (Sep 2014)
item Physiology and transcriptomics of water-deficit stress responses in wheat cultivars TAM 111 and TAM 112 (Sep 2014)
item Soil: Conservation practices (Aug 2014)
item Texas Irrigation Situation (Jul 2014)
item Weak coordination among petiole, leaf, vein, and gas-exchange traits across 41 Australian angiosperm species and its possible implications (Jul 2014)
item A distributed data component for the open modeling interface (Jul 2014)
item Time domain reflectometry waveform analysis with second order bounded mean oscillation (Jun 2014)
item Conventional and simplified canopy temperature indices predict water stress in sunflower (Jun 2014)
item Water supply and needs for West Texas (Jun 2014)
item Modeling cotton lint yield response to irrigation management as influenced by El Nino-Southern Oscillation (Jun 2014)
item Gaussian process models for reference ET estimation from alternative meteorological data sources (Jun 2014)
item Precipitation, irrigation and crop growth signals in COSMOS data (Jun 2014)
item Ground-based thermal and multispectral imaging of limited irrigation crops (Jun 2014)
item Related to ABA-Insensitive3(ABI3)/Viviparous1 and AtABI5 transcription factor coexpression in cotton enhances drought stress adaptation (Jun 2014)
item Impacts of tilling and covering treatments on the biosolids solar drying conversion from Class B to Class A (May 2014)
item Comparative assessment of herbicide and fungicide runoff risk: a case study for peanut production in the Southern Atlantic Coastal Plain (USA) (May 2014)
item Two source energy balance model to calculate E, T, and ET: Comparison of Priestly-Taylor and Penman-Monteith formulations and two time scaling methods (May 2014)
item Post-processing techniques for reducing errors in weighing lysimeter evapotranspiration (ET) datasets (May 2014)
item Climate change scenarios of surface solar radiation in data sparse regions: a case study in Malaprabha River Basin, India (May 2014)
item A three-dimensional index for characterizing crop water stress (May 2014)
item Irrigation modeling with AquaCrop (Apr 2014)
item Irrigation scheduling and controlling crop water use efficiency with Infrared Thermometry (Apr 2014)
item Soil water monitoring equipment for irrigation scheduling (Apr 2014)
item Symposium Concluding Remarks: Water policy in U.S.: Happy or sad interface with ET (Apr 2014)
item Accuracy assessment of NOAA's daily reference evapotranspiration maps for the Texas High Plains (Apr 2014)
item Spatial variability insensitivity coefficient of grass and alfalfa reference evapotranspiration in the Texas High Plains (Apr 2014)
item Calibration and validation of the SWAT model for predicting daily ET for irrigated crops in the Texas High Plains using lysimetric data (Apr 2014)
item Alleles conferring improved fiber quality from EMS mutagenesis of elite cotton genotypes (Apr 2014)
item Winter wheat cultivars with temperature sensitive resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus do not recover from early season infections (Apr 2014)
item Non-destructive measurements of cottonseed nutritional trait diversity in the US National Cotton Germplasm Collection (Mar 2014)
item COSMOS soil water sensing affected by crop biomass and water status (Mar 2014)
item Timing of episodic drought can be critical in cotton (Mar 2014)
item Carbon dioxide control in an open system that measures canopy gas exchanges (Feb 2014)
item A web-based tool that combines satellite and weather station observations to support irrigation scheduling (Feb 2014)
item Time for cotton to uptake water of a known isotopic signature as measured in leaf petioles (Feb 2014)
item Whole-plant capacitance, embolism resistance and slow transpiration rates all contribute to longer desiccation times in woody angiosperms from arid and wet habitats (Feb 2014)
item Simulating the hydrologic response of a semiarid watershed to switchgrass cultivation (Feb 2014)
item Field Evaluation of Open System Chambers for Measuring Whole Canopy Gas Exchanges (Jan 2014)
item Wireless sensor network effectively controls center pivot irrigation of sorghum (Jan 2014)
item Use of crop-specific drought indices for determining irrigation demand in the Texas High Plains (Jan 2014)
item Yield determination and water-use effenciency of wheat under water-limited conditions in the U.S. southern high plains (Jan 2014)
item COSMOS soil water sensor compared with EM sensor network & weighing lysimeter (Jan 2014)
item Registration of a tufted-naked seed upland cotton germplasm (Jan 2014)
item Design and field tests of a directly coupled waveguide-on-access-tube soil water sensor (Dec 2013)
item A reevaluation of time domain reflectomery propagation time determination in soils (Dec 2013)
item Experimentally reduced root–microbe interactions reveal limited plasticity in functional root traits in Acer and Quercus (Dec 2013)
item Agricultural water management in the Texas High Plains:Present status, challenges, and opportunities (Dec 2013)
item Investigating the influence of roughness length for heat transport (zoh) on the performance of SEBAL in semi-arid irrigated, and dryland agricultural systems (Dec 2013)
