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Biological changes in Soils
item Cover crop water use (Jun 2015)
item Changes in free polyphenol levels in Satsuma leaves in response to Asian citrus psyllid infestation and water stress (Jan 2015)
item Mycorrhizal symbiosis in leeks increases plant growth under low phosphorus and affects the levels of specific flavonoid glycosides (Jan 2015)
item Molecular characterization and pathogenicity assays of Colletotrichum acutatum, causal agent for lime anthracnose in Texas (Dec 2014)
item On-farm production of arbuscular mycorrhizal funus inoculum in compost and vermiculite mixtures: results of on-farm demonstrations and impact of compost microbiological quality (Dec 2014)
item Long term management practices influenced soil aggregation and carbon dynamics (Nov 2014)
item Pelletized biochar as a carrier for AM fungi in the on-farm system of inoculum production in compost and vermiculite mixtures (Oct 2014)
item Evaluating the potential of mycorrhizal fungi to boost yields in field grown leeks (Jun 2014)
item Fungal nutrient allocation in common mycorrhizal networks is regulated by the carbon source strength of individual host plants (May 2014)
item Changes in free amino acids and polyamine levels in Satsuma leaves in response to Asian citrus psyllid infestation and water stress (Feb 2014)
item Take advantage of mycorrhizal fungi for improved soil fertility and plant health (Jan 2014)
item Quantitative distribution of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus in the aerial parts of the field grown HLB-infected citrus trees in Texas (Jan 2014)
item Production of AM fungus colonized seedlings under organic management; suitablity of hydrolyzed fish vs. blood meal as options for N addition (Jul 2013)
item Development of a biologically based fertilizer, incorporating Bacillus megaterium A6, for improved phosphorus nutrition of oilseed rape (Jan 2013)
item High throughput phospholipid fatty acid analysis of soils (Jul 2012)
item Utilization of inoculum of AM fungi produced on-farm for the production of Capsicum annuum: a summary of 7 years of field trials on a conventional vegetable farm (Jun 2012)
item Carbon availability for the fungus triggers nitrogen uptake and transport in the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis (Jan 2012)
Last Modified: 9/20/2013
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