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Water Stress
item Carbon dioxide control in an open system that measures canopy gas exchanges (Feb 2014)
item A web-based tool that combines satellite and weather station observations to support irrigation scheduling (Feb 2014)
item Time for cotton to uptake water of a known isotopic signature as measured in leaf petioles (Feb 2014)
item Field Evaluation of Open System Chambers for Measuring Whole Canopy Gas Exchanges (Jan 2014)
item Effect of mineral nutrition, growth regulators, and environmental stresses on biomass production and artemisinin concentration of Artemisia annua (L.) (Dec 2013)
item Root traits contributing to plant productivity under drought (Nov 2013)
item Sensitivity and uncertainty of input sensor accuracy for grass-based reference evapotranspiration (Nov 2013)
item Effects of soil moisture availability and root development on sunflower stomatal conductance (Nov 2013)
item Contrasting strategies of water use: seasonal root growth and soil water depletion in maize and sunflower under deficit irrigation (Nov 2013)
item Ground-Based Remote Sensing of Water-Stressed Crops: Thermal and Multispectral Imaging (Oct 2013)
item Root traits contributing to plant productivity under drought (Oct 2013)
item Virus induced gene silencing of Arabidopsis gene homologues in wheat identify genes conferring improved drought tolerance (Oct 2013)
item Minimizing instrumentation requirement for estimating crop water stress index and transpiration of maize (Sep 2013)
item C3 versus C4 cavitation resistance and embolism repair under different levels of soil moisture availability (Jun 2013)
item A book review of Spatial data analysis in ecology and agriculture using R (May 2013)
item Early Changes Due to Sorghum Biofuel Cropping Systems in Soil Microbial Communities and Metabolic Functioning (May 2013)
item Hydraulics of sprinkler and microirrigation systems (Apr 2013)
item Evaluation of two evapotranspiration approaches simulated with the CSM-CERES-Maize model under different irrigation strategies and the impact on maize growth, development and soil moisture content for semi-arid conditions (Apr 2013)
item Remote sensing for evaluating crop water stress at field scale using infrared thermography: Potentials and limitations (Mar 2013)
item Bird-resistant pollination bags for sorghum breeding and germplasm maintenance (Mar 2013)
item Suitability of Eastern Gamagrass for in situ Precipitation Catchment Forage Production in Playas (Mar 2013)
item Yield and ion relations of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) in response to irrigation with saline waters (Jan 2013)
item Cotton 2K-Management tools for irrigated cotton (Jan 2013)
item Optimal field partitioning for center-pivot irrigated cotton in the Texas High Plains (Jan 2013)
item System for high throughput water extraction from soil material for stable isotope analysis of water (Dec 2012)
item Salinity impact on yield, water use, mineral and essential oil content of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) (Dec 2012)
item Comparison if seepage rates in playa lakes in grassland and cropland basins, Texas High Plains (Dec 2012)
item Satellite irrigation management support with the terrestrial observation and prediction system: A framework for integration of satellite & surface observations to support improvements in agricultural water resource management (Dec 2012)
item Sediments in Semi-arid Wetlands: US Southern High Plains (Nov 2012)
item Monitoring infiltration and recharge of playa lakes in the Texas Southern High Plains (Nov 2012)
item Maize and sunflower root distribution in response to deficit irrigation (Oct 2012)
item Using Satellite Imagery with ET Weather Station Networks to Map Crop Water Use for Irrigation Scheduling: TOPS-SIMS. (Oct 2012)
item Using models to determine irrigation applications for water management (Oct 2012)
item Addressing water scarcity through limited irrigation cropping: Field experiments and modeling (Oct 2012)
item Improving evapotranspiration simulations in the CERES-maize model under limited irrigation (Sep 2012)
item Improving evapotranspiration simulations in the CERES-Maize model under limited irrigation (Sep 2012)
item Relationship between cotton yield and soil electrical conductivity, topography, and landsat imagery (Aug 2012)
item Evaluating Remote Sensing-based Crop Water Use Monitoring Methods Using Soil Moisture Sensors (Jul 2012)
item Improving evapotranspiration simulations under water stress with the CERES-Maize crop model (May 2012)
item Improved Evapotranspiration Simulation In the CERES-Maize Crop Model Under Limited Irrigation Management (May 2012)
item Current developments in software for surface irrigation analysis:winSRFR4/SRFR5 (May 2012)
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