item Does climatic variability influence agricultural land prices under differing uses? The Texas High Plains case (Dec 2013)
item Screening production strategies for declining irrigation capacity and predictable climate conditions (Nov 2013)
item The emerging imperative to improve crop water productivity: U.S. Southern High Plains as a case study (Nov 2013)
item Root traits contributing to plant productivity under drought (Nov 2013)
item Irrigated agriculture with limited water supply:Tools for understanding and managing irrigation and crop water use efficiencies (Nov 2013)
item Circular buffer strips in center pivot irrigation for multiple benefits in the Southern Great Plains (Nov 2013)
item The Penman-Monteith Equation as a method to initialize canopy temperature in the two-source energy balance model and comparison to other methods (Nov 2013)
item Sensitivity and uncertainty of input sensor accuracy for grass-based reference evapotranspiration (Nov 2013)
item Is scintillometer measurement accurate enough for evaluating remote sensing based energy balance ET models? (Nov 2013)
item Energy and water balance determination in an advective environment:From direct measurement to microclimate based estimation (Nov 2013)
item Effects of soil moisture availability and root development on sunflower stomatal conductance (Nov 2013)
item Contrasting strategies of water use: seasonal root growth and soil water depletion in maize and sunflower under deficit irrigation (Nov 2013)
item A reevaluation of TDR propagation time determination in soils and geological media (Nov 2013)
item An integrated framework of operational ET remote sensing program for irrigation management in the Texas High Plains (Nov 2013)
item Wireless computer vision system for crop stress detection (Nov 2013)
item Evaluation of a root zone TDR sensor for soil water content measurement (Nov 2013)
item Contrasting tillage effects of infiltration, stored soil water and yield at two locations (Nov 2013)
item The agronomic science of spatial and temporal water management:How much, when and where (Nov 2013)
item Effect of row orientation on energy balance components (Nov 2013)
item Measured soil water evaporation as a function of the square root of time and reference ET (Nov 2013)
item A Web Application for Cotton Irrigation Management on The US Southern High Plains. Part I: Crop Yield Modeling and Profit Analysis (Nov 2013)
item A Web Application for Cotton Irrigation Management on The US Southern High Plains. Part II: Application Design (Nov 2013)
item Lessons learned from the Bushland Evapotranspiration and Agricultural Remote Sensing EXperiment 2008 (BEAREX08) (Oct 2013)
item Past and future changes in frost day indices on Catskill Mountain Region of New York (Oct 2013)
item Directly coupled vs conventional time domain reflectometry in soils (Oct 2013)
item Ground-Based Remote Sensing of Water-Stressed Crops: Thermal and Multispectral Imaging (Oct 2013)
item Root traits contributing to plant productivity under drought (Oct 2013)
item Virus induced gene silencing of Arabidopsis gene homologues in wheat identify genes conferring improved drought tolerance (Oct 2013)
item The analytic element method for rectangular gridded domains, benchmark comparisons and application to the High Plains Aquifer (Oct 2013)
item Minimizing instrumentation requirement for estimating crop water stress index and transpiration of maize (Sep 2013)
item Tapping unsustainable groundwater stores for agricultural production in the High Plains Aquifer of Kansas, projections to 2110 (Sep 2013)
item Automated soil water balance sensing: From layers to control volumes (Sep 2013)
item Wireless canopy sensing network systems for automated control of irrigation and water use efficiency (Sep 2013)
item Alfalfa response to irrigation from limited water supplies (Sep 2013)
item Impact of deficit irrigation on maize physical and chemical properties and ethanol yield (Sep 2013)
item Effect of flushing velocity and flushing duration on sediment transport in microirrigation driplines (Sep 2013)
item Assessing application uniformity of a variable rate irrigation system in a windy location (Aug 2013)
item Long term spatial and temporal trends in frost day indices in Kansas, USA (Aug 2013)
item Comparison of the performances of DRAINMOD-NII and ADAPT models in simulating nitrate losses from subsurface drainage systems (Aug 2013)
item Past and future changes in frost day indices on Catskill Mountains region of New York (Aug 2013)
item Pesticide runoff risk during peanut production in the southern Atlantic Coastal Plain (Aug 2013)
item Consumptive Water Use and Crop Coefficients of Irrigated Sunflower (Aug 2013)
item Evaluation of the precision agricultural landscape modeling system (PALMS) in the semiarid Texas southern high plains (Aug 2013)
item US forest service technical cooperation visit Badia Rangeland and irrigation analysis (Jul 2013)
item An overview of soil water sensors for salinity & irrigation management (Jul 2013)
item Impact of deficit irrigation on sorghum physical and chemical properties and ethanol yield (Jul 2013)
