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Organic Matter & Beneficial Organisms
item Nitrite intensity explains N management effects on N2O emissions in maize (Aug 2013)
item Data analysis considerations (Jun 2013)
item Theoretical comparison of advanced methods for calculating nitrous oxide fluxes using non-steady state chambers (May 2013)
item Automated, low-power chamber system for measuring nitrous oxide emissions (Feb 2013)
item Climate, duration, and N placement determine N2O emissions in reduced tillage systems: a meta-analysis (Jan 2013)
item Regional scale analysis of nitrous oxide emissions within the U.S. Corn Belt and the potential role of episodic hot spots (Dec 2012)
item Managing biogeochemical cycles to reduce greenhouse gases (Dec 2012)
item Challenges and opportunities for mitigating nitrous oxide emissions from fertilized cropping systems (Dec 2012)
item Vegetative propagation of kura clover: a field-scale test (Nov 2012)
item Impact of biochar field aging on laboratory greenhouse gas production potentials (Oct 2012)
item Improved methodology to assess modification and completion of landfill gas management in the aftercare period (Aug 2012)
item Evaluation of Sorbed Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) on Various Biochars (Jul 2012)
item Soil temperature regulates nitrogen loss from lysimeters following fall and winter manure application (Jul 2012)
item Quantifying biases in non-steady state chamber measurements of soil-atmosphere gas exchange (Jun 2012)
item Potential GRACEnet linkages with other GHG and soil carbon research and monitoring programs (Jun 2012)
item Adding value to ethanol production byproducts through microwave assisted pyrolysis (Jun 2012)
item Survey of nitrogen fertilizer use on corn in Minnesota (Jun 2012)
item Elevated CO2 and O3 modify N turnover rates, but not N2O emissions (May 2012)
item Remote estimation of crop gross primary production with Landsat data (Mar 2012)
item On-site denitrification beds could reduce indirect greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural drainage waters (Dec 2011)
item Broadcast urea reduces N2O emissions but increases NO emissions compared with conventional and shallow-applied anhydrous ammonia in a coarse-textured soil (Nov 2011)
item Qualitative analysis of volatile organic compounds on biochar (Oct 2011)
item Effects of nitrogen fertilizer types on nitrous oxide emissions (Oct 2011)
item Identification and correction of spectral contamination in 2H/1H and 18O/16O measured in leaf, stem, and soil water (Oct 2011)
item Winter crop and residue biomass potential in China (Sep 2011)
item Effects of fertilizer source and placement depth on N oxide emissions and N use efficiency in an irrigated coarse-textured soil (Jun 2011)
item Biofuel potential of cellulosic double crops across the U.S. corn-soybean belt (May 2011)
item What Americans Build and Why (May 2011)
item Influence of C4 vegetation on 13CO2 discrimination and isoforcing in the upper Midwest, United States (Oct 2010)
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