item Residue management effects on water use and yield of deficit irrigated cotton (Jul 2013)
item Potential economic impacts of water-use changes in southwest Kansas (Jul 2013)
item Residue management effects on water use and yield of deficit irrigated corn (Jul 2013)
item Growth and physiological responses of five cotton genotypes to sodium chloride and sodium sulfate saline water irrigation (Jul 2013)
item Cotton physiological parameters affected by episodic irrigation interruption (Jun 2013)
item C3 versus C4 cavitation resistance and embolism repair under different levels of soil moisture availability (Jun 2013)
item Replacing fallow with cover crops in a semiarid soil:Effects on soil properties (Jun 2013)
item Operational evapotranspiration mapping using remote sensing and weather datasets: A new parameterization for the SSEB approach (Jun 2013)
item Early Changes Due to Sorghum Biofuel Cropping Systems in Soil Microbial Communities and Metabolic Functioning (May 2013)
item Hydraulics of sprinkler and microirrigation systems (Apr 2013)
item Evaluation of two evapotranspiration approaches simulated with the CSM-CERES-Maize model under different irrigation strategies and the impact on maize growth, development and soil moisture content for semi-arid conditions (Apr 2013)
item Production of napiergrass as a bioenergy feedstock under organic versus inorganic fertilization in the Southeast USA (Apr 2013)
item Remote sensing for evaluating crop water stress at field scale using infrared thermography: Potentials and limitations (Mar 2013)
item Bird-resistant pollination bags for sorghum breeding and germplasm maintenance (Mar 2013)
item Soil permittivity response to bulk electrical conductivity for selected soil water sensors (Mar 2013)
item Yield component analysis of grain sorghum grown under water stress (Mar 2013)
item Soil water sensors for irrigation management-What works, what doesn't, and why (Mar 2013)
item Suitability of Eastern Gamagrass for in situ Precipitation Catchment Forage Production in Playas (Mar 2013)
item Scale effects of STATSGO and SSURGO databases on flow and water quality predictions (Mar 2013)
item 2012 North Plains research field 12-200 limited irrigation corn production study (Feb 2013)
item Grain yield and plant characteristics of corn hybrids in the Great Plains (Feb 2013)
item Water and radiation use efficiencies in sorghum (Feb 2013)
item Cotton 2K-Management tools for irrigated cotton (Jan 2013)
item Relating El Nino-Southern oscillation climate conditions to irrigation strategies for increased cotton yield (Jan 2013)
item Comparison of deficit irrigation scheduling methods that use canopy temperature measurements (Jan 2013)
item Replacing fallow with continuous cropping reduces crop water productivity of semiarid wheat (Jan 2013)
item Confirmation of resistance to herbicides and evaluation of resistance levels (Jan 2013)
item Optimal field partitioning for center-pivot irrigated cotton in the Texas High Plains (Jan 2013)
item Reducing water inputs with subsurface drip irrigation may improve alfalfa nutritive value (Jan 2013)
item Aminocyclopyrachlor absorption, translocation and metabolism in field 1 bindweed (convolulus arvensis) (Jan 2013)
item System for high throughput water extraction from soil material for stable isotope analysis of water (Dec 2012)
item Comparison if seepage rates in playa lakes in grassland and cropland basins, Texas High Plains (Dec 2012)
item Satellite irrigation management support with the terrestrial observation and prediction system: A framework for integration of satellite & surface observations to support improvements in agricultural water resource management (Dec 2012)
item Sediments in Semi-arid Wetlands: US Southern High Plains (Nov 2012)
item Groundwater surface water interactions and the role of phreatophytes in identifying recharge zones (Nov 2012)
item Monitoring infiltration and recharge of playa lakes in the Texas Southern High Plains (Nov 2012)
item Irrigation scheduling by ET and soil water sensing (Nov 2012)
item USDA-ARS Highlights and emerging research on agricultural water use (Nov 2012)
item Automating prescription map building for VRI systems using plant feedback (Nov 2012)
item Changing climate and landuse effects of surface and groundwater use in the Canadian River Basin (Nov 2012)
item Measured and simulated soil water evaporation from four Great Plains soils (Oct 2012)
item The use of automated weather stations for irrigation management in the Jordan Valley (Oct 2012)
item Bushland evapotranspiration and agricultural remote sensing system (BEARS) (Oct 2012)
item An application of METRIC to estimate evapotranspiration of red pepper under four different irrigation levels (Oct 2012)
item Gaussian processes-based predictive models to estimate reference ET from alternative meteorological data sources for irrigation scheduling (Oct 2012)
item Spatial interpolation of daily evapotranspiration data in the Texas High Plains (Oct 2012)
item An intercomparison study of TSM, SEBS, and SEBAL using high-resolution imagery and lysimetric data (Oct 2012)
item Reflectance based characterization of wheat cultivars for identifying drought tolerance in the Southern Great Plains (Oct 2012)
item Mapping crop-specific drought index for groundwater management in the Texas High Plains (Oct 2012)
item Spatial variability in sensitivity of reference crop ET to accuracy of climate data in the Texas High Plains (Oct 2012)
item Recent advances in the two source energy balance model to calculate E.T. and ET for row crops (Oct 2012)
item Bushland Reference ET Calculator with QA/QC capabilities and iPhone/iPad application (Oct 2012)
item Estimating missing hourly climatic data using artificial neural network for energy balance based ET mapping applications (Oct 2012)
item Testing of two source energy balance model under irrigated and dryland conditions using high resolution airborne imagery (Oct 2012)
item Wireless sensor networks for irrigation management (Oct 2012)
item Soil water sensor response to bulk electrical conductivity (Oct 2012)
item Soil water balance calculation using a two source energy balance model and wireless sensor arrays aboard a center pivot (Oct 2012)
item A waveguide-on-access-tube (WOAT) TDR sensor for deep soil water content and bulk EC (Oct 2012)
item Maize and sunflower root distribution in response to deficit irrigation (Oct 2012)
item Potential use of FGD gypsum for overcoming environmental problems in the Southeast (Oct 2012)
item Using Satellite Imagery with ET Weather Station Networks to Map Crop Water Use for Irrigation Scheduling: TOPS-SIMS. (Oct 2012)
item Using models to determine irrigation applications for water management (Oct 2012)
item Addressing water scarcity through limited irrigation cropping: Field experiments and modeling (Oct 2012)
item Optimizing the use of limited water in agricultural systems (Sep 2012)
item Irrigation science and water quality challenges in Ukbekistan (Sep 2012)
item Improving evapotranspiration simulations in the CERES-maize model under limited irrigation (Sep 2012)
item Improving evapotranspiration simulations in the CERES-Maize model under limited irrigation (Sep 2012)
item Sprinkler evaporation losses in alfalfa during solid-set sprinkler irrigation in semiarid areas (Sep 2012)
item Alfalfa production with subsurface drip irrigation in the Central Great Plains (Aug 2012)
item Evaluating Remote Sensing-based Crop Water Use Monitoring Methods Using Soil Moisture Sensors (Jul 2012)
item Performance of a wireless sensor network for crop monitoring and irrigation control (Jul 2012)
item Evapotranspiration and crop coefficients for irrigated sunflower in the southern high plains. (Jul 2012)
item Using conservation tillage to increase yield and water use efficiency of corn and cotton under deficit irrigation (Jul 2012)
item Increasing yield of deficit irrigated cotton and corn with conservation tillage (Jul 2012)
item Crop rotation effect on soil carbon and nitrogen stocks under limited irrigation (Jun 2012)
item Cotton response to crop row offset and orientation to subsurface drip irrigation laterals (Jun 2012)
item Tillage and slope position impact on field-scale hydrologic processes in the South Atlantic Coastal Plain (Jun 2012)
item Managing diminished irrigation capacity with preseason irrigation and plant density for corn production (Jun 2012)
item Improving evapotranspiration simulations under water stress with the CERES-Maize crop model (May 2012)
item Improved Evapotranspiration Simulation In the CERES-Maize Crop Model Under Limited Irrigation Management (May 2012)
item Subsurface drip irrigation: Status of the technology in 2010 (May 2012)
item Comparing the cost-effectiveness of water conservation policies in a depleting aquifer:A dynamic analysis of the Kansas High Plains (May 2012)
item The simple script wrapper for OpenMI:Enabling interdisciplinary modeling studies (Apr 2012)
item Spatial distribution and morphology of sediments in Texas Southern High Plains playa wetlands (Apr 2012)
item Results of rainfall simulation to estimate sediment-bound carbon and nitrogen loss from an Atlantic Coastal Plain (USDA) ultisol (Mar 2012)
item Soil water sensors:Problems, advances and potential for irrigation scheduling (Mar 2012)
item 2011 North Plains research field 12-200 limited irrigation corn production study (Feb 2012)
item Sunflower response to irrigation from limited water supplies with no-till management (Feb 2012)
item The two-dimensional exposure rainfall-runoff assessment (TERRA)watershed model and its use in the FIFRA ecological risk assessment for antimicrobial uses of copper. FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel Meeting; October 25-26. (Jan 2012)
item Planting geometry and plant population affect dryland maize grain yield and harvest index (Jan 2012)
item Conservation tillage (Nov 2011)
item Ethanol production in the Southern High Plains of Texas: Impacts on the economy and scarce water resources (Aug 2011)
item From precipitation to groundwater baseflow in a native prairie ecosystem: a regional study of the Konza LTER in the Flint Hills of Kansas, USA (Apr 2011)